A team of quantum physicists of the MIT University in the U.S. believe that the creation of a quantum time machine is achievable, which could make it possible to travel into the past and thus cause changes in it, even without creating paradoxes in the present and the future.

Last year, quantum engineers from Japan managed to teleport quantum states from one location to another within several km. Such promising achievements in the field of quantum physics pave the way for new discoveries and theories.

Now, Professor Seth Lloyd and his colleagues at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) aspire to go even further by exploiting another quantum phenomenon to travel backward in time, reports the British “Telegraph”.

As Lloyd said to the magazine “Technology Review”, “it is possible for particles (and, theoretically, for people) to travel in the tunnel of time from the future to the past”.

Unlike other theories of teleportation in time, this quantum theory avoids dilemmas and paradoxes that arise from such a trip in the time (such as the famous “grandfather paradox” which raises the question “If I killed my grandfather in the past, then how would I be born in the future and then travel to the past?“).

Moreover, unlike other theories of “going back to the future”, the quantum time machine does not require the bending of spacetime, which is supposed to be created by black holes, but a trip through them seems highly unlikely in practice.

Of course, the quantum journey into the past does not seem to be closer to reality, and up to date, it is nothing but a controversial theory that is supported by many physicists to be never realized.

However, in any case, a quantum time machine is a very interesting concept to ponder about, and the MIT team presented it in a scientific journal with the title “Quantum mechanics of time travel through post-selected teleportation”.

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  1. daniel55645

    even if a time machine was created and gone back in the past to change something, we wouldn’t know it cause the world today would resemble whatever the very last change that took place was, not knowing there was any other alternative. you get what I’m trying to say?

  2. Jared

    haven’t you seen back to the future? all changing something in the past does is realign the “present” with the aftermath of the “new” choice whilst simultaneously allowing the initial choice to carry out along side it, basic understanding of quantum mechanics I believe disproves the concept of paradoxes due to the fact that at the quantum level, everything is never happening all at once. its not so much time travel as opposed to possibility realisation

  3. Diego Heidenreich

    Since if you go for the Multiverse theory, in wich pretty much everything it is happening in some alternative universe, from you are rich till I’m Batman, basically Quantum mechanics of time travel, does not really get you traveling thru time and space, since time and space does not even really exist as we know it; it gets you “jumping” from one Universe to another, where every simple chance may and will happen, without the other on the previous Universe been affected..so just go and kill your Grandpa son, you still be at your present moment reading my crazy staff.

  4. Dimas Trejo

    I have already traveled back in time And discovered that Robin Hood wasn’t really a man But that she was a woman To be able to do what I did You must first understand The laws of quantum mechanics And especially how to manipulate them To cause the effects your looking for in your end results 🙂🙂🙂

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