Despite the impressive advances in science, travelling back in time seems to be impossible not only theoretically but also practically, as Albert Einstein had argued with great insistence a century ago.

The rejection of false hopes about a magical return in the past came from a pioneering research team of physicists working at the University of Science and Technology of Hong Kong (HKUST) under the direction of professor Shengwang Du.

Studying and analyzing the behavior of individual photons, the particles that make up light, the Chinese researchers have found confirmation to a fundamental axiom of the theory of relativity: any material body (i.e. non-zero mass) can move at a velocity equal to or greater than that of light.

What exactly was achieved? The scientists managed to accurately measure the velocity of individual photons, coming to a conclusion that none of them was able to exceed the speed of light in vacuum. This conclusion puts an end to years of controversy over the alleged “delinquent” behavior of individual photons.

“Each individual photon, as well as the phase velocity of electromagnetic waves, obeys the relativistic postulate on the speed of light as a limit,” said the researchers. Once again, contemporary research developments have confirmed the fundamental scientific intuitions of Einstein.

The research results were published in the prestigious scientific journal Physical Review Letters.

Unfortunately, this science fiction dream is going to remain just that, a dream… 🙁

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      in essence, the article says only about travelling back in time

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