time-travel-machineIsraeli scientist Amos Ori scientifically proved the possibility of time travel. Now the world of science is in possession of all of the necessary theoretical knowledge to claim that the creation of a time machine is theoretically possible.

Mathematical calculations are published in the latest issue of the scientific journal “Physical Review“. Professor Amos Ori of Israel Institute of Technology used mathematical models to substantiate the possibility of time travel.

The main conclusion, which Ori makes is that “to create a suitable vehicle for time travel, enormous gravitational forces need to be introduced.”

The basis of research by the Israeli scholar is the theory proposed in 1949 by a scientist by the name of Kurt Gödel which implies that the theory of relativity suggests the existence of different states of time and space.

According to the calculations by Amos Ori, in the case of transforming a curved space-time structure into a funnel-shaped or a ring, travel back in time becomes possible. In this case, with each new segment of this concentric structure, we would be able to go deeper and deeper into the time continuum.

However, to create a time machine to be able to travel in time, enormous gravitational forces are required. They exist, presumably, near such objects as black holes. First mention of the black holes dates back to the 18th century. A scientist by the name of Pierre Simon Laplace suggested the existence of invisible cosmic bodies, which have gravity forces powerful enough so that not a single ray of light is reflected from within these objects. In order for the light to be reflected from a black hole, its speed would need to exceed the speed of light. Only in the 20th century scientists have postulated that the speed of light cannot be exceeded.

The boundary of a black hole is called the “event horizon.” Every object that reaches a black hole is absorbed into the inner part of the black hole, with no ability for us to observe what is going inside.

Presumably, the laws of physics in the depths of a black hole cease to exist, and the spatial and temporal coordinates, roughly speaking, are reversed, and the travel through space becomes time travel.

However, despite the importance of Ori’s calculations, it is too early to dream about time travel. Scientist admits that his mathematical model is far from implementation for practical purposes due to technical constraints.

At the same time, the scientist points out that the process of technological advancements is so rapid that no one can tell what possibilities the humanity will be having in just a few decades.

In general, the possibility of time travel was predicted by the general theory of relativity developed by Albert Einstein. According to the scientist, the body with a large mass distorts the space-time continuum, and objects moving at the speed approaching the light speed will have their time continuum decelerated. So, for us, travelling of some particles in outer space will last thousands of years, but for the particles themselves, the travel will take only a few minutes.

The distortion of space-time continuum causes gravity: objects near massive bodies move around them with distorted trajectories. The distorted trajectories of space-time continuum can form loops, and an object which is moving along this path will inevitably fall into its own path from the past.

The idea of ​​time travel has been on people’s minds for a long time. Volumes of science fiction has been written about this subject. But it is still unknown whether it will be possible for time travel to exist in reality, or whether it is just a theoretical probability.

Because so far no one has proven that time travel is impossible (there are even some theoretical justification of possibility for time travel appearing along the way), the odds that one day people may be able to go back in the past or see the future still remain.

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