These tips are fundamental and target the root cause of why many students are struggling with school and homework. No impractical “make a to-do list” tips here. Only raw structural pieces of advice to help you make it.

The best tactics for doing your homework and getting through school are these:

1. Live on campus.

Many studies have shown, and every school will confirm, that students living on campus have on average higher grades than their off-campus counterparts.

2. Don’t do all Gen. Eds. right away.

Spread them out and mix them with major classes. Some people like, say international students, find it easier to leave all the general education classes for later.

3. Have your friends take the same classes.

Even if they are different major, you can still get into the same Gen. Ed. class. Being in the same class will help you both do better through sharing knowledge.

4. Always ask your professor to expand on the assignment.

Even if you think you understand everything, the professor may give away a clue as to how better research the subject matter or what exactly they would like to see in the completed work.

5. Know when your performance peaks.

We all have tendencies to do better at a certain time of the day. Whether you are a night owl or an early bird, figure out when it is easier for you to concentrate and when you are most efficient doing work.

6. Make sure you are realistic about the goals set.

Planning on going to a party and then finishing up your paper after you come back might not be the smartest idea. Our brain has a tendency to fool ourselves when something (like a party) is really desired. Fake excuses are created then and taken as legitimate.

7. Make contacts with students in every class you take.

They might know something about the teacher you don’t, and it is always good to have a little chitchat before every class about how bad the homework was.

8. Choose your classes ahead of time.

Not all classes are offered every semester, and not all teachers teach the same class every semester. Have a four-year plan of which classes you would take when. Don’t forget that some classes have prerequisites.

9. Never share a book unless it’s necessary and unless you are sharing it with a close friend.

Being able to do work whenever you like is important. You also never know whether the other person’s study times overlap with yours. Having your own book also excludes the likelihood of you not getting the book because the other person fell asleep or forgot to charge their phone.

10. Keep yourself busy.

If you are not doing any sports, make sure you get yourself involved in some extracurricular activities. Doing nothing is parasitic. The less you have to do, the more your performance will be dropping in the future. And if you are busy all the time, it is easier to stay on track with all the things you have to do, including homework.

You are not alone. So many people have gotten their degrees, and so many have found it an easy thing to do. Consider schooling a challenge.

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