You see, there is a growing desire to return to the basics – a basic truth of our existence. Scientists are carefully sifting through the dusts of our beginnings.

Do they fear that there is, after all, something more than the “big bang”? This is very possible. As of this year, there have been many discoveries of this very same “space dust”.

There are also strange asteroids that we wish to bag up and bring back home, specks of dust, and seven to be exact, that we feel may come from another galaxy and particles that may hold tiny forms of life. Yes life, we are still looking for that as well.

The deeper question in this instance is, “Are there others who are studying us, and do they wish to make contact?” Unfortunately, they may be completely uninterested in us. Maybe we are boring or maybe we are just idiots. Maybe we are babes crawling through the universe, growing and finding our way through the interstellar forest.

Our reasoning is simple: to discover anything and everything there is to know about space.

But wait! Does this mean that we have a wide spectrum of curiosity? Well, maybe, but we are humans and there is no way an observation will get past us. We must and will investigate all the tiny particles that float throughout the galaxy, those that we can get our hands on, of course.

So what is it worth? What importance and what relevance to the past, present and future does this information hold?

Finding life, and then what?

As always, exploring the universe, we are looking for intelligent life, or any life at all, doesn’t really have to be that smart. When we find life, then we will examine it, turn it about and get a reasonable idea of how this life came to be. The planet, the place in which we found this form of life, its dust will sift gently through our hands.

We may or may not be able to conclusively predict anything at all. Many of these mysteries will shed another layer for our great-grandkids, but we may never know anything more than that. We may go to our death beds with the fleeting thought that something may be out there. Is this enough to feel accomplishment?

From the beginning

In the beginning, there was darkness over the face of the deep. In the galaxy, this darkness was understandable. The far-away gods held particles of our planet in their hands.

On a modern table experimentation occurred and vessels, filled with fluids, stood by busy microscopes. All the gods stared in amazement at what they had found. Is this how it happened?

This story has lingered in the minds of many, its questions ringing in our ears over time with thoughts that portrayed us primitive beings. We are, in this theory, still the specimen of some far-away race that had advanced beyond us, still sifting our sands through their hands.

How do we know they haven’t been here? Our entire life as we know it could be sitting underneath some huge microscope that is too big for us to see. It’s entirely possible and even quite believable.

Are we ready for the truth?

We do have proof of interstellar dust, we have it in our hands. We have found that this dust carries particles of organics which could possibly be from extraterrestrial life forms, so what if it is from alien beings?

Can we really face the truth that there is something more out there, that we aren’t, in fact, all that special? Maybe this dust is s curse, it coaxes us further, driving and playing the cat for curiosity’s sake.

There is a growing desire, a burning intuition that drives us forward. There is a dust that forms in the boundless reaches of space, and it is everywhere. Should we continue to look, pulling back layers and getting closer to the unknown?

Maybe the human race is very close indeed, so close that opening Pandora’s Box has become like a drug. Sifting through the sands of the universe is no longer satisfying to mankind. There is a pull, a burning addiction to push onward, grasping for every little particle of evidence that we can find.

We will die with questions and we shall die with the universe sifting through our trembling fingers. So then to dust, we shall return. And maybe some of us are content with this.

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  1. George E Moss

    There can be little reward from sifting through space-dust. I am convinced that this is wrong approach. Equally, there never was a magical ‘big bang’—that also was wrong thinking. I have made in-depth study and these are not empty words—I have a new book in preparation that explains universe origin and a key opening paragraph is as follows:

    “AETHER: A Vital Part of the Cosmic Pattern:
    As a free-thinking retired scientist who sits with a leading séance group guided by one from Angelic Realms, I feel very highly privileged. All transmissions received and discussed within the group during the past two decades, amounting to literally millions of words, have been recorded and carefully transcribed. The gathering together of numerous threads of valuable information from this and from other key sources has then followed. By connecting together so many separately sourced facts it has then been possible to see much more clearly a pattern within the complexity of creation. The spiritual sources involved in this study include light-beings from Angelic Realms and several well-progressed knowledgeable ones that now continue their journeys in spirit. Non-spirit sources of information include: philosophers from Earth’s ancient history, recent scientific data (mainstream science and pyramid studies) and input from sentient extraterrestrial beings. A point that should be made at this early stage is this: I do indeed acknowledge and respect the forays of our mainstream scientists. Sometimes they are correct, sometimes not. Errors in the scientific literature are inevitable; that is to be expected, as all strive to probe the unknown. The detailed data from experiment has much more than just its prima facie value. Such data provides a basis for further discussion with others, sometimes of vastly differing experience. Our group is indeed fortunate in having knowledgeable friends in spirit who communicate, as well as friends out there across the universe.”

    We cannot blame our errors on Newton, Maxwell or Einstein. It is our wrong interpretation of their excellent work that has led us astray, plus our dogged adherence to a materialistic view and failure to acknowledge the importance of aether throughout the 20th century. Mainstream science and supporting institutions must and will change their ways. There are many extraterrestrial beings out there that are more advanced than humans and they must not be alienated. ‘Alien’ is bad description. They are scientifically, spiritually and technologically more advanced as a result of their less material thinking; also, they have direct understanding of spirit without constructing religious fervor. We have been observed by friendly beings from several distant planets. Understandably, some have been very concerned about out development and use of nuclear weapons—what we described as ‘Foo Fighters’ during WW II were in fact their observation globes that flew with British, German and USAAF squadrons. There has since been cover-up about this and the word ‘Foo’ is not in our dictionaries!

    So the Pandora’s Box of realization will be opened for humans but there must firstly be a change of attitude. Mainstream science must acknowledge the error of ‘Big Bang’, take on board ‘spiritual reality’ and reinstate ‘aether’ as a fundamental necessity within this universe.

    1. Sherrie


      As I grow older, I hesitate to use the words, “wrong approach” because, as it seems, I have been proven “wrong” many times. On the other hand, to ride the fence isn’t all that healthy either, but what can I say…

      I believe that the words, “I don’t know” are the closest expressions to what I believe. I have seen, heard and felt things that cannot be explained, but yet, lack the ability to prove these things, as of yet. I find your beliefs interesting and complex, and I also like the way that you do not discredit science as you support more spiritual aspects. I have never understood why we aren’t working together to learn things other than work so hard to prove each other wrong.

      As for the big bang theory, I think there is much more than that. There was definitely an intelligent design, and who are we, small as we are, to question this intelligence as to why it decided to be and create. I mean, who do we think we are? We sure are cocky to assume we can thrust our fists into the air and demand answers. So, I think we should tread softly and ask questions with respect. Our universe is vast and we are small. So, we should really let those FACTS set in and remind us that we are probably not alone, and we should be a bit nicer during our observations and studies.
      Thank you for reading George, and I hope you return.

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