I was often asked this question early on by my peers that were peering into meditation as an alternative science to their stress and anxiety.

As soon as I would start to talk about ZaZen or TM, or any other form of Rishi-Muni meditation, it would put them to sleep. This was because, I wasn’t excited or joyous about it. I was bored as a maniac monkey in the confines of a cage that I created for my own pleasure.

This lead to me to compare video games and meditation. Video games are fun. Can we make meditation fun?

The basic premise is to make meditation fun and to improve the meditator’s journey into the process of meditating. Similar to how a UI/UX designer enhances the user’s experience with the website or technology, and aims to keep the user coming again and again.

Now, what are the proponents of life that force the regular human being NOT to meditate. Its – inner noise, outer noise, being not in the mood, not having enough time, or even finding sitting boring, body pain or stiffness, or being too scared of being alone with your thoughts.

All of these are symptoms of the mind’s processes that are affected by faulty inputs given by the user to himself/herself.

Imagine that a person hides their true inner self and is forced to play a facade on a daily basis. Will that person ever want to be alone with their own thoughts?

Chances are not! Thus, we need to be our real and true self with everyone regardless of what the other person might have to say or correct in you. We need to express ourselves and not feel tired on a daily basis.

Now, imagine that a person states that they don’t have time to sit for 10 minutes a day. The same person has ample time to invest on Facebook or YouTube, primarily because they receive something from it. Meditation (as it’s stereotyped to be) is a silent introspective activity that is supposed to calm the mind.

This perception delays any desire to try the practice out, and in the presence of a strict teacher it forces the student to rebel further and not re-join the class after the first session.

Now, what’s the solution to all of this?

It’s simple. Enjoy it. Enjoy the process of meditation. The smells, the sights, the touch, the love, let it all flow into you.

“Now, wait a minute”, you might say. “Wait just one minute! Meditation is about silencing the mind, not bringing about sensations and sensory perceptions!”

Its even simpler than that – if you have senses to perceive pleasure, then why would you do anything in life that doesn’t give you pleasure? Why shouldn’t we all just breathe in pleasure and breathe out pleasure? What’s the harm?

The Technique

All you need to do is to imagine that this whole world is pointless. All the work that you need to finish, all the lives you need to live, all the people around you, all the stress/the homework, the wives, the husbands, the fights, the boulders,all the food you need to eat, the minds you need to beat – its all pointless.

Pointless as the dust on a planet with no identity and no solar system spinning away into random oblivion and stability. Now once in this state, try to close your eyes a little bit, even if its while sitting down or lying down in your bed. Both are fine!

Try to close your eyes while telling yourself that the world created all around you is completely pointless. Just go deeper and deeper into the thought of “you” being the pleasure-center of the “you” that you are.

Go deep into yourself and feel the sensation of the fingertips on the mattress or the floor. Feel the present moment and go deeper into love and affection internally.

Enjoy the process and you will see sights and sounds that you would have only imagined seeing in dreams. Enter a dream-like state while you’re smiling and giggling into meditation.

You don’t need chants, or voodoo or an anchor to hold you back. You are deep into love, pleasure and happiness. You’re a little hazy but you just need to enjoy the presence of your body and your self and keep your ears as open as your eyes are shut.

Listen to the fan in the background, listen to the noise on the street, play some music to take you through this journey.

Enjoy it. Do this for the sake of pleasure and not for the sake of achieving a thing, or an objective. Live, and enjoy today’s moment here and now. This is the last moment of your life, the first moment of your life and the only moment in your life that counts. Memories fade, the world fades, people come and go – but this moment now is forever.

Enjoy it and do this for however long you want. It could be 20 seconds or even 20 hours. You’ll go deeper and deeper and come out loving, freer, and refreshed. Your heart rate slows down, your body melts away and you mind is either active and playful or silent and loving.

Either way, you’re alive and enjoying this river of silent emotions.

This is the technique of “Meditating by Slipping Into It.”

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    Thank you for the advice. The art of meditation is not as easy as you think. It takes practice and improve without his techniques. Good blog!

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