Here is a short list of the best mind-blowing movies that open your mind and alter your perception of reality.

1. “Fight Club” (1999)

The film was based on the book of the same name by Chuck Palahnuik. It refers to a consumer society imposed on false values, the dependence of modern man on material things.

The main character, wedged into the framework of comfort and everyday life, meets a man who helps him get rid of it all. They work together to create a community where people find freedom through self-destruction and zest for life.

2. “The Jacket” (2005)

This is the story of a person who is subjected to physical and mental torture in a psychiatric clinic. As a result of this suffering, he learned to travel with the help of his subconscious mind and look into the future.

A very deep film of a special mood and atmosphere. The actors are very believable, which forces the viewer to experience the feelings experienced by themselves.

3. “Mr. Nobody” (2009)

Complex and at the same time very interesting film. Its subject matter is diverse: it talks about freedom of choice, about the time as a spatial dimension, and about the “butterfly effect”, as well as about true love and its counterfeits.

All of these ideas are constantly intertwined in the movie, creating a unique beauty of the storyline.

4. “The Thirteenth Floor” (1999)

The main characters of the movie (scientists) create a virtual reality model in which they are immersed one by one. Furthermore, this pattern applies not only to the genre of science fiction… This is also a fantasy, thriller, romance, and, for the most part, a detective story. In general, this film is a clever and thought-provoking puzzle.

5. “The Fountain” (2006)

It is an incredible movie full of feelings and emotions, with an intricate, well thought out, and beautiful story of love and eternal life.

6. “Dark City” (1998)

All this looks like a nightmare… The endless darkness of the streets that resemble mazes, constant pursuit, and struggle… The city from which there is no escape. The film itself is very grim.

7. “The Matrix” (1999)

A cult movie the meaning of which is very easy to understand. The whole world is an illusion and only exists in our imagination. “The Matrix” is a kind of philosophical action movie with incredible special effects, which are admired to this day.

8. “The Truman Show” (1998)

Jim Carrey in the lead role! And it means that the movie is great! How would it feel to learn one day that the whole world is fake? The person was born, grew up, and lives in front of millions of TV viewers, without realizing it. His behavior is totally natural – this is the secret of the show’s success.

9. “Martyrs” (2008)

A psychological thriller that is most likely not for the faint of heart. However, everything in life is relative. A quick rise to new levels of human consciousness is necessarily accompanied by pain… The pain can be both physical and psychological. In general, the name of the film makes it clear.

10. “The bothersome man / Den brysomme mannen” (2006)

The main character finds himself in a ‘perfect’ city under mysterious circumstances. Everything is there for a normal and successful life! Everything except happiness that no one seems to seek. The movie is about the true eternal values.

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  1. Vid

    ‘The fountain’ is one of my favorite movies. I did not like The Truman show though. I found the idea intensely disturbing.

  2. JustLee

    I have seen Fight Club, 13th Floor, Matrix and The Truman Show. Each of these movies were interesting because of the ideas they brought to the table. I’m amazed the 13th Floor didn’t get more discussion but it came out near the same time as the Matrix…I thought both movies were eye opening in their concepts of what reality might really be. I now have a few more movies that I will be putting on my watch list.

  3. HerbGirl

    The movie “Memento” from 2000 should be added to this list. An excellent flick!

  4. Amyb

    What dreams may come…

  5. killerbee

    Mr. Nobody is with out a doubt my favorite movie I have seen, perfection.

  6. KATK

    How did Waking Life not make this list?

  7. Psipher

    Ghost in the Shell should make the list, it anime but it does bring up very interesting points on the definition of life.

  8. janis

    interstate 60 great movie about power of choice.
    cloud Atlas – how each of our choices effect everything, how all is connected.
    V for vendetta – how goverment realy works and where this world will go if humans dont wake up.
    Waking life – too much to explain to put in few words – need to see yourself.
    equilibrium – what world becomes when emotions are erased.
    They live – one of greatest movies ever made – tells how we humans are put under deep hypnosis.
    I hope that someone will find this usefull.

    1. Gustavo

      I want to see u super great mind blowing movie it can be about parallels worlds or about other dimensions I just can’t think of one lol 🙃😜🤓, Does anybody have any idea hmu !

  9. Gustavo

    I want to see u super great mind blowing movie it can be about parallels worlds or about other dimensions , Does anybody have any idea hmu !

  10. Gustavo

    Interstellar this movie should be up there on top ! 😜🤓

  11. Hussain Chhatariya


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