weird absurd lawsLaw is useful and necessary. But even here there are exceptions. Here is a list of the most absurd and ridiculous laws that are practiced in the U.S. and Europe.

1. In New Jersey, it is prohibited to commit murder in a bullet-proof vest. Of course, the murder itself is also punishable by law, but the one committed in a bullet-roof vest is punished more severely, maybe because only a very, very bad person can do something like that.

2. In North Carolina, it is not allowed to play bingo for more than five hours.

3. In bars and restaurants in North Dakota it is forbidden to serve beer and salted pretzels together. You can serve them separately, but never together!

4. In Idaho men are forbidden to give their women a box of chocolates heavier 50 pounds (about 23 kg). Has it ever come to your mind to give your beloved one a chocolate box of 23 kg?

5. In Maine, there is a law stating that all Christmas decorations must be removed from the facades and the surrounding area no later than 14 January.

6. In Connecticut, the law provides specific penalties for those who like to cross the street on their hands.

7. In the UK it is illegal to die in Parliament. So, if you feel you are going to die, please immediately leave the building. Otherwise, your family is going to be in a big trouble.

8. In Sweden it is prohibited from using the toilet flush after ten at night.

9. In Vermont, you must not whistle under water. So, you can violate other laws of physics, except for this one.

10. Women in Vermont are required to have the written permission of their husbands for the right to wear dentures.

11. In South Carolina, you have to be 18 years old to play pinball. Bright lights, noise, balls flying like crazy…

12. In Alabama the one who puts salt on a railway track can get capital punishment.

13. In Arizona, donkeys are forbidden from sleeping in bathtubs.

14. In California, vehicles without drivers are prohibited from traveling at speeds above 60 miles per hour (or 96.5 km / h). Logically, vehicles without a driver must not travel at all, but in California it was decided that there should be some limitations even for this case.

15. In Alaska it is strictly forbidden to wake the bear to be photographed with it. No one has never been punished for breaking this law.

16. In Connecticut, if you manage to develop a bicycle speed above 65 miles per hour (104 km / h), the police will stop and fine you.

17. It is illegal to feed Wisconsin prison inmates with butter substitutes.

18. InIllinois, a special law prohibits fishing, riding on the giraffe. Ii is really difficult to imagine such a situation, but if you ever are in a mood to fish, riding on a giraffe, do it away from Illinois.

19. If you are robbing a bank in Louisiana, in any case do not shoot the cashier, who has just gave you the money, with a water pistol – it is prohibited by state law. Who wants to stand in front of the police and journalists with wet pants?

20. In Colorado neighbors are forbidden to lend each other vacuum cleaners. You can lend or borrow anything you like, but not vacuum cleaners. However, the law applies only to the nearest neighbors. So, you can easily lend a vacuum cleaner to your friends who live in another district or across the road.


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