There are many careers for creative people although they may be harder to find. At least, these jobs are fulfilling.

When we hear talk about creativity, we think about artists, writers, and musicians, among a few things. The thing is, there are many creative outlets we may never consider unless reminded of them. For those looking for a fulfilling career, but have creative blood flowing through their veins, there has to be more. There have to be options in careers for creative people.

A place for the imaginative

If you daydream, if you approach things in an alternative manner, or if you just love to bring more color to the world, then this is what fulfills you the most. There is a place, careers for dreamers and creative individuals. It’s a place where fewer judgments govern what you do. Here are a few of these creative career choices.

1. Game designer

Before you complain again about your child or teenager playing video games all day, try to think of it in a different way. You can coax them into looking at gaming in a whole different way. The truth is, the industry of video game design is getting larger every day.

There is always a place for new designers and developers. One of the best parts of these careers for creation is the scope of jobs within. You can design video game art, music, or other various audio production. Now, this is much better than thinking that gaming is a total waste of time, isn’t it?

2. Occupational therapy

In art college, back in the 90s, I wanted to be an art therapist. It was a career choice that required me to use the artwork of children to diagnose certain issues and situations in their lives. Unfortunately, this choice didn’t work out, but I still think about it sometimes. You see, occupational therapy is opening up to a wider variety of career fields, and I am excited again about that.

Occupational therapy is much more than art therapy now. It can involve art, theater, and even dance. They are used as not only the psychological development of children but the physical development as well. So, occupational therapy provides room for many creative ideas and plans, while also providing help to others. This can definitely be fulfilling.

3. Art Education

The field of art education encompasses art history, literature, and other basic art classes. Teaching artistic ideas and histories is one of the best and most fulfilling careers for people with a creative spark.

Art history, for instance, takes you back to the first known work of art and transports you through the various artistic movements and into modern representations of painting, sculpture and other mediums of artistic expression. While other careers in the arts may be more demanding financially, art education is not.

4. Tattoo artist

While seen as an alternative career, you would be surprised how successful this field can be. Considering the rising demand for skin art, a tattooist can make a substantial living from this career.

The reason this career choice is so fulfilling is that it can provide a wide range of creative options, from designing original work to altering client’s designs as well, improving to please the client even more. Yes, tattoo artists have to be licensed to provide safe services, but they can be some of the most creative individuals in the artistic population.

5. Photographer

Two of my sons have a love for photography. So far, my oldest son has chosen photography as a minor to accompany his major in Information Technology. I also dabbled in photography for many years, and I can say this field is extremely creative and fulfilling.

As far as careers which spotlight creative people, photography is one of the best. For instance, you can experiment with color, perspective, tone, and so many other tools when simply capturing a live image. And the best part about this is…people are more than willing to pay for beautiful works in photographic form. Now, that’s a winner.

6. Screenwriter

I love using family examples. Why you may ask? Well, that’s because I can provide insight on something I’ve noticed for quite some time. Again, I have noticed my brother’s love for screenwriting. For a while, my brother has been trying to break into the scriptwriting area. I know he’s passionate about the work he’s doing.

The fact is, screenwriting exercises your creative muscles like no other creative career. Not only do you have to develop pictures in your mind, but also conversations, environments, and moods. You also write in a much different manner than with other creative forms of writing. This is why I believe the screenwriter is fulfilled in his line of work. I hope this is true for my brother too.

7. Actor

While it’s extremely hard to break into the “big time”, acting is still really fulfilling. For instance, theater and motion picture lets you become anyone you want to be.

How can you be more creative? Acting requires you to enter certain places in your mind, such as your memories. For instance, if you must cry in a scene or laugh, you have to access memories that make you feel these emotions. While taxing, this ability is extremely honorable and creative.

There are so many more!

These are only a few of the top careers for creative people. They are careers which help to expand our horizons and help us see from different perspectives.

If you are considering a creative field, then I think you’re making a great choice. Just make sure you understand your level of fulfillment as opposed to your financial need. While some creative fields are meant to fulfill your dreams, they may not be able to pay your bills, at least at first. This is your choice and yours alone.

I wish you the best of luck!



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