Robots with high IQ, human brain back up, skyscraper gardens, and a life expectancy of 150 years are some of the most incredible predictions for 2030, according to the “prophets” of technology and science.

Scientists and researchers who have included the title “futurist” in their CVs occasionally make predictions about the achievements of mankind in the near and distant future. Achievements that will have many-sided effects on people’s lives.

Lately, these prophets have been speaking about what they believe will be a reality 15 years from now, some of which really resembles science fiction scenarios.

On the other hand of course, if at the beginning of the 1990s you said to someone that a few years later, there would be “smart” mobile phones with thousands of apps, as well as e-books, tablets, Facebook, Twitter, or treatments with stem cells, you would be characterized as highly imaginative.

If you said that you would be able to “download” a movie, which was just released, on your computer in a few minutes and watch it on the TV connected to it, the other person would think that you’re probably under the influence of some… substances.

If you told them that they would be able to send from their computer a request to travel to Mars along with other ordinary residents of this planet, they would probably think that you need psychiatric help. 😀

So it is advisable to keep in mind that some of these predictions and prophecies that we hear from time to time not only can be confirmed but ultimately, can be even more revolutionary than expected.

Let us look at some of the most interesting predictions for 2030.

The discussion about the world in 2030 came with the news that new predictions were made by the distinguished scientist and inventor Ray Kurzweil, who has become famous not for his research but for the predictions and prophecies he occasionally makes.

Intelligent robots, autonomous cars & Star Trek-like gadgets

Kurzweil argued a few weeks ago that in 15 years, robots will surpass their human creators in intelligence! They will be able to learn, make jokes, and… flirt. Another prediction states that in 2030, we will be able to «back up», i.e. to store in digital format, the entire contents of our brain together with our memories!

Experts say that in 2030, autonomous cars without a driver will dominate the streets. This forecast does not look unreasonable considering that some prototypes of such car models have already been built.

Given the ongoing technological achievements, in 15 years, they will have developed into fully functional and secure autonomous vehicles. The same is expected to happen to the aircraft. Today, there are many models of unmanned robotic aircraft.

Another interesting prediction refers to the development of tiny computer translators like those in… Star Trek. These systems will have the size of a small handset and will be placed in one’s ears and able to translate any language.

Vertical farming

Professor of Microbiology and Ecology of the University of Columbia in the U.S. Dickson Despommier believes that the solution to the problem of food on the planet can be found in… skyscrapers.

Despommier talks about his intention to construct buildings of more than 30 floors in which there will be greenhouses that will produce healthy foods at a very low cost.

Thus, according to the scientist, it will be possible to help millions of people who do not eat properly either because of their location or lack of money. Thanks to the massive use of these skyscrapers, deforestation and general destruction of the natural environment will be stopped.

Space tourism

The Space Island Group and British Airways announced their intention to construct a space mall – a space station where there will be hotels, shops, stadiums, sports facilities, etc.

The industry of space tourism, which has been dynamically developing lately, estimates that in 2030, the number of people who will want to go on a short or long trip in space will be very large.

According to the calculations, in 2030, there will be at least 40,000 people who will work in the orbit of the Earth to serve millions of space tourists.

Living up to 150 years old

As for the man himself, one of the most renowned experts in the field of gerontology, Aubrey de Grey argues that there is a 50% chance that in the 2030s, science will get to a point at which the life expectancy of humans will reach 150 years!

According to de Grey, if the prediction comes true, then we will need about 100 years more to reach the milestone of 200 years. In other words, it is possible that in the 2140 or the 2150s, humans will live up to 200 years old!

These are just some of the unbelievable predictions for 2030. Let’s wait and see!

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