Every day of the week, our mind is scattered in millions of different directions. We have choices to make, disasters to deal with, and that guy that left his lunch in the office for over a week.

The point is, no matter who we are, or where we go, life slowly chips away at our mental sanity. Calling in for a “mental health” day is free game in most offices, yet when it comes to family, sometimes there isn’t a pause button.

Now, before you get to the point of needing a magical remote from The Beyond, try these tips to reclaim a bit of your mental sanity and overall stability.

Read For Enjoyment

Going to school, working full time, balancing a family, or just motivating to clean the kitchen are time-consuming tasks, and each one of them wears down on you. We have to read advertisements, magazines, memos, and so on every day, what fun is in that?

Instead, when you get home, turn off the TV for a little while and curl up with a good book. Whenever you can find some down time, a book is an excellent way to take your mind into a different world.

Not to mention, you need a little “you” time regardless of how busy your schedule is. It took me a long time to realize that; if I had realized that sooner, I would not have been such an irritable, stressed out person.

Today’s Tip: Find a book you want to read, make a warm cup of your choice of drink, and enjoy 30 minutes of uninterrupted reading.

Have Good Role Models

Everyone says you need to strive to be your person, and while that is true, sometimes you need a guiding hand. A role model is not meant to be someone you aspire to in every way shape and form.

Instead, a role model is someone that you want your life to be like. Someone doesn’t have to be a celebrity to be a role model either, your parents, friend or member of the community are excellent people to look to.

One of the most important aspects is having a good relationship with them. Once you know their life story, you can see how your ideals align. Know who you are role modeling your life after, is it really something to be envied?

Today’s Tip: Evaluate, who you model your life after. Are you blazing your own path, or following in the shaded steps of others?

Count To Ten

While it may sound silly. Before you respond to something that made your blood boil, take a 10 second breather to build a more suitable response.

This little break can help save relationships, bruised egos, and a whole lot of llama drama. When you are trying to keep your mental sanity in check, keeping responses more “tongue-in-cheek” is a way to go, or you change the subject altogether.

Today’s Tip: Practice taking ten seconds to respond to something that irked you, it may come in handy in the future!

Music Soothes The Soul

Music is a great tool for anyone to use, young and old alike. Humans always want to relate to others, and the songs we choose to listen to often help us handle a situation better than if we were left to our own devices.

You can jam out to your favorite bands, leaving you time to reflect on situations, or take your mind off them all together. In our technological age, you can take your music anywhere you go, use that to your advantage! When you need a moment or two for yourself, just turn on your some tunes.

Today’s Tip: Invest in a good pair of headphones, not only are they great for hands-free phone use, but you can enjoy your music anywhere.

In our society, being stressed out until you are sick is the norm, and that is pathetic. Instead, you can bring your mental sanity and stability into check today and step out of the statics.

Happiness is learning how to balance the stress of life and everything that comes with it. With these tips, hopefully, you found a way to carve out a few minutes in your day for you.

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  1. Erik

    Laying on the floor and listening to music and watching what thoughts go through your mind, throwing out the bad and appreciating the good. Is a powerful and easy way to empower your brain and life.

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