Did you know that the laws of karma influence your life in many ways? The idea of karma says that every action causes a reaction.

However, because of the complicated nature of the universe, it is impossible to predict what that reaction might be. It is like the Butterfly Effect, the scientific theory that when a butterfly flaps its wings the action can, in the end, influence the weather on the other side of the world.

How does karma work?

Although we cannot predict the reactions of Karma, we can influence how Karma acts in our lives, and all it takes is to understand its basic principles and laws. Any action has a certain energetic vibration and karma will react with the same vibration. For this reason, it is important to understand the potential consequences of our actions so that we don’t invite negative reactions.

If our actions are harmonious, compassionate and loving, the karmic reaction will cause these kinds of energies to come back to us. However, if our actions cause harm, exploitation fear or hatred, we can expect karma to respond in kind.

Karma is often misunderstood as a kind of God who deals out punishment for misdeeds in this life or the next. This is completely untrue. Karma is not this personal. It is more of a state of nature like magnetism. Like attracts like. But like the butterfly effect, karma works on a huge scale.

For this reason, giving away money will not necessarily result in receiving money, especially as it depends on the energy behind the gift. If money is offered for the selfish reason of desiring to receive, then the karmic energy being sent out is actually selfishness, and it is on that level that the karmic energy will return.

Our intentions and actions are not meaningless, but every single one influences the world in some way. This is important because it changes the way we do things.

For example, if we want to bring peace to the world, we might think we need to argue our point and make others agree with us or even fight for what we believe in. The karmic laws suggest that actually if we want to see more peace in the world, the best way to bring this about is by acting peacefully ourselves.

The twelve laws of karma can guide us to achieve the life that we desire:

1. The law of cause and effect

This is probably the main and the most well-known law of karma. In essence, it says that whatever we put out into the universe comes back to us. So if we want peace, joy and love we need to give out peace, joy and love.

2. The law of creation

Life requires our active participation. To get the life we want, we have to actively create it rather than just waiting for it to happen. Begin to take actions in small ways to achieve the life you want and these actions will return magnified.

3. The law of humility

To grow, we must accept what is, rather than arguing that is shouldn’t be. When we judge others, we judge ourselves. To reach a higher state, we have to stop judging and accept life, while still taking action to make the world a better place.

4. The law of growth

The only way to change the world is to change ourselves. We should not attempt to control the behavior of others. When we change who and what we are within our heart our life begins to change too.

5. The law of responsibility

We must accept responsibility for our actions. When something is wrong we should look at ourselves rather than try to blame others. What surrounds us is just a mirror of ourselves. To change the outside world we must accept responsibility for what we have created and change ourselves for the better in order to see that change reflected in the world around us.

6. The law of connection

Every action we take contributes to the whole. Therefore, actions are neither big nor small as all actions influence the whole.

7. The law of focus

You cannot think of two things at the same time. When our focus is on higher values, it is impossible for us to have lower thoughts such as greed or anger.

8. The law of giving

You must live by the values that you hold dear. It is not enough to talk about patience, love, and harmony while acting from impatience, hatred or fear.

9. The law of here and now

If we live in the past or the future, we are unable to take action in the only moment that action can be taken, which is NOW.

10. The law of change

History repeats itself until we learn the lessons that we need to change our path in life. In order to move forward, we must accept the past and learn its lessons. Only then can we move forward.

11. The law of patience and reward

We must consistently take action towards creating the life that we want and the world that we hope for. Rewards may not come instantly, but we must not give up. In the end, doing work that is meaningful to us and that we love is its own reward.

12. The law of significance and inspiration

You get back from something whatever you have put into it. The true value of something is a direct result of the energy and intent that is put into it.

If we follow these laws of karma, we can be assured that our contribution to the world will be a positive one. We will also reap the rewards of peace, love and happiness in our own lives.


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    I love kristie. 😊

    1. Kirstie

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    Wow great article. Thanks for sharing this Kirstie 🙂

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    I would say you have a good heart and outlook in the mist of crazyness in our world. Stay true and kind for nature and all my dear.,,,,,,,,,,,Loovy Phil~

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    First time i really read an article with full attention and i must say its very interesting .Kirstle i really love the way you write

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    Thanks for this article.However,
    I had done many things wrong like an emotionless devil beast.But I had succeeded in achieving what I wanted.I maintain my reputation like I am a very good man but I know I am a moron.Where is laws of karma??? There is no such thing.I can do anything.This is karma whether wrong or right if I like I can do.

  7. Cates

    Now read only the bolded parts. The hiden mesages are scary, not something that encourages thinking.

  8. Evan

    The law of karma says that each activity causes a response. Nonetheless, due to the entangled idea of the universe, it is difficult to anticipate what that response may be. It resembles the Butterfly Effect, the logical hypothesis that when a butterfly folds its wings the activity can, at last, impact the climate on the opposite side of the world.

  9. Robert

    There are only three laws.
    Have as much fun as possible, whilst causing the least amount of harm possible (the individual).
    Annoy those that break the first law, apparently it is necessary but don’t forget to have fun doing it (the group).
    Care and share in the wonder, joy and understanding of life (the society).

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    In fact I just like the twelve laws of Karma.*it’s really helping me .¢GH.

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    Comment…kirstie you’re indeed a great person thanks God bless you love you

  12. IdPnSD

    “The law of karma says that every action causes a reaction. However, because of the complicated nature of the universe, it is impossible to predict what that reaction might be.” – It is complicated because the action-reaction law of Newton is wrong. Every action creates multiple reactions, not just a reaction – isn’t it obvious? All objects in the entire universe are simultaneously and continuously interacting with each other. Newton made an assumption – “in an isolated environment” – which is not correct. This simultaneity law creates the destiny law.

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    I really like your thoughts and writing.

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