Many people believe that we each have twin souls or twin flames who we are meant to be with. But how do you know if you have met yours?

The idea that we each have a twin soul or twin flame originates from Plato. He told how humans once had two faces, four arms, and four legs. The Gods were jealous of this and feared that these powerful humans would one day overturn them.

So, to prevent this, the God, Zeus split each human in half. This is why when we meet our twin souls, our mirror selves, our other halves– we feel whole once again.

Our idea of twin souls has evolved from this original idea. We no longer expect one person to make us feel whole again. It is unlikely that one person could ever achieve this.

However, many of us still believe that there is a person somewhere who is a perfect match for our own soul. This is true in a way, though it is also true that we can have more than one twin soul at different stages of our lives.

It is also possible that our twin soul is not a romantic partner but can be a relative or friend.

When you meet a twin soul, it can be very dramatic. You may feel like the world has shifted on its axis. Everything seems different. The world seems suddenly full of possibility.

You sense that your life is about to change in a big way. It can also feel like coming home or being properly understood for the very first time.

Our twin souls are like mirrors. They reflect our deepest desires and dreams, but also our fears and the parts of ourselves we dislike and try to keep hidden. For this reason, twin souls can seriously advance each other’s spiritual development.

Being open to a twin soul relationship

Often, before we can meet our twin souls, we have to be spiritually evolved enough to be ready for it. If we are closed, suspicious, negative or lacking in self-love, we will find it impossible to attract our twin soul. If you are struggling to find the relationship you desire, then you may need to work on yourself first.

We cannot expect a relationship to complete us. We have to love ourselves and build our own self-esteem and sense of personal power first.

Signs you have met your twin soul

Once you are ready to receive your twin soul into your life, pay attention. Surprisingly, we sometimes fail to recognize our twin flame at first. The following are signs that you have met your twin soul:

1. You had dreams or visions of this person before you met on earth

2. Meeting your partner for the first time felt like “coming home”

3. After the first meeting, you had dreams or memories of other times and places when you encountered this person that are not part of this life experience so far.

4. Whatever you and your twin flame do together, you feel stronger, more confident, and more inspired than ever before.

5. You feel united in a mission or “calling” that will benefit the world in some way.

6. Your spiritual growth suddenly accelerates and you find yourself developing at a rate you have never experienced before.

7. You and your partner mirror each because you have complementary skills and abilities.

8. You feel as if you’ve been waiting your whole life for this person. In addition, when you meet for the first time, you realize that many of your previous life experiences have been guiding you towards and preparing you for this meeting.

Taking care of twin soul relationships

Even when we have found our twin souls, we need to be careful. We are whole individuals in ourselves and becoming too reliant on others is not good for our own soul’s development.

Also, if we put too much pressure and expect too much from our twin soul, we can break the relationship, temporarily or forever. Even when we have found our twin flame, we must concentrate on our own journey and our personal spiritual development as well as enjoying the growth of our relationship with our mirror soul.

Closing thoughts

Our twin flames are part of our soul group – people we have known in the spirit world before we entered our current incarnation on earth. All of our soul connections can help guide us, support us and teach us.

And we do the same for them. We do not necessarily need a twin flame in order to evolve spiritually and some people have already chosen not to experience such a relationship. This doesn’t mean we cannot experience other rewarding soul connections in this lifetime.

Seeking a soul flame will never work. If it is to happen, it will come when we are ready. All we can do is work on ourselves and be open to the relationship when it arrives.

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  1. Space cadet

    Zeus’s had no part in that because the Greeks didn’t recognize that the aboriginals

  2. Kathleen

    I was lucky. I was married for 30 yrs to my twin soul. Truly love at first sight. Once read a book “The Psychology of Romantic Love” which speaks of the shock of recognition when you meet the right person. We definitely had that. He died 19yrs. ago.

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