The two brain hemispheres are just one example of nature’s duality, which is often manifested as one balanced whole.

This “whole” consists of opposite characteristics that, in all cases, form a perfect unity. The driver of our natural function, the source of our thoughts, our brain is made of two very different parts.

The two brain hemispheres affect our thoughts, decisions, and everything we do. How we perceive reality is entirely based on the use of one of those parts of our brain.

The two brain hemispheres and their differences

The two brain hemispheres are connected via corpus callosum – a bridge between them that acts for transfer of information. It is well known that both hemispheres, in fact, operate independently though still in tune with one another in the exchange sensory observations.

Even more fascinating is the fact that the right hemisphere controls the muscles on the left side while the left hemisphere controls all of the muscles on the right side of our body.

The right hemisphere of the brain opens us to be aware of a higher consciousness that guides us to embrace our being as a part of an infinite whole.

Our insatiable curiosity to explore and expand into the unknown and learn and gather wisdom upon each new discovery. It enables us to perceive the infinite diversity and beauty of creation. It is the vault of our wisdom and our spiritual essence.

The right side of the brain experiences and perceives everything as being one – the before mentioned whole. A stronger activity in it results in creative individuals that cross the borders of reality and venture into vividness of the playground our mind creates. Seemingly unadjusted to everyday occurrences, these wanderers and daydreamers are loosely connected to the real world.

The activity of their left brain hemisphere is pronounced to a far lesser degree. Such individuals are far too few in our society. And yet, whenever they appear they leave a lasting mark on all of us.

Their bright flames inspire and guide us to accept that anything is possible even in this logical real world. It seems that because of such brightness of their spirit their light tends to go out faster.

On the other hand, the left hemisphere of the brain is important for the perception of everyday reality we occupy. It connects us to the real world around us. Our foundation of communication is reliant on the function of the left hemisphere.

Recent studies showed that the centers responsible for the feelings of happiness and regulation of our immune system might very well be in the left hemisphere.

We use it when we are communicating, every time we speak or hear. It is important for information recollection and precise mathematical functions too. Each and every logical decision you make comes from accessing the left side of the brain. The left hemisphere separates all we perceive and with it, we learn by analyzing parts of the whole.

One of the brightest minds of humanity – Carl Sagan said: “We are a way for the cosmos to know itself.”

The two brain hemispheres and society

Our scientific achievements are possible because we, as a species, decided to analyze and explain the parts of our whole reality. Many scientific disciplines are focused on separate topics of research.

As a result of that, we can make sense of “the big picture”. Our society is based on the input of information to young individuals in order for them to function as a productive and contributing part of it.

Most successful individuals are guided by the dominant use of their left brain hemisphere. We can concur that given the state of our human development, we are guided and led by those who mostly use the left hemisphere of the brain.

As with all things in nature, the balance represents the perfection of existence to all there is.

When we are guided by logic, we are unable to enjoy the totality and completeness of all we perceive as being the one. The explanation often opens another question and the pursuit of new answers.

When we dive into our creativity our perception shifts into a timeless voyage, which is, in essence, incomprehensible to any kind of logical reasoning. We rid ourselves to expand our knowledge and boundaries of what is possible.

Logical reasoning relies on all that we learn during our period of growing up. Later we are all influenced by education. Intentionally or not, most educational systems mold us into individuals who must solve and complete tasks.

We are not encouraged by the education system to develop our artistic abilities and those that set out to do so are discriminately labeled as being individuals with extravagant personality traits. Creative arts are overshadowed by professions and careers that turn us into a plain working machine that spends its time making a profit for others.

We are left with no time for ourselves as the long working hours exhaust even the slightest notion of doing something creative in between.

Society accepts and glorifies only productive individuals who earn and return what they earn to further support the corrupt system of values. We are pushed into the specialization of skill, not many skills, just one that will snuggly fit into the cogs of some corporate money-making system.

“The creative adult is the child who has survived” is a brilliant and very true quote by Ursula K. Le Guin that reflects this worldwide issue.

Both traits of your two brain hemispheres have their merits and one would be wise to use the best of both at any given opportunity. Humans can accomplish anything they set their minds to and that should motivate you to explore your inner self. Find time to rest from everyday work and do something creative. Make something with your own hands.

You shall materialize something unique and beautiful that did not exist before first appearing in your thoughts. Use both of your hemispheres wisely and with caution. We should strive to achieve a complete equilibrium in all aspects of our beings.

It will benefit us and make us tap into our unused potential. Tell us what is your dominant hemisphere and whether, in fact, you feel the opposite one is the one you use the most?

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  1. Marcus Van Hala

    You have the beginning, but only the beginning, of a truly paradigmatic shift in our thinking about education, ethics, morality, and world religion. Our survival as a species is at stake, and your level of fascination seems centered on the curious differences between personality traits. Go forward with our blessings, may you find what your passions crave.

  2. Igor

    Fantastičan post, Željko! 😉
    It is really an interesting perspective.

  3. Lala

    This actually answered a lot of questions for me. I’m left handed in a dominantly right handed society. I’ve always had my head in the clouds and I often feel like I’m the only one who can see the love and interconnectedness that’s waiting for us to become aware of. I’ve been trying to sync my consciousness with binaural beats in the hopes of bringing together my two worlds! Thank u for this!!

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