Are you interested in discovering more about your identity and personality traits? Then it’s likely you have taken a few personality tests. Myers-Briggs and the Big Five are still the big hitters, but a simpler test is becoming ever more popular. The 4 Personality Types Test separates individuals into four Types – A, B, C, or D, and in this article, I am examining the type C personality.

Before I delve into this type of personality, I want to just have a quick recap on each of the four types.

The 4 Personality Types and the Type C Personality

Type A: The Leader

Ambitious, driven, competitive, risk-takers, aggressive, workaholics, impatient.

Type B: The Socialiser

Easy-going, relaxed, tolerant, patient, flexible, carefree, cheerful, adaptable.

Type C: The Thinker

Analytical, detail-orientated, sensitive, deep-thinkers, introverted, logical, cautious.

Type D: The Follower

Likes routine, dislikes change, follows orders, low self-confidence, pessimistic.

Now, I’d like to focus on the type C personality.

10 Signs You Are a Type C Personality

  1. You find it hard to talk about your emotions

Studies show that type C personality has a really difficult time expressing his or her emotions. Type C’s are more likely than any other personality type to repress their feelings.

Not only do these types repress their emotions, but they also tend to suppress their complaints. This can lead to severe health problems, and affect their mental and physical wellbeing.

These ineffective coping mechanisms can actually affect how the body deals with stress. In fact, these methods of coping are so detrimental that type C personalities are shown to have a higher risk of developing cancer.

  1. You are introverted with one or two close friends

Type C personalities are the definition of a true introvert. You won’t find these people in the spotlight or grabbing the attention. Actually, you probably won’t find them in a crowd at all.

They prefer deep and meaningful one-on-one rather than small talk or networking at a big party. They are likely to have one or two very close friends that they tell everything to.

They will not have a wide circle of friends. But even with their best friends, they will need time and space to recuperate.

  1. You are objective and logical when making decisions

As well as finding it difficult to show your emotions, you also don’t use them when you make a decision. You use logic and reason and leave emotion out of the equation.

You can be objective and want the facts without the drama so that you have all your bases covered. You’ll examine every part of the issue impartially. Only then can you feel satisfied that you’ve come to the logical decision.

type c personality

  1. You like to focus on the details

Type C personalities are not ‘bigger picture’ guys or girls; quite the opposite, in fact. They like to focus their laser beam attention on the smaller details.

This is partly because too much information easily distracts them but also because they have an amazing ability to concentrate for hours on one thing.

Type C’s are meticulous and precise and their attention to detail is second to none.

  1. You like to be in control of a situation

This feeling of control links back to how to deal with your emotions and how you make decisions. Everything is tied in with logic and objectivity. You feel happier and calmer when you have the element of control.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you are a control freak. It means you like to have some measure of control over your environment. For instance, you prefer to have clear instructions on a work project so that you can manage your time effectively.

Or, if you are in a management role, you need to know the rules of the job so that you can implement them to your staff members.

  1. You are a hard-working perfectionist

Type C’s are often described as ‘overly conscientious’ people who place high importance on the standard of their work. However, unlike Type A’s who might want to quickly get the job done to move onto the next project, type C’s will go the extra mile to achieve perfection.

“They strive for accuracy and perfection, and so are constantly trying to live up to their own high standards,” Susan Krauss Whitbourne, professor emerita of psychological and brain sciences at the University of Massachusetts Amherst

perfectionist personality behaviors

  1. You can be over-critical of others

Because Type C personalities pay much attention to the details of their work, they can be particularly critical of others. This is despite the fact that they fear criticism from their peers.

The problem is that the type C personality has a tendency to focus on the details of their work and not the people doing the work.

  1. You prefer to work alone, rather than in a team

When you work alone, you are responsible for just one person – you. It is less stressful and you can get on with the task in hand. You can work at your own pace, without distraction, and apply your focus where it’s needed.

On the other hand, teamwork requires socialising, collaboration, distractions and as such, you lose control over the situation. You can’t manage other people’s behaviour, but you can control your own.

  1. You shy away from conflict

Again, this goes back to repressing one’s emotions and having an introverted character. You are a passive person and don’t like to confront others, even if you think they are in the wrong.

The problem with this is that you have a very clear and defined sense of fairness. You deal logically with situations, so it can bother you for days – if not months – when something is not fair, but you can’t stand up and deal with it.

  1. You are dependable

Of all the personality types, the type C personality is the most reliable and dependable of them all. You have a natural sense of loyalty that permeates throughout all aspects of your life.

This includes love, relationships, work, and family. If there is a problem in the family of a work project that needs finishing, the type C personality will step up to the plate every time.

Final Thoughts

Type C personalities are kind-hearted, logical-thinking introverts who keep their emotions buried. They may find that opening up and sharing their feelings could help their mental and physical wellbeing.



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  1. Ted

    I read a book many years ago, probably back in the 1980s, about Type C Personality. I have lost my notes, but it was about the same thing as in your article Janey.

    I tried to find it again through a Google search, but all that comes up for Type C Personality is C = Cancer.

    Cancer is our family curse. A variety of personalities have died from Cancer. Thus, I don’t agree that there is a Personality Type which is more prone to Cancer. I think that the various authors have based their work on Type A behaviour often resulting in heart attacks, etc.

    I like your model and it is supported by empirical experience.

  2. mustafa

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  3. Marcia R.

    This is spot on for me! I appreciate the validation that I am nor aberrant, just different than most. Thank you,, Janey!
    Marcia R.

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