There are three types of anxiety that correspond to three types of energy.

The sun is shining, the birds are singing and a nice breeze is blowing through the trees. You couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day. Yeah, this sounds cliché, but this is one of my favorite descriptions of a day of pure happiness. It’s calm and even my soul feels rested.

But then, out of nowhere, comes this feeling of unease. There doesn’t seem to be any reason for this disquiet, this brooding sense of urgency laced with dark foreboding, but your heart starts to race and your breathing increases. No number of happy environments could dissolve this building dread.

What’s happening?

It’s called anxiety, and it’s very real. Anxiety comes in to rob the stillness, replacing peace with inner chaos. I have depth with anxiety for as far back as I can remember and I still deal with it to this day. I have learned techniques to curb my illness, like deep breathing and focus exercises, but the thing is, dealing with anxiety has to be an individual effort. Different solutions work for different people.

In order to figure out what works for you, it’s important to understand the types of anxiety based on different types of energy that cause it.

1. Ascension energy anxiety occurs when changes are on the horizon

Sometimes you may feel this nervous energy long before you are faced with changes, almost like a premonition in a way. When the energy of this level is coursing through your body and mind, you may feel confused and plagued with uncertainties.

The good part about this is most of the time, these ascension energies represent positive changes which are about to occur. You can deal with ascension energy anxiety in a number of ways.

  • Focus and raise vibrations
  • Crystal therapy
  • Deep breathing exercises
  • Release energy blocks
  • Be at peace with not having all the answers

2. Sensitive energy anxiety is caused by having a sensitive soul

You are constantly picking up energies, good and bad, from all around you. It’s not something you can just shut off and on, it’s the way you were made.

People with sensitive souls have trouble with social situations because of feeling too deeply, and with these depths of feeling, anxiety can arise quickly. To combat this, take heed of these suggestions.

  • Meditation
  • Learn to let go
  • Adapt to your over-active mind
  • Decrease intake of sugary foods, these can make the over-active mind much worse

3. Future energy anxiety is associated with over-thinking

Pondering, analyzing and stressing over what the future might bring will elevate chemicals and hormones in the body, thus causing panic attacks.

If you are in a position where you don’t know the outcome of a situation or have to wait, it can seem unbearable. You can blame much of this on an active imagination as well, which tends to create scenarios of what’s beyond your control.

  • Meditation
  • Remove yourself from people and places that make you uncomfortable
  • Cleansing your space and protecting your aura
  • Grounding rituals

Being Prepared

While every human being deals with these types of anxiety at some point in their lives, some of us live with this debilitating illness every single day, in one form or the other.

We learn, over time, to appreciate those days of sunshine, warbling birds and soothing breezes, but we are always aware of the anxious monster waiting to pounce. Thus, we are prepared.

If you are new to learning how to read and treat your anxiety, these suggestions should help. After all, in order to defeat your enemy, you must know them. Knowing these types of anxiety and what it is all about makes all the difference in changing your life forever.

Be blessed, go forth and fight the good fight toward healing.

H/T: Forever Conscious

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