People often throw around the term ‘genius’ when it comes to intelligence, but the way we understand this word is now always correct.

There are plenty of signs you didn’t realise could mean that you might actually be a genius, as proved by science.

1. If you like to stay up late

Staying awake late at night can be a sign that you have high intelligence. Studies were completed to show that children who were more intelligent grew up to be more nocturnal than their less intelligent counterparts.

There are many reasons why this is the case, one argument being that the recent technological advances make our brains reach for technology to search for stimulation at night, ignoring the impulse to rise and fall with the sun like our ancestors.

2. If you’re sarcastic

Believe it or not, sarcastic people have a certain wit that implies intelligence. Studies found a link between sarcasm and creativity, meaning people who use sarcastic humour are more likely to be intelligent as it requires more thought, allows the mind to expand and promotes conceptualization.

3. If you overthink and worry a lot

Overthinkers and worriers are actually some of the most intelligent amongst us. Overthinking and worrying about potential situations shows imagination, which links to a high creativity IQ, so the next time you’re worrying about something, harness the creativity instead.

4. If you have social anxiety

Social anxiety is a term that encompasses many different traits, attributes and behaviours. However, it can actually mean you have a high IQ.

If you think about it, people who have anxiety are constantly analyzing their surroundings, reflecting on what is happening, formulating ideas and processing information – all of this requires a lot of intelligence and studies support the idea that socially anxious people are generally more intelligent.

5. If you talk to yourself

Against popular belief, talking to yourself can imply you might be a genius or at least, you’re an intelligent human being, studies have found. Talking to yourself can alleviate stress, provides a cognitive boost and allows you to focus more clearly on the task at hand.

6. If you favour cats over dogs

Unfortunately for dog people, studies have found that people who prefer cats are more intelligent. Cat lovers were found to be more introverted, open-minded and more likely to be non-conformists. The animal you choose to favour is mainly dependent upon your personality type, the study found.

7. If you’re scatterbrained

It’s no secret that people who have a scatterbrain live a hectic life, but did you know that the ability to juggle various projects and work to your own timescales can actually be a strong indicator of high levels of intelligence?

Constantly thinking about multiple things at once and not being able to focus on a particular task means you’re constantly expanding your horizons and wanting to achieve more. The unique way your brain works can be used to your advantage and you can use it to unleash your creative genius.

So there you have it, 7 unexpected signs that you might actually be a genius. Intelligence and genius can be defined in so many different ways and there are also many ways in which it can be communicated.

Do any of these signs apply to you or somebody you know? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Femi Abiodun

    I show all 7 signs.
    Truly ingenuity or genius is not what you know, it is what you can learn quickly. Even without being taught.
    I grew up teaching myself, even though I wasn’t getting perfect scores until my BSc when I had perfect score in final year first semester and graduated first class

  2. joseph nii

    oh boy, always finding new ways of doing things and when i share it with my senior men they all shout out at once
    mr. genius.Am trying hard to believe am one of them mathematically.

  3. signs of genius

    i am a engineering student with a passion for books,watching movie i read the article & i like this line . thanks

  4. taibullah manzor

    i do’nt belive ever because genous people are worry more.but how are worry they never seccessfully in the whole life.

  5. 10thDoctor

    I do all 7 of these things…hmm. I don’t consider myself to be smart, but you never know.

  6. theimnotsmartguy

    i have all of these traits and i know im know im not smart.

    1. theimnotsmartguy


  7. Paul Katsanos

    Those are all emotions/traits everyone has. The difference within Humanity is the ability we all have. Just how we use it

  8. Bama Lady

    I have all the traits except for the love of cats. I don’t hate cats, however, I just perfer dogs. People has always considered me a smart person but I never considered myself as one.

  9. Tex

    Whoa, all these things apply to me, no jokes. Is this really true?

  10. Peter rock

    That’s all me, ,, recently got my college degree, so i guess its all very true 😊.

  11. Emily

    I have every single one. It’s funny though, you go around thinking you’re not so bright or average. But, time and time again, you are reminded. A comment… you’re so smart/on point. The top in any type of class, those cozy up to you when paired. Figuring out issues/problems when other’s don’t understand around you. And you don’t understand why they don’t see it, seems so easy peasy to me. Yeah, you walk around thinking your not special, no matter how often your reminded.

  12. Jason

    I have a few. Is it possible some are lost due to DNA variation in that one may have an inherent ability that is changed due to change in the DNA code??

  13. George

    I show all of these signs, and have many genius abilities. Hmm…

  14. Indhu

    I have all except being sarcastic…I mean, I can’t do that with my parents and I don’t have any friends, but whenever I talk to myself, I use it. Am I a genius, or am I just intelligent, or am I just a dumb person who got everything here on accidental coincidence?


    There are too many questions…sometimes I wish I never had to wake up.

    OK, I’m sure of one thing now- I’m a very lazy person.

  15. Hanini Suhaila

    I m genius teacher, i have taught Physics Biology Chemistry Add Maths English Sciences from all levels in my tuition centre. When I stay at home I cook, sewing, gardening and many thing I can do it. Enjoy do it

  16. Thomas Carter

    I suffer all the above except cat. It’s an imparted prejudice and I am highly allergic. As a child I wished I was a genius. I thought life would be easier. Grade school and high (for all but science courses) bored me. I was always in trouble. Smart-mouthed, always in fights. Almost flunked out. Too much to tell. 3.96 GPA Cal State. Masters from GGBTS. Several administered IQ tests in the 98-99 percentile. Memory not mentioned but ought to be. I have eidetic memory. Depressed. Not happy, seldom at any rate. Genius? Big deal. Just another isolating factor.

  17. Alfred

    Most people leaving comments here can’t even spell or follow basic concepts of grammar and syntax. Let me guess….poor sentence structure and inaccurate spelling is a sign of a curious and creative mind that does not want to be confined by the usual rules. Genii!

  18. K

    These comments make me laugh, there is knowledge and then there is wisdom. Knowledge without wisdom is useless, you need both… plus intuition to be a genius. If you don’t have all three you live in a tunnel inside of the universe of your mind and can not see the galaxies and stars around you, therefore you are useless. Oh by the way loving cats doesn’t make anyone a genius, but cats are cute…just saying…

  19. Showkat Kumar

    all these things i have found in myself

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