Ever met someone you felt an instant, unexplainable, incredible draw to? Do you feel tied to them on a deep level that somehow your souls are connected? And is this after just meeting them?

If you have ever felt this, you are not alone. It’s a deep unexplainable connection with someone that not everyone is lucky enough to experience in a lifetime.

This might sound unbelievable or far too spiritual, but when you have experienced such an encounter, these signs will likely all ring true.

If you find yourself relating to the following signs, you have experienced a spiritual, unexplained connection with someone.

12 signs of an unexplainable connection with someone

1. The connection was instant

When you have an unexplained connection with a person you just met, the first thing you notice is that the bond is formed immediately. You can feel early on that this is different, but you can’t really explain why.

Typically, it takes time to get to know someone. But not this person. You feel like you already know them.

2. They helped you gain a better understanding of yourself

The secret to a great relationship is being with someone who helps you to get to know yourself better. Often, we can’t see ourselves objectively to identify our faults, as our self-perception is biased. Our family and friends, of course, can see our faults, but they too can be prejudiced.

No one knows you better than your partner and, therefore, no one but them can help you to understand yourself and how you can better yourself. You may learn things such as your triggers, your needs, your fears, and your dreams – everything you may never have learned had you not encountered them.

They do this because they are generally interested in you and they make you ask yourself questions that you may have never considered before.

3. You will never forget them

We always hope that relationships we get into never end. Unfortunately, they often do, and we’d like to forget the people we were once close to. But there are also others that we will remember for the rest of our lives.

The connection between you and that person was so special that it’s impossible to forget it. It should be of comfort that no matter what happens, whether you remain single or get married and have children, you will remember that connection forever.

You will remember the impact that person had on your life.

4. You want to know everything about them

A new relationship brings all the questions and answers that we ask and listen to intently. It’s an exciting time learning about someone new, especially someone you are attracted to.

But when you meet someone you have a deep, meaningful, and even unexplained connection with, you want to know every detail because you are both genuinely interested in each other.

It makes for hours upon hours of conversation learning all there is to know about this really special person.

5. You complete one another

If you have seen the movie Jerry Maguire, you’ll recognise the line “You complete me”. It couldn’t be more true when you’ve experienced a deep, unexplainable connection with someone.

This person fills in your blanks, the parts that you are missing, or what you are lacking. None of us is perfect and we certainly don’t need a significant other to feel worthy or whole, but when you do meet that someone, they do complete you as a person and make you better for it.

When you are together, you compensate for the faults of the other. It’s a perfect match.

6. There is no jealousy or competition

When you experience such a strong spiritual connection with someone, there isn’t room for jealousy or negativity towards each other. There isn’t room for negative emotions such as envy and resentment. This new person is an extension of you and is there to make you a better person.

There is no rivalry. Often, these negative emotions inevitably rear their heads and can cause irreparable damage to a relationship, but this doesn’t happen as you respect each other’s opinions and differences.

7. You are ok without them

With this type of unexplainable connection, you love spending time and being around them. But, at the same time, you are also fine with the idea of spending time apart from them.

The amount of trust in this connection means time apart is not filled with jealousy or resentment but rather with respect. As much as you can love being with someone, you can also love alone time. After all, it’s healthy to enjoy spending time apart – with friends or totally on your own.

Codependency can very easily become toxic.

8. You feel safe

How can anything be more special than having zero anxiety about someone, and feeling safe with them? You feel completely at ease in their presence.

After the honeymoon phase of a relationship, there are often periods of anxiety about whether they still like you, whether it’ll work out, perhaps even trust issues or jealousy.

These feelings simply don’t exist with someone you have an unexplainable connection with. You feel a state of calm when you are with them. That’s when you know this is something special.

9. Honesty is paramount between the two of you

When you experience the feeling of having a deep connection with someone, honesty comes naturally. Your honesty with them will also never be judged and you’ll never feel ashamed when you communicate honestly.

For this to happen, both parties must understand that anything that is said doesn’t have any effect on their worth. So, if and when anything embarrassing comes up or jealousy occurs, you can be honest and not feel ashamed of it.

10. Your values align

It’s so important to have the same basic values and goals when it comes to being in a relationship with someone. The relationship simply won’t work if one of you strives for fame and money whilst the other wants a quiet life with some children.

If these values don’t line up early on in a relationship, then it won’t work further down the line. But when you both want the same things, have the same morals and beliefs, it’s destined to work.

11. You don’t meet them – you recognise them

It’s a cliché, but it’s also a sign of something much bigger than you. Do you get that feeling of an instant connection with someone, that you know them, even though you have just met them?

You have a feeling like you’ve known them – well, you do, or your soul does. This is your sign that you have a deep, unexplainable connection with someone you just met.

It can feel as if they have managed to get inside of your brain and your heart because they always say the right thing at the right time.

12. Their presence feels like home

When you feel a connection with someone, that person that you sync with on so many levels, it won’t leave you feeling emotionally exhausted.

Relationships that rely on the chase, regular arguments, and reconciliations just don’t occur because when you are with them, you feel like you belong.

Finally, probably the most important sign of having a deep connection with someone is the unconditional love you have for them. You respect and appreciate each other, you push each other to do better, be better people, and you have an incredible trust that is unbreakable.

An unexplainable connection with someone happens once in a lifetime. So, if you have felt it, consider yourself lucky, and if you haven’t, now you know the signs to look out for.

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  1. Ross Attrill

    Nice article. Definitely these experiences are not ‘logical’. ‘Spiritual’ is the word. I had an experience of this kind but I didn’t tick points 1, 4 and 11. But the connection was deep and it felt like it was meant to be. Point 3 – I will never forget her – is very true.

  2. Eddie

    Sounds like some one is in love Holly!🥰
    Just kidding!
    Like always I have to share my 2 cents!
    Astrologers will easily explain this phenomena and sometimes the exact opposite of it with matching or opposing zodiac signs…
    Psychologists will explain it with personality types and how they interact or oppose.
    According to Kabbalah souls are sometimes reunited to tend to an unfinished business or sometimes souls are just from the same “source” and hence feel connected…
    And of course don’t forget the infatuation factor which is mostly a physical attraction or or extreme admiration.
    One or all of these can exist in any interaction, only god knows!
    No matter what, sometimes it is one sided and you have to be careful not to crowd people and give them space!
    Sometimes you are lucky enough to meet your best friend for ever or mate this way! Its all good! 😁

  3. pat miner

    Nice article and I am sure many people can relate to the 12 points gone over. Having been a therapist for 30 years several of the signs mention are very similar when two adults, that have a wounded child in them, meet. This familiarity between these people is due to connecting to what they experienced at home and the need to heal from past wounds.

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