Where is that spark? It seems you’re living an unfulfilled life. But don’t give up. There are ways to turn your life around and give it meaning and purpose.

Do you feel like every day of your life is a pattern as if you’re simply doing the same things repeatedly? Well, for many of us, this has become normal. And honestly, that’s not a good thing.

This pattern is a huge signal that you’re living an unfulfilled life. The good news is, you can change this. You can rise from this stagnant place and rediscover what you were meant to be. But first, you must recognize the signs of your condition.

Signs of an unfulfilled life

Okay, by now, you may not even notice how things have fallen into these cookie-cutter slots called your ‘daily routine’. Now, I’m not saying it’s bad to have a consistent life. I’m saying a little change is healthy and can be fulfilling.

It’s change that propels you toward growth. But all that can be saved for another time. We must first learn whether you’re living a life unfulfilled. So, let’s take a look at the indicators.

1. Daydreaming

Let me make something clear, first. Daydreaming is not wrong. It’s okay to think about fantastical things from time to time. I mean it can be fun. But, if you’re noticing that most of your day is spent inside your head daydreaming, then it could be that you’re not happy with reality.

You see, some people use daydreaming as an escape from their unhappiness, and when they do that, nothing changes. So, if you’re sitting most of the day dwelling in the past or your fantasy world, there’s a good chance you’re unfulfilled in life.

2. Looking for love

You’re probably not going to like this, but I’m going to tell you anyway. I believe that no one should look for love. I also believe that love should come to you or you should fall into love.

The reasoning behind this comes from the idea of one person chasing others in an attempt to forge a relationship. You know all those bars and concerts you go to secretly hoping to find the right partner, yeah, that’s not the thing to do.

Looking for love means a few things. It means you haven’t learned to love yourself, you’re impatient, and it also means your life is unfulfilling.

If you’re out there actively searching for the right partner or constantly swiping through profiles on a dating site, something is wrong. Your life is empty, and you’re attempting to shove another person into the hole that was meant to be filled with self-love. Think about it.

3. Insufferable boredom

I know someone who is living an unfulfilled life. I can tell because she is always bored.

The week could be hectic and crammed full of priorities and events, but she will still want to find something else to do on the weekend, every weekend. She buys clothes, while her closet overflows already with a huge wardrobe. If she sits for one moment, she says, “I am so bored”, and then goes to sleep.

If you’re bored all the time or much of the time, it’s possible that you’re living an unfulfilled life. Why is this? Well, if you can’t see the meaning and purpose in your life, you will constantly try to occupy every moment to fill that confusion.

You don’t want to face the fact that you don’t know what you’re doing or what you want. And you certainly don’t recognize your goals in life. To you, life is a constant revolving door or activity and sleep. Where is the time to rest and meditate?

4. Indecision

Are you having trouble making decisions lately? If so, it could be because your life seems to be stuck somehow. This is especially true if you need to make a big decision and keep putting it off.

And as long as you avoid making this decision, your daily life will seem bleak and gray. It will seem like something is missing until you finally decide what you’re going to do. The first step toward a fulfilling life: choose.

5. Trying to fit in

Personally, I’d rather be myself, buying the clothing that I like, watching the movies that interest me, and enjoying pastimes that I’m passionate about. I wasn’t always like this, however. I used to follow the crowd.

For some people, you see, they want to fit in. This means wearing what other people wear, watching the things they watch, and doing the same activities.

If you catch yourself desiring to fit in with a group, or simply trying to mimic another person, recognize something about yourself.

You’re living an unfulfilled life. Therefore, you do what you do. So, instead of trying to copy others, start examining your feelings and pay attention to what makes you happy and what does not. Use this guide to build your life.

6. Addiction

Did you know that you can be addicted to anything? You sure can. And if you’re addicted to something, it could be that you’re unfulfilled in your life. Addiction was designed to make you happy: a few examples, coffee, alcohol, street drugs, cigarettes, sodas… dare I say, food?

Well, we enjoy partaking in these things, some illegal and some not. But the reasoning behind them is basically the same. Have you noticed how you must have a cup of coffee every morning just to be able to function – it gives you the energy to get things done, right? Isn’t there a tiny feeling of fulfillment there?

And it’s deeper than that. There’s the initial buzz and then there are the additives and ingredients that keep you addicted. So, not only do you feel happier if you have your ‘secret power’, but you are able to function. Take the substances away, and you know what happens.

Sometimes minor withdrawal symptoms occur and sometimes you need medical help. Yes, if you struggle in any way with addiction, it’s a big red flag that you’re living a life that isn’t what you expected, and something is wrong.

7. Sleeping too much

If you’re sleeping more than usual, it could be depression or just a feeling of unfulfillment. And yet, this feeling can ultimately lead to depression over time. Taking naps when you need a short rest is fine but sleeping almost all the time can mean you don’t know what to do with yourself.

It can also mean you don’t really want to face the world. Because when you face a world where you have no goals or plans, it can be painful. So, instead of looking at your unfulfilled life, you’d rather ignore it. Take a minute to examine why you’re sleeping so much. Could unfulfillment be the answer?

Are you living an unfulfilled life?

Could it be? Could you be living a stagnant life, where you’re packing away your dreams? I’ve done it, and I’m still struggling to appreciate myself and my goals.

It can be difficult to keep your eye on the prize when there’s so much opposition and chaos in the world. But you see, one of the most important things you could ever do is keep hold of fulfillment. This is what will carry you into all the future dreams you set for yourself years ago.

Don’t lose sight of this.

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