Universal Energy is the basis of our entire existence. The warmth of the sun that heats our bodies, the gas we use in our car, the electricity used in the household, are in fact forms of the same energy.

Universal energy is the energy that sustains life, providing vital energy to all living systems. The whole Universe, starting from the stars in the sky to the atoms that create them, including the world we live in and our bodies, everything we see or do, is made up of the Universal Energy, at the most fundamental level.

Humans as a Vibrational Energy

Because everything that is Energy has its own vibration, which determines its nature and what it produces, humans also have their own inner vibration.

Vibration as a physical phenomenon and the spiritual vibration of humans are two different things.

One of the greatest capacities and powers of man is the ability to express and receive thoughts. A thought is a condensed form of universal (cosmic) mental energy created and directed by a particular entity.

To complete the attempt to define a thought, it is necessary to say that it must and can be controlled by the person who creates it, but there are not many people who succeed in this. A thought is, therefore, a more condensed form of spiritual or energetic manifestation.

Sensitivity to the Universal Energy

Now, souls sensitive to the universal vibrations are more aware of the energy around them. They tend to feel the energy of the environment and even that of people who are not related to them.

As the vibration of the planet continues to grow, more people become receptive to the universal energy around us. Here are 8 signs you are an empath who is highly sensitive to the Universal Energy:

1. Aware of the moon cycles

In each calendar month, Moon completes a motion cycle from the New Moon to the Full Moon. The moon represents emotions, and sensitive souls are often very synchronized with the lunar phases.

During the Full Moon, empaths can feel a call and a desire to release or end certain things. Some empaths may find it difficult to understand this particular connection they have with the Moon. Sometimes, this may make them feel uncomfortable during certain lunar phases.

2. Sensitive to the emotional states of other people

Empaths are often able to tell what another person feels and can even feel their emotions as if they were theirs. They can also tell you what another person feels even when that person is not around.

This may be exhausting, which is why it is important for empaths to protect their energy. There are lots of survival tips for empaths and highly sensitive people which help avoid and relieve an emotional overload.

3. Sense of discomfort in crowded places

Empaths may feel overwhelmed and slightly agitated when they are in a crowded room or even in some public places. This is because they take in the energy from the people around them.

Empaths and highly sensitive people (HSP) are also more aware of their environment, which means that certain sounds, smells and lights can be overwhelming for them.

This can be difficult to solve, which is why it is important for empaths and highly sensitive people to develop protective tools.

4. A very good intuition

As empaths are so conscious of the environment and the energy of others, their intuition is often very strong. They can understand things before they happen or they can feel when a person they care for is going through a difficult time.

5. Seeking a spiritual connection

People with a higher sensitivity to the Universal Energy have a deep desire to find a spiritual connection with their partner, create their spiritual family, or even a home with which they can deeply resonate at a spiritual level.

6. Vivid dreams

Empaths have very intense and vivid dreams, full of creativity, which they often remember in detail. For such people, dreaming is an opportunity to travel to other dimensions, explore other levels of reality, and experience the state of non-corporality.

7. Spiritual development

Due to their empathy, creativity and desire to learn more about the needs of their soul, empaths are ready to open their minds at any moment to see the world from many perspectives.

They often experience spiritual awakenings through unique experiences such as accessing kundalini energy or the opening of the third eye.

8. A continuous search for purpose

For empaths, life is not just about work, family, material security, or simply seeking pleasure. They feel that life is something much bigger and deeper and they spend a lot of time reflecting on its true meaning.

Empaths try to integrate themselves into this world in a coherent and positive way and to make their personal contribution. As this approach can become the meaning of their life, they may sometimes feel disappointed by those who do not share this point of view.

Develop & Nurture Your Sensitivity to the Universal Energy

  • Observe and analyze your emotional states during different seasons of the year and lunar phases.
  • Make a dream journal and write down the most vivid dreams you have. Regularly re-read it and try to find repeating patterns. This will help you interpret your dreams and find a deeper meaning in them.
  • Mediate more, especially in nature, to feel the energy of all living beings and how everything is interconnected.
  • Practice stargazing and sky watching to deepen your connection with the universe.

Are these signs describing you? If yes, how does this sensitivity to the Universal Energy affect or benefit you?


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