One of the basic rules of this test is to write what you feel and what first comes to mind.

It’s fine if you have the same answers to different questions. Do not read all at once! Read the questions one by one and do not rush. It will not be so interesting to see the next question if you are still writing the answer to the previous one.

Well, if a pen and a piece of paper are in front of you, then let’s begin!

1. You are peering into the sea, what do you feel? Focus only on your first impression. You can close your eyes to better feel it…

2. You are walking through the woods and look at the ground. Write down what you feel.

3. What do you feel when looking at flying seagulls? It’s all right if in this case you make up with a quick response.

4. What about a herd of horses? Write the first thing that comes to mind, avoid thinking for too much time.

5. You are in the desert, standing by the wall with a small hole, behind which you see the oasis. What are your actions? Don’t write just your thoughts and feelings, but focus on what you would do in this situation.

6. You are still in the desert, completely exhausted, and suddenly see a water jug. Once again, your actions are what matters in this question. Your answer may sound banal, but still, write it down.

7. You are lost in the woods in the evening and see a house with lights on. Write what you’re gonna do.

8. You’re in the fog. Once more, focus on actions and write down how you would behave.


1. Your attitude to life, emotions, sensations.

2. The way you feel in your own family.

3. Your attitude towards women.

4. Your attitude to men.

5. Your basic life strategy and goal. The way you solve your problems.

6. How selective you are in sexual life. Choice of a partner.

7. Your readiness for marriage.

8. Your attitude to death.

Anna LeMind, B.A.

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the power of misfits

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    These questions and the linked interpretation are similar to when we dream!
    For example if we dream of water it means feelings (i have understood that by experience) and so might all the questions be.
    A similar situation our mind would work!
    Just saying 😀

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    I didn’t imagine this could be that close .Excellent !

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    That sixth question… well… I guess I’m a manwhore.
    Appart from this one, I find it pretty accurrate.

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    A silly and unscientific test, more akin to a horoscope than real psychology. Where is the evidence that the answers to this test in anyway correlate with reality?

    In contrast, the psychology of how people are drawn to and process such tests is interesting.

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    Only number one is actually accurate for me. I wonder why.

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    My results were both interesting and amusing. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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    soft ferns, smells good and cosy

    anxiety, cold

    annoyed if they shit on me

    want to touch them

    go around the wall and have a good time

    go check if it has water in it if not take it with me

    go peer through the window and see who lives there, if its not a scary looking murderer, chap the door and say the script

    put my phone torch on and shout out for people

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    like flying.

    running through country.

    go around the wall and to the oasis.

    take the jug of water and slowly drink it.

    head towards house and see if somebody is home, being cautious and wary.

    move slowly, feel around with hands and keep low to ground, get to a safe place.

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    alone, calm, relaxed, cold, empty, peaceful and lost

    confused, lost, quiet



    walk through the hole and sit down in the water right away

    walk over and pick it up but make sure its water first

    sneak up to it quietly and peer inside to see if anyone is in there, than try to find a shed to hide/stay in because it feels safer

    curl up into a ball and close my eyes because im scared

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    This is really cool. These are my answers:
    1. calm, nostalgic
    2. nostalgic, sunny forest dream
    3. I see them flying away to the sunset, like a feeling of freedom. Other than that, them close up is just gross because when I see animals close up, it seems strange.
    4. My video of galloping horses. It’s what my cousins and I did…we found it funny to see them gallop
    5. Relieved. I would go to the oasis curious
    6. I would drink out of the water jug, maybe even all of it
    7. I would be scared to ask for help. What if they’re a kidnapper of criminal? If I wait and tell myself to go out there and ask for help, I would eventually.
    8. I would look down at my hands, then try to look around to see where I am. Then I would ask for help.

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    1. Infinity, bliss
    2. Tranquility
    3. Awe
    4. Power
    5. Find a way to get around the wall to reach the oasis.
    6. Drink some water and then cover the jug with a cloth to keep it from evaporating or getting hot.
    7. Approach the house and ask for help.
    8. Dance in the fog. move my arms a lot to feel it condense on my palms

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    Nykki Dye

    These were relatable to me, I’d like to share my answers as well:
    1. Reflective
    2. Comfortable, like I know my way
    3. Vacationing
    4. Running away from nothing
    5. Walk around the wall
    6. I resist wasting even one drop, and drink slowly.
    7. Knock on the door
    8. Walk aimlessly until it clears away

    Each of the quiz’s answers I completely identified with.

    I find this kind of personality test, which rely on symbols and subjective attachment produce the closest results.

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    1. alone, hopeful
    2. adventure, life
    3. fleeting, lightheaded
    4. excitement, enthralled
    5. i would tear a bigger hole in the wall, try to stay calm to differentiate whether it is real
    or fiction. i am thinking i don’t want to get overworked if it isn’t true, because the signs of
    dehydration would be setting in.. find some rocks to throw into the water
    6. i am in the desert and there is a water jug.. is it real ? be cautious … open and inspect it ,
    why is this random water jug here -a help or a hoax? if it is indeed water and i have no
    choice but to drink it i would drink it very sparingly, or ever pour it
    on a bug or something to make sure it’s not contaminated..
    7. inspect the outside of the house, do some peeking in.
    if it seems uneasy, camp and wait until morning. there is always morning
    8. i’m in a fog – i would sit down and let the fog pass. if it didn’t, i would get two long
    walking sticks to feel around, & crawl

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    1. Nostalgia

    2. Anxious

    3. Funny, distant

    4. Freedom

    5. Look for way around / over wall…

    6. Pick it up to feel weight if there’s water in it

    7. Approach slowly, see who might live there, staying inconspicuous

    8. Slow down, not move much but determine position

    …too real.

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    Josh Dennis

    1. Peace, Openness, Freedom

    2. Energy flowing into my body

    3. They may look beautiful but they smell and are gonna to shit on me

    4. Power and Speed

    5. Walk around it

    6. Smell the water first to make sure it’s not piss

    7. Keep on walking, probably in the other direction as fast as possible

    8. Explore

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    Techboy Sharath

    now that was a kinda cool but I has similar answers to most of them..

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    try climb it
    gulp half ration half
    knock on the door
    stand back embrace it … hmm

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    Froyo Lenzel Smithson

    So my feelings towards women… The urge to kill them by slinging rocks in their general direction…

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    I guess this test works for quite a few, but for me it was totally off. And though I am sure there is some basis in psychology to compare like this, one should be careful to say that this is correct for all. It is amusing but not so truthful. And no, I don’t say this because I didn’t like the answers I got 🙂 hehe

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    1. Trepidation, uncertainty
    2. Fear, Panic
    3. Freedom, Awe
    4. Nervous, Dislike
    5. Climb over it
    6. Check quality of water, and drink if its good
    7. Wait just outside the house, unseen, but never enter
    8. Just keep walking through, smiling all the way

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    Cameron Tungate

    Your attitude towards women: So I think women are annoying flying creatures that try to steal my food at the beach……..

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      Cameron...and now, months later i take the answer to #3 was "They annoy me. Pushy flying rats" LOLOL The thing is...even tho I am female, most women DO annoy me. I'm a rare breed.

      This test was great, I really enjoyed taking it and then I was amazed at how spot on most of the interpretations were to what i had wrote.

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        Cameron...and now, months later i take the answer to #3 was "They annoy me. Pushy flying rats" LOLOL The thing is...even tho I am female, most women DO annoy me. I'm a rare breed.

        I apologize for that post in huge all caps. It wasn’t me. 🙂 Came thru the site that way.

      2. Avatar

        Moderator…help me undo my “not enough coffee yet error? The all caps and double comment. 🙂

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        So many women think it means that they are so rare and special because they don’t like other women that much. Yeah. Totally what it means, mhm.

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      for number 5.. I literally said to myself “run as fast as I can”…


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      1. the wind… I don’t know. lol
      2.sticks.. eek
      3. calm.. because i’m by the freakin sea, I do not feel calm about women lol
      4.adventure.. pretty accurate lol as fast as i can.. yeah, def accurate
      6.drink all of it… uhm i don’t think this one was very accurate either lol
      7.knock on the door.. ehhhh sorta?
      8.sit and wait for it to pass… pretty freakin accurate. probably the most accurate one.

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      Jennifer Allen

      omg my response to the seagulls was they make me feel silly happy and just one word for the horses “running” yup. that’s about accurate lmao!

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    That guy

    Women are freedom, men are power, attitude about death, grab my knife and brace myself.

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    Dr Smita Mishra

    1.Beautiful& Calm. 2:Nice Soothing; 3:They are angels from God; 4:Restless; 5:Try to find out a way by calling someone. 6: Would try to find out to whom it belongs and is it safe? 7: Arrive to the place. 8: Happy Walking,

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    Life: powerful, like I belong
    Family: hot, itchy, out of place
    Women: content, happy, warm
    Men: get away from me, meek
    Approach: try to get through the hole, or yell for those inside if I can’t fit
    Sexual selection: drink the water
    Marriage: knock at the door
    Death: wander around blindly, mildly panicked, and try to find a person or building

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      Wow…am I the only one who found this simple test very powerful and accurate? Bo, your #2 and #8 answers–imo, were moving

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    I was much more “wordy” than most, i think. That is me in real life. I admire my son, he can say in 10 words or less what would take me most likely 2-3 minutes to spit out. I will spare everyone those, do a short synopsis. #1 “I feel awe”—vastness 2) connected 3) “They annoy me. Pushy flying rats” (harsh!) SO funny, tho. Actually although I AM female…how to say this? Some women do really annoy me (their traits–gossipy, shallow, PUSHY) I’ll hang with the guys and have a beer 4) Run wild, run free! again, funny 5)WAY long, but…1st step back look left, then right see if there is an end in site, if so, go to it and walk around wall. Scenario B–yell thru the hole, ask someone to please let me 6) “1st of all, is the jug empty? Assuming it is, pick it up, smell it to see if it stinks or is moldy. If not, take it and walk a spiral outward and find the source of water 7)I will approach it, talking loudly-ish “hello? is anyone home? I am lost from my hiking trail. Remain at a distance (ppl can be very suspicious) Repeat loudly ‘hello, can anyone re-direct me to MY path?” 8) I would be on foot, in a forested area that had clearings. I would whisper if i HAD to say anything. I would move slowly. stop & listen. In forest, find a pine needle bed and prop myself against the tree that provided it–and just be still. if in the clearing, standstill, be still. Listen. SO lengthy…sorry. loved the test

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    Harley DeLander

    Is there any science backing this “quiz”?

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    1)Refreshing 2)Relaxed 3) weary for my food. 4) Free 5)Break the wall 6)Drink 7)Knock on the door and ask for directions 8) Try to find my way out of it. Wow, this is so me.

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    Henry Petters

    How does my decision to look for a reliable landmark indicate “my attitude to death”?

    1. Avatar
      Crissey Rasmussen

      Maybe that “you look or are looking for guidance”???

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    laughing at number 6. attitude towards sexual life: (quoted from response) “im really thirsty”

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    My answers are so sad.
    1. somber, melancholy, disquiet

    2. cool, earthy, alive, free

    3. you’re out of place here

    4. powerful, free

    5. The wall is just a wall, it doesn’t close anything in, so I can just walk around it to the oasis

    6. sniff water, swish it around, pour into my hand and drink if there’s nothing living in it

    7. watch to see if I see people in the windows, if they look friendly, I’ll knock on the door. If they don’t look friendly, I’ll find a safe place to hide nearby and continue on in the morning.

    8. Who cares? I’m in the fog. That tells me nothing. What was I trying to do to begin with? I stand there until you tell me why.

    1. Avatar

      That test was awesome made me smile – Mortbane i don’t find your answers at all sad! Rather you are a practical – safe sex – approach marriage with caution ready if safe – safe in family – not that comfortable women but see men as having more freedom Not yet ready to accept death – questions of faith or what comes after? I liked your answers :)made me smile too

      These are my answers I find them so intriguing! Lol – marriage – wait till I feel safe and the time is right!

      Attitude to life, emotions, sensations.

      I just keep seeing a seal peering at me! On the distance it’s all blue and I feel like taking a deep breath and breathing in the sea air but the seal makes me smile. I feel calm watching just one boat on the distant horizon.

      The way you feel in your own family

      I feel the earth earth beneath my feet it makes me feel grounded though it’s uneven and I feel leaves and twigs snap or make noise beneath my feet. I feel connected.

      Your attitude towards women


      Your attitude towards men

      adrenaline and Freedom

      Your basic life strategy and goal. The way you solve your problems.

      Smile stupendously and thank the universe for the amazing sight before me. I’d tread slowly looking around and smiling feeling just positivity and wonderment while I slowly walk around to explore. I’d sit close the water or further up from it maybe to lie back and look at the sky or just lean back on my arms staring before me and all around in awe at the magic around me.

      How selective you are in sexual life. choice of water.

      Hope it has water in it but then I think of the oasis & take the jug of water to fill it up.

      Your readiness for Marriage.

      Approach with caution as I feel a sense of relief but tread carefully paying attention to the sounds of the works around me. My heart, my breathing to tell me if its right to approach the house. I feel concerned about disturbing them at night so perhaps sleep near a tree nearby or peering in to a kitchen window seeing a family or woman I might knock or wait till morning to approach for help so as to not frighten them either.

      Your attitude towards death.

      Feel. Breathe. Reach my arms out and peer in all directions looking for signs and feeling for which may be the right way to go – which looks or “feels” clearer or safer.

      1. Avatar

        I like your answers. They make you sound like a very positive person, especially in regards to life strategy and emotions.

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    My attitude towards men is freedom. LOL. Not sure if that makes sense.

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    My attitude towards death:
    I look around and try to appreciate the beauty of fog, and feel calmed by it

    1. Avatar

      Thats a wise attitude to have. I hope these are at least a tiny bit accurate.

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    1. Calm, peace. Vast, comfortable emptiness. I can smell the salt water.

    2. Earth. Connected. Nervousness. Uneasiness.

    3. Annoyed? I want to feed them and care for them at the same time.

    4. I want to jump on one of their backs and ride with them, wherever they go. (????)

    5. Go through the hole easily, but of a squeeze but I ignore the scrapes and bruises and blood.

    6. Grab it and fall go my knees, chugging the water to about three quarters left, take the jug with me as I keep walking.

    7. Walk around the house. Stay to the shadows. Observe. Look through the windows. Climb a tree and watch for awhile to try and determine if it’s safe to go and knock on the door.

    8. Stand still, turning around in a circle, arms raised at my sides, fingers twirling through the fog.

    ??? Seems pretty accurate.

    1. Avatar

      Your answers to 3 and 4 made me laugh more than I’ll admit to. 😀

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    The only problem I have with this test, and what makes me question the test as a whole, is the association of the imagery in #3 with women. Who thinks positively about “seagulls”?

    Some of the answers were interesting though. Like my answer to no #7: Walk straight up to the house (I actually felt myself sigh with relief). Knock. If no one answers, keep knocking. Look through the windows to see what’s inside. Even though I was highly suspicious of the jug in #6 I didn’t feel the least bit unsafe approaching the house, and I had no intention of walking away from it.
    And #8: Panic first. The calm down close my eyes and try to see if I can ‘feel’ the right way. But no way I’m walking blind.

    1. Avatar

      Your answer to 8# is really deep, seeing as people who have died and then been revived have usually said that at first their body was panicking but then it let go and drifted off peacefully, and it felt ‘right’.

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    This was pretty fun and I liked reading all the comments to compare. 🙂
    1. Free, calm and at peace.
    2. Cold and alone with my thoughts but prefer it that way.
    3. Cute, pretty dumb, I wish I was like them. (accurate)
    4. Wild and strong, and unrestrained. (again surprising accurate of my views)
    5. Watch my surroundings to make sure it was safe and then go ahead and climb the wall.
    6. Take a test sip and drink a small amount that wouldn’t be noticed by who it belonged to (kinda sounds like I’m a cheater hahah)
    7. Make sure the house looked inviting/friendly and then knock on the door and ask to use a phone.
    8. Run through it trying to feel it, put my hood up, and stop to think.

  36. Avatar

    1 peace
    2 peace
    3 peace, freedom
    4 joy
    5 Ill try to walk around, ill feel exited
    6 Ill go as fast as posible in that direction
    7 Ill go there stright away
    8 slowly, carefully walk in one direction.

  37. Avatar

    go around the wall and to the oasis
    see if there’s water inside before testing it
    peer in the window to see if inviting

  38. Avatar

    haha my answer to #7 (marriage/house with light on)
    my response …. run away they may be crazy because why are they in the woods all alone in a house. that’s where they hide the bodies.

    I think i watch too much crime TV

  39. Avatar

    6. How selective you are in sexual life/Choice of a partner.
    Take it for myself, examine it.
    7. Your readiness for marriage.
    Observe, Observe, Approach.
    8. Your attitude to death.
    Stay Calm And Collected.

  40. Avatar

    interestiong little test.
    1 expanse,wide open, calmness

    2 peaceful, happy, one of my favourite walks.

    3 tired for them, they always seem to have a long journey ahead.

    4 wonderful, beautiful sight, they run so freely.

    5 stop looking through the hole, get around it, get over it, dig under if i have to.

    6 drink carefully, you don’t know how long its gonna be,before the jug gets filled again.

    7 walk around the house, see whose home, peer through window, see if it looks safe. wait for sometime to see what sort of place this is. if my instincts are happy, procede with caution, if not, lay low, wait til daylight, things always look clearer in the light.

    8 i get creeped out by fog, so put my torch on, sing a song to comfort me, get home as quickly as possible

  41. Avatar
    Agus Hartawan

    1. Calm, serenity
    2. Searching for something interesting, curious
    3. Uplifting, freedom
    4. Camaraderie
    5a. Find a way around it
    5b. Find a way over it
    5c. Try to get through it
    5d. Do I really need to go there?
    6. Test “water” if it is really water and drinkable
    7. Examine it for a while, then go back to my own home
    8. Tread carefully while looking for a way out of it

  42. Avatar

    1. Peace, calmness, freshness
    2. Lonely, alone
    3. Peace, calmness
    4. Speed, energy, motivation
    5. Hope
    6. Drink it
    7. Knock the door
    8. Careful

  43. Avatar
    Aissatou Sunjata

    1. Curious
    2. brave
    3. free
    4. climb the wall
    5. try to reach it
    6. walk to it
    7. keep moving forward
    8. move beyond it.

  44. Avatar
    Nobody Important

    1 longing
    2 frustration
    3 annoyance
    4 awe
    5 look for a way around the wall to get into the oasis – even if over
    6 sniff the water and pour a little onto my palm
    7 carefully approach the house but stay in the shadows til i see who is there
    8 walk careful and slowly, with arms outstretched in case i bump into anything

  45. Avatar

    1. Swim. Goggles. Sand. Breathe in deep.
    2. Smell woods. Stand there a while
    3. Jonathan Livingston Seagull. Formation
    4. Power. Strength…run in pack
    5. Go around the wall, drink oasis water.
    6. Ah, drink well, and fast, then pause to breathe, and hydrate some more, slower.
    7. Be happy, Bee-line, when get close, scout around, then knock and ask for directions.
    8. Walk slow, look a the ground not to fall in holes

  46. Avatar
    He Who Shall Not Be Named

    1. overwhelming vastness
    2. indifference
    3. fixated
    4. intimacy
    5. admire it for a while and then decide whether or not to pursue it
    6. get excited and use the energy from that excitement to get it with all my being
    7. depending on the appearance of the house, proceed with hope and confidence or caution with the intent to flee or fight at the sign of any danger
    8. grab whatever long object i can and use it to detect the path ahead, after attempting to figure out the best direction at this point

  47. Avatar

    1. Beauty
    2. Content
    3. To wish to fly
    4. The ‘Spirit:Stallion of the Cimarron’ movie comes to mind
    5. Assess and come up with a plan to get to the oasis without running into obstructions, find way around or through wall while observing surroundings -> heading towards oasis.
    6. Grab jug to replenish water supply.
    7. Assess the safety of the situation, head towards house carefully observing surroundings, trying to look into the house slyly to get a better understanding of who they are and knock on door to ask for directions.
    8. Appreciate the beauty and eeriness of the fog.

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    Turtle girl

    Umm for number 8 (the death one) I said I would lay dow n because it is relaxing.

  49. Avatar

    Lol. Here is how I feel about men.

    Uneasy, get out of the way. Confused, where did they come from?

    Everyone knows men are from Mars & women are from Venus. I’m not stupid heh.

  50. Avatar

    5.drink at the oasis
    6.I’d drink a lot
    7.I’d ask for directions then would leave
    8.I don’t care about fog

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