When you’re trying move forward, you may not realise that it is your view of life that is holding you back.

Life can take us through many twists and turns. So, when we’re trying to achieve, we may see the immediate obstacles in our way and try to overcome them, but what we don’t see are the obstacles we are making for ourselves. Your view of life is an integral part of creating your success.

The wrong view of life can throw up more barriers than we realise, so it’s important to understand how your view of life is blocking your personal growth and what you may need to reconsider.

  1. You envy rather than admire

It’s natural to want what someone else has for ourselves; it might be a job, a career, or a way of life.  A little bit of envy can help us to understand what we want for ourselves. But when we focus too much on envy, we become jealous and unnecessarily unpleasant.

This can block personal growth because when we are envious of others, we do not admire the work they have put in to get to where they are. When we do not appreciate the work it takes to achieve, we block our view of how we can accomplish similar achievements.

  1. You focus on what you’re avoiding rather than what you want

It’s natural to avoid some things in life. You may be trying to avoid failure, disappointment, or heartbreak. But if this is your view of life, then you may be creating blocks to your own growth.

To truly achieve personal growth, we must focus on the things we really want. Focus on ambition and create goals that will get you where you want to be. Changing your view of life in such a small way can make such a big difference.

  1. You expect too much rather than what it realistic

Sometimes we have a habit of expecting too much, whether it be from ourselves or from other people. This can lead us to disappointment when our expectations are not met.

A very easy way to fix our view of life is to adjust our expectations, of ourselves and of others. Forgive yourself when you are unable to do something as fast as you would like, or as well as you wanted to, and forgive others the same. A little positivity goes a long way. Giving yourself a wider margin for error takes some of the pressure off and can actually help you do better in the long run.

  1. You create unnecessary time constraints

When we have a particular goal in mind, we want to reach it as fast as we can. We have an idea of when it might be achieved, but also when we want it to be achieved. The latter can be dangerous. Putting too much pressure on time can lead us to a burnout.

Create a considered timeframe of when and how you will achieve your goals. Give yourself a little extra time for mistakes and improvement; you will find that your view of life will change. It’s natural to want to achieve goals as fast as possible, but we must allow ourselves to be human.

  1. You don’t let yourself fantasise

One of the biggest drawbacks from your view of life might be that you are not letting yourself dream enough. You may see yourself as unable to attain a certain body type, under qualified for a job, or nervous to travel. These barriers are all in your head.

Let yourself fantasise about where you want to be in an ideal world, then build yourself a plan to get yourself there. It may seem scary and unrealistic to dream so big but, as they say: shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.

  1. You don’t look at the bigger picture

It’s human nature to get caught up in the particulars of a situation. However, we can stand in our own way when we don’t consider the bigger picture. By concentrating too hard on the small details of the circumstances, we may miss something totally obvious.

Take a breath and try to look at the situation as a whole rather than as a sum of its parts.  Try to see how things connect and relate to one another. It might help you spot what you’re missing. Once you find it, you will see the solution to the problem that is stunting your personal growth.

We are all capable of standing in our own way, but we are also capable of greatness. Your view of life can make a huge difference to your personal growth in life, in work, or relationships. By changing our view of life, we can change our lives altogether and attain the success we desire.


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