So-called visitation dreams or dreams in which we meet with our deceased friends or relatives could make us particularly nervous.

Some people claim that whenever visitation dreams occur, we will notice that the appearance of our deceased loved ones in our dream is not accidental.

The encounter with a deceased relative has a precise meaning. It can be a warning, news, or very important information for the person who dreams.

Psychics claim that if we have a seriously ill person in the family and a deceased relative speaks to us, the received message needs to be carefully considered as the spirit of a deceased person comes to convey a message.

Often, business people who are in financial trouble claim to receive a warning or a solution from their dead relatives or friends.

Also, spiritual people believe that those who have gone out into eternity may appear in the dream of the people they have loved in earthly life to help them escape tribulation.

Possible Interpretations

Dream interpretation from a religious perspective may stir you up. It suggests that the appearance of a deceased person in the dream means that s/he has not yet found peace. Moreover, religious books encourage additional rituals to satisfy the deceased’s desire.

From a psychological point of view, to dream of a deceased person can signify the end of one stage of your life. It can be “dead” feelings and interpersonal relationships that have been lost.

However, if the person you are dreaming of has recently died, you do not have to worry. It means that you still suffer, which is perfectly normal.

You may feel unmotivated, and you may feel as though you are not able to advance in life, no matter how hard you strive. So the deceased person in the dream can be part of you that you wish to leave behind.

Depending on the circumstances in which the deceased person appears in the dream, there are two further interpretations:

1) If the person participates in the action as if nothing had happened, but without having a leading role, then the dream is related to a latent sense of longing for the person, without causing you disturbing or intense feelings.

2) If the deceased person tries to advise you on something, it means that in real life, you need guidance, protection, and comfort. You may feel lonely and this is reflected in what you dream about. Such a dream, in which a spirit shows you the way, can be very refreshing in difficult times.

8 Signs of Visitation Dreams

Yet, it does not mean that dreaming of a person who has occupied an important place in your life is always an attempt at reconnection or a direct message from them. This is why there are a few characteristics of visitation dreams, according to psychics.

1. It Feels Real

Perhaps the most distinguishable characteristic of a visitation dream is that it feels vivid and real.

2. A Sensation of Comfort

When a loved person appears in our dream, you will wake up relaxed, reassured, and peaceful. If the dream makes you feel uncomfortable, worried, or scared, then it is unlikely that you have been visited by good spirits.

3. Clarity

The dream is not confusing. Whether the person communicates with you through words or actions, the message is clear. Symbolistic dreams that will leave you guessing are not visitation dreams.

4. Positive Behaviour

The person who visits our dreams is healthy, positive, calm, and never sad, sick, or injured. Furthermore, their behavior or message will not cause you distress.

5. The Deceased Person Appears Younger

Although this may not be a common characteristic, you may notice that the person visiting you appears younger than they looked when they passed away. This may mean that they felt at their best at a particular age.

6. Physical Experience

Since the dream feels real, every contact with the person will intensify the experience. For example, if you held hands, it is most likely that the feeling will be intense.

7. Sequences of the Dream

The action of the dream will not be made of pieces that you will have to connect in order to make sense of the spiritual message. The sequence of the events or words flow and follow an order.

8. Easy to Remember

Since the action, the message, and the overall experience feel real, it will be easier for you to remember and describe every aspect and sensation you experienced even in a few years’ time.

According to the spiritual perspective, the appearance of a deceased loved person in our dreams is a sign of love; that they are by our side, watching over us. You will certainly feel reassured and comfortable after they visit, even if it is for a brief moment.

If the dream makes you feel uncertain about the message or you experience fear, you could seek spiritual guidance from a priest or medium (depending on your beliefs) and find out how you can keep negative vibrational energy at a distance.



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  1. Tiffany

    I’ve had two dreams recently. The last was extremely intense and made me remember the other one I also had.

    I’ll add my mother died of cancer when I was 12. She had palliative care in our home and passed here. I’m 30 years old now and have two girls of my own.

    Anyway, the first dream was quick but very overwhelming. It’s like I was peering and being drawn into this wormhole.. I got toward the end and haze turned into clear vision and I thought, that’s mum! I knew she was deceased and I panicked in the dream. I was so overwhelmed. I guess the dream disconeccted?

    Fast forward a couple nights ago.
    I was in the clouds or something ? Up high, misty and foggy? My mother again was apart of the mist. She gaze upon me with love in her eyes. No words. I was being drawn one with her and she put her hands out. I eventually got her hands. Again, it disconnected it’s very overwhelming in the dream. This time I did get the hands. This time I was a little more brave I guess lol

    I understand I am obviously dreaming as mum is passed on and I become so overwhelmed and it’s all super intense

    Anyway, they feel so strange and i cannot forget them.


    I don’t know what’s going on. Even if it’s nothing. It’s nice to feel what it was like to gaze upon her.
    If she is visiting me, why does she not speak ?; it’s still nice and her warmth and smile is very full of life.

  2. Nijuli Johari

    Last Night I had a Visitation Dream . I illusion a ghost Don’t know it’s real or it’s just a dream. I used to see human being with cut off head with Black shadow. I often had this type of visitation dreams. its already five times from now I illusion ghost. I feel afraid and I can’t move my hands and legs nor I can speak on that time.

    1. Mayla

      that sounds like sleep paralysis to me. This is caused when the person gains consciousness but the body cant move because it’s still in a sort of sleeping state. Maybe do some research on sleep paralysis?

  3. Sandi rae

    I just had a very vivid dream last night, my uncle who is deceased(he looked a lot younger and healthier) was to the right of me and my dad who is not deceased was to the left of me. We were riding down a road, my uncle then hands me what looked like smoke, but had the consistency of web. He wasn’t speaking with his mouth, but told me to inhale that stuff. So I did. I wasn’t worried that that stuff was bad, I got a peaceful filling. The windshield then becomes like a window or movie? Then I see a lot of my deceased relatives, some I felt I had to close my eyes on because it was so intense, i could feel them trying to communicate. I love dreams like this…I really miss all of my relatives that have passed away. I interpret it as them just visiting…I couldn’t find a message.

  4. Bob

    The dreamer can be the guide. It might not be as you think. We are just mouses trying to figure out a way to understand the unknown. The labyrinth we don’t see. And that might even not be true. Don’t be simple. Life is huge.

  5. Christian Lundgren

    I was at the mental ward again in a straight jacket i could hear the rain i and the lights flickering i was surrounded by mirrors and its eyes were clawed out and puked out a heart covered in black
    what about dreams like this
    I have vivid nightmares i remember them more so then what is considered reality

  6. Heather

    Both my parents have been dead for a long while now, they died at different times several years apart, they endured a long&unhealthy, violent, marriage. I dream of them every now and then, when I do the dreams are normally vauge, sad and are scary, and leave me shaken and upset, for the last week, I’ve had a couple horrible dreams about my mom, but last night I dreamed of both of them but they were, holding hands, dressed nice and the looked happy, like they were so in love and peaceful! I didn’t wake up scared or shaken I like I always do, I was a bit confused I must say but I was calm, it was nice . It’s just weird because after all these yrs that was the 1st time it was a nice dream about them instead of the usual .

  7. Angie

    My oldest son passed away just over 5 months ago. Last night I had a very vivid dream about him. I was confused throughout the dream. His message was clear as he kept repeating it “y’all have to move on. I’m here, just in a different form. You have to tell everyone to move on.” My confusion came from me knowing he was deceased but I was looking right at him, talking to him. In the dream I told him “you shouldn’t be here. You died. I saw you. You were dead”. He replied with “no. Remember, you said that body didn’t look like me. That’s because it’s a replica. I’m still here, just in a different way.” During his viewing, I told his dad that our son looked much older and it didn’t look like him. I argued with my son in my dream about his message telling him that we can’t move on because we feel incomplete without him here. He said again “y’all have to move on. I’m fine. You’ll see.” The end of the dream was of him fading away saying “remember what I said, y’all have to move on”.

    Ended up telling my husband and 3 of our children. My daughter said it wasn’t a dream but instead a spiritual meeting. My boys didn’t know what to think and my husband thinks I’m crazy basically.

    I’m not sure what to think. You can’t just move on after losing a child. He was 23 and died from an infection in his heart that lead to and embolism. He passed in his sleep. It was so sudden and unexpected. He passed on the 29th. On the 28th, he was hanging out with friends and all was normal. Other than him complaining about his legs hurting, he had no other complaints.

    Anyway, I’m just wondering if this was really him visiting me or if it was nothing more than a dream.



      To Angie. I too lost my eldest son and my name too is also Angie. Thank you so much for sharing your dream because it was also my dream too

  8. Shankari

    MY Mother passed away 6 months before she came in my dream and said happily she took rebirth and her name was Samuktha what does it mean

  9. Valerie

    I dreamed of a deceased friend was laughing and i had her by her feet laughing calling her name

  10. Mary Susan Loan

    My father died in 1983 36 years ago……I recently dreamed that he was standing in the driveway of my former home, a place he never visited. He was calm and I clearly saw him standing there wearing brown polyester pants and a beige short-sleeved shirt. He told me “Your mother wants you to come home” I was perplexed as I didn’t know what home she was referring to……..I asked my father ‘how are you doing?’. He said “I’m always cold”. I invited him to come with me to our farm in Belize and the dream ended…….

  11. Nichola

    My uncle who I was very close with passed away a year ago next month. In life his passion was painting and decorating. Before he passed away from cancer he was adamant he wanted to decorate my living room for me but sadly wasnt able to finish the job. I still have all of his tools in my cupboard and was sorting through them a couple of days ago and threw away a couple of things that were of no use.
    Last night I had a dream that started off as a nightmare. All of his tools were in my living room and started to move towards me one by one. I was so scared. Then something clicked in my brain and I called out “uncle dicky is that you?” All of a sudden he appeared looking so healthy, covered in paint and was laughing. He walked towards me and gave me a hug and said “please dont forget me” then I woke up.
    When he was alive he loved to tell jokes and scare people. He would always tell me ghost stories and laugh at how freaked out I would be so that explains why he tried to do it in my dream.
    The dream was so vivid that I remeber every detail. I woke up feeling so warm and comforted.

  12. katy phelan

    my dreams scare why this was a long time ago the person was me but the eyes were a different color red orange . ? dreams job bills and other tings . I sense something in the room still asleep then look up at and saw this this white yellowish light then fell back to sleep .

    1. Zulema G

      I’m sorry for your lost. Indeed, your deceased son did visit you.

  13. Delphinia

    I aslo wat to knaow what my dream meant… because i was just sitting down in a room with my grandma uncle grandpa brother and two other men that were standing and there was one chair that nobody was sitting in for some odd reason….so I went over to the dresser..I looked at it and then The scaryest thing happend…I….Saw….My….Dead great grandfather sitting in that empty chair but only when I looked at the dresser he was staring at ME and he looked younger but it was so fcary the face he was using to stare DIRECTLY AT ME I was SO scared I ran right into one of the men and the man grabbed me and I saw his face for one second…I think he was a family member….but then his face was black again he said he was…. I ran to my grandma and yelled “GREAT GRANDPA IS SITTING IN THAT CHAIR RIGHT BEHIND YOU AND IS MAKING A TERRIFYING FACE.” and then grandma whisperd into my ear “Well he probably would not have known that if you didn’t just yell that… he only sees you.” then my dream went black and white words that said “watch out” popped up. Im so scared……am i okay?

  14. Renee

    I had a dream a month or so after my grandmother passed and she said infront of all my cousins that i will be next to have a child and told me the month it was going to happen.. A couple of weeks after i had another dream of my grandmother where she gave birth in heaven to a little baby girl. It felt so real and my grandmother looked beautiful . Is this a visitation dream?

  15. Jinny

    My aunt passed away Friday gone. Last night I dreamt she was talking to my ex telling him to take care of me. Could someone please explain. Thank you

  16. Kyle Hogate

    I had a close friend of mine passed away he came to me in a dream a couple of weeks after his death and was crying and apologizing to me I knew in the dream that I was in a dream and I knew that my time with him was very limited I was so very happy to be talking with him and I told him it’s okay don’t worry about that he was crying and apologizing I said it’s okay don’t worry please laugh for me one more time. He and I used to laugh together all the time and I wanted to hear his laugh one more time because again I knew that we were in a dream in our time together was very short what does this mean? Please email me

  17. Jazz

    Can you help me to find out what this dream means, my grandma passed away ang i keep dreaming that shes at our gate and forcing to get inside the house. I dreamed about it again and again

  18. Bobbie Herron

    My mother passed away three years ago. Today I had a visit from her. I awoke this morning around 4 am looked up at the top of the stairs and saw her standing there. She looked younger and her hair was darker. She looked so real, and didn’t move, except it appeared she turned and looked directly at me. I waved and motioned for her to come down stairs. I don’t think I was sleep walking or dreaming. I called my brother in Texas to tell him about my experience. I am sure he didn’t know what to make of it. Nor do I. She has never visited me before. What does this mean?

  19. Teresa Gaudette

    My father-in-law passed away a month ago. He came to me last night in my dreams but scared me witless. He was being aggressive trying to get my attention. He told me he couldn’t find his mom. I’m worried he hasn’t crossed over. We were close, he lived with us and my husband is having a hard time letting go, so it may be my husband keeping him here, but he’s already so distraught that I don’t want to tell him his dad is giving me nightmares! What can I do?

  20. Faith

    Hi im Nqobi i lost my boyfriend in 18 june 2020 he was brutalised in murder he keeps on visiting me in my dreams telling he loves me and miss me and expains what happed to him he showed me his grave yard on a dream please reply what does it means thank you

  21. ANGEL

    My Dad passed away less than 5 years ago. Last night I dreamed that he came to visit me. I was in my grandmother’s house and as I stepped out through the gate into the sidewalk a car rolled by and Stopped. It was my Dad he looked just fine and healthy (he died in the hospital of respiratory related issues and had Cancer). He had come to see me. Here is the catch, It felt super real but the entire time I knew that he was actually dead and that this did not feel like a dream. Anyway he got out of the car we were talking calmly for a few minutes ( I do not really remember what about). After a few minutes he said that he had to go and that this may have been the las time he could come to visit me. He got back in the car and drove away as the car was getting farther it started to disappear (dissolve) in mid air. That was the end of the dream.

  22. Lori

    I was getting ready to go on a camping trip with one of my friends from my widow group. We were leaving the next day but I had not had a chance to pack yet. I fell asleep exhausted from preparing. I dreamed of my husband dead two years now. He looked handsome and strong big tough construction guy in life. He smiled a slow knowing sincere grin. He was wearing the jacket he used to wear when we used to go camping together. He looked at me and took off his jacket. He held it out to me . “Here take this with you”. I woke up thinking where is that jacket? I located it in a back of a closet. I put it on it fit me like a dress as he was over a foot taller than me. I silently thanked him several times
    that trip as I didn’t own a jacket in my wardrobe that was as warm as his oversized jacket

  23. Kelly

    I dreamed of my husbands uncle who passed away over 10 years ago. He lived across the street from us and we loved him very much. In the dream I asked him if I could hug him and I did. He seemed peaceful but did not talk. I asked him to please help my son. My son is a freshman in college and is going through a very difficult time with depression. He is away at college and is really suffering. He wants desperately to get well. When I asked my uncle to help him….it was like I was struggling to get the words out…kind of strained paralyzed voice.

  24. Mary

    Hi, my name is Mary and I would like to share what I know to be a visiting dream on Thursday 24th of February. I was waken up by loud foot steps in our bungalow, I did not look at the time, our small dog was seating in our bed looking up at the bedroom door intensely as I waken my husband to say that the was somebody in the house. Just seconds before a was awaken be the heavy footsteps, I had a vision of a big shadow figure, I strongly felt to be a men, the colour of his whole body was light blue and said very clearly ” A great war is coming”. I did not take it in, and as soon as I woke up the foot steps could be hear by myself and husband, my dog rush to the front room and was found by my husband gently growing at the sofa. I did not think much of the mater and went back to sleep, only to awake abruptly at 4:44 am and having this strong feeling in my gut that the war had started. The following day I learned that Russia had invaded Ukraine just after 4 am.

  25. Chris

    My 91 yr old mother suffered a massive heart attack in Sept 2021 and passed one month later. I cared for her and it was a terrible suffering for her. Two weeks after her death, she visited me in a most vivid dream. First she leaned over and hugged me in her favorite housecoat, then all the sudden she opened up a curtain and she looked to be about 30-40 yrs old, she was a very beautiful woman when she was younger. She was so happy. She said, “you have to be very strong to get in to heaven.” I felt a sense of closure and calmness after, but sobbed uncontrollably that day, I had to leave work. I know she is in heaven, and I know she’s happy.

  26. Diane

    Up until yesterday I did not know what a visitation dream was. My brother passed away 7 months ago, since then I’ve been hoping he would ‘show himself to me’, I asked him at the cemetery on Thursday to please come and visit me. On the Saturday after this visit to the grave, I had a visitation dream, there he was standing looking much younger and not ill like before he passed ( he had a stroke). He was stood in the fog and I was waving to him thanking him for visiting me. When i woke up I felt so relived that he had come to me and now really feel a great relieve and reassurance. I went on google and low and behold came about articles on Visitation dreams! Sure enough this has definitely reassured me that my brother did visit me. I feel so much better, I have been grieving so hard for him.

  27. Raminder Singh

    I searched in google if something that has happened to me happen with others. Much relieved to know there are people who have experienced similar dreams like me although they are of different religion and ethnicity. Thanks

  28. Selina pinkerton

    I lost my son almost 3 yrs ago it’s been really on me …for the first time I had a dream about him but he was much younger and someone else was in this that at his younger years he didn’t even know at that time if fact me was weird the other person is someone I love very much but he was in my dream when my son was much younger ..what does this mean

  29. Danny

    My Father died just a few months ago. He had congestive heart failure and it was a long battle. My dream with my dad was so real, lucid and short. I came upon him in his backyard working on something as he always did wearing his Marine corp cap to cover his bald head, he was tinkerer and putter’er of things. He was still old but healthy looking and I gave him a great big hug and it felt so real, he looked so real, I told him that I loved him and ask if he was ok. He said Yea everything was good then he was like it was nice visiting with you and then it was over. So, I have been good with that interaction. I just wish it was longer.

  30. Aurora Magan

    I saw top of a head full of hair beside the little brother of my son in law. I approach him and ask who was beside him hea said nobody is besid me. What does this mean.

  31. Mary

    I had a dream today abaut my father he passed 2022sep he was mental I’ll the I went to see him with my sister he was throwing things outside but when I told him “dad it’s me look at me he smiled and stopped I asked him how he was he told me he was ok how’s everything at home I told him was Talking care of everything he smiles and said your the only one who can understand me

  32. JUDY


  33. Steven

    hi my name is Steven Wayne adams some years back my friend passed away at the time I was locked up and uncertain of how he had passed well his Bodie was put to rest a few day before my release from jail keep in mindhis body wasnt releaseed for 6 months so sone tine had passed right never dreamed of lucas tate before nor after my dream but the very day of my release i made it to my mothers house and that very night i was visited lucas seemed so real like any normal day headed off to berr store we came to railroad tracks and the train crossing was flashing, so we stopped ..he took something I took the other half needless to I say I was met with a bitter taste in my mouth he says brother what’s wrong with me I look at him he swells up turns black he leaned over steering wheel i say to him bro it’s junk i wake up and I had actually the very chalky bitter taste I had in my Dream …..come to find out he passed due to opiods an overdose now I know and believe he came

  34. Clinton Ashley

    Just woke up after a dream.
    I dreamt that my ex wife,who passed on 5 months ago, and my mom ,who passed on a month ago were in it.
    Dreamt my ex wife and I bought a house,but the house was an old house that still had formica covered furniture in the kitchens and the previous tenants left lots of electronics in the garage.
    In the backyard, a girl drove into the fence and it looked like people often misjudge the turn and crash into that exact spot ,and I told my dead ex wife,we should remember to mark out where our kids should not play.
    It didn’t at all feel like we were divorced.
    The part about my mother is that I explained to her how to get to the house ,street by street.
    It felt as if both my ex and mom were still very much alive.

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