Water is alive! For the first time, the amazing response of water to music and human emotions is demonstrated through valid scientific experiments.

The Japanese scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto, attempts to prove something that hitherto seemed unthinkable: water is a living entity that responds consciously not only to environmental stimuli but also to human psychic energies! With the help of modern science and using a technologically advanced tool Magnetic Resonance Analyzer, the researcher studied the crystalline form of water and made photos of the changes brought to it from the various environmental and human influences.

  • What are the musical tastes of water?
  • How does it react when it is talked to with love?
  • How does it respond to thoughts and intentions?
  • How much does water suffer from environmental pollution?

So now it is scientifically proven that the music, the energy of the environment, and the thoughts, feelings and words of the people directly affect the crystal structure of water, which literally feels and reacts like a living entity!

Therapeutic and psychotherapeutic implications of these amazing experiments of Dr. Emoto have a great potential, since the human body, for the most part, consists of water. But not only that. If the water – and yet it is unknown how many other substances – is indeed alive and has the ability to think, feel and react to human feelings, then it leads us to a new and entirely revolutionary vision of the universe. And if consciousness is something that goes beyond the limitations of space and time, imbuing even “inanimate” matter, what is the “essence” it consists of?

All this leads to the necessity of creating a new Physics that bridge the gap between Western science and ancient wisdom and could “see” the nature with a new eye…

Dr. Emoto put labels on bottles of water with expressions of human emotions and ideas. Some of them were positive, for example, “thank you” and “love”. Others were negative, as the label “You make me sick, I will kill you.” In contrast to the prevailing experience and knowledge of science, water reacted to these expressions: The water with positive messages made beautiful crystals, and the one with negative messages – ugly and deformed crystals.

Below are the photographs of water crystals from the book by Dr. Emoto that prove it:

water before meditation

Tap water crystal before meditation


water after meditation

Tap water crystal after meditation


water mozart

Reaction of the water to the music of Mozart


water heavy metal

Reaction of the water to the heavy metal music

These images provoked an international reaction, which led to the fact that Emoto’s research was taken seriously by some scientists in the confirmatory repetition of the results of his work. The independent confirmatory repetition is an integral part of the scientific method.

water love

Reaction of the water to the word ‘love’

Water is what unites all mankind and life in general. Our body consists of 70% to 90% water. The planet’s surface is mostly covered by water. In a moment of brilliant insight, Dr. Emoto went straight to the heart of a natural element that is crucial for most life forms.

water-i will kill you

Reaction of the water to the phrase “I will kill you”

The water of this photo looks a lot like the water in the photo exposed to Heavy Metal music that its lyrics had the same meaning as the word “fool”:


Reaction of the water to the word “fool”

As evidenced by the above, the scientific community has a lot to think over. Similar experiments have been conducted by the researchers worldwide. And meanwhile, most people still want to know: How true is the statement that the mind is over matter? If thoughts can do these things in the water, imagine what they can do to us.

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