You might think the most successful people had it all together, and maybe some of them did. However, other successful people have weird personality traits, and they didn’t always walk a straight line.

Success comes in many ways, whether you work for a corporation, or you’re an entrepreneur. And being successful is not something that’s always built from going to bed early, avoiding distractions, and having a social demeanor.

Sometimes winning in life means having a unique personality, even a completely odd take on life.

7 Weird Personality Traits You Didn’t Know Increased Your Chances to Be Successful

1. Introverted

I really wouldn’t call being an introvert weird. I rather like this trait. But society puts so much emphasis on extroverts being the most successful type of people.

There’s this false idea that social, talkative, and overly friendly individuals are the ones who can make a change in their lives and in the world. Companies pay attention to extroverts and expect success to come from those characteristics.

But to the contrary, introverts are great thinkers. They can be talkative at times but need downtime as well to re-energize. In this quiet time, ideas are churning undisrupted by other people and crowded places.

Companies often overlook the introverted individual, then later regret this decision. The introvert can effect great change, just take Albert Einstein and Bill Gates, for instance, these guys were introverts too.

2. Outside the box

Having the right answers, following strict rules, and learning by the book can lead to success in life, no doubt. But the thing is, this type of success is usually seen later on with individuals working in companies, still following rules and making a notably good salary. And that’s okay for those people.

On the other hand, kids who think outside the box, posing unconventional answers to questions, and occasionally breaking a few rules, are the ones to look out for.

As these kids grow up, they stay creative, and when it comes to success, it doesn’t mean following the herd in a successful company. It means creating their own brand, affecting change, and shaking things up.

3. Curiosity

Some of the most successful people were also curious about things.

You see, having this insatiable need to learn everything you can about any area of interest is a pathway to the discovery of something huge. Although it seems like there are no new ideas left, being curious leads to finding these rare gems that lead to massive futures.

And it’s not just about discoveries either. Improving on existing products and services takes being curious about the ways these things work and how to make them more useful for the public.

Success can also come from improving relations and the world’s overall health. But it starts with being curious, wanting to know more so you can improve on what you know.

4. Saying ‘no’

Telling people ‘no’ is underrated. Humans are such people-pleasing creatures and this is a big reason why many ventures, relationships, and friendships fail. For some strange reason, we don’t want to disappoint anyone, and we feel as if we can make everyone happy all of the time. This is impossible.

Practice saying ‘no’ when you don’t want to say yes to something because trying to please everyone can be a distraction. One of the powers that people use is that they try to get what they want by acting as if they need a quick answer.

So many of us say ‘yes’ just to satisfy them and end the conversation. We cannot be successful unless we take back our power to do what we think is the right thing. Saying ‘no’ eliminates many stumbling blocks from the path of success.

5. Neuroticism

This is usually not considered an attractive trait, but it can lead to quite a successful life. Being neurotic means being highly aware of everything that’s out of place, what can go wrong, and what needs to be addressed to make things right.

It’s not a laid-back frame of mind, but rather a hyper conscientious mindset that’s always making sure things are in place.

Being successful goes hand in hand with organization, creativity, and intelligence. All these things can be found with the neurotic person. They are usually healthier, aside from any anxiety experienced, as they are vigilant at going to physician’s appointments and taking care of all aspects of their body.

So, it’s not all that far-fetched to understand how neuroticism would factor into success.

6. Past trauma influence

Some may think that living through past trauma would make us weak people. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Surviving past trauma creates strength and endurance. Successful people come from enduring hardships, and they have the strength to move past failures to reach goals. Empathy is also born from past trauma, and this helps us be more empathetic in areas of work where it’s needed.

Also, when survivors grow into adults, they remain driven. You see, if you can survive past trauma and have the drive to move forward into adult past the teenage years, then you have the drive to become an extremely successful person.

Some of the most successful people in the world have horrific physical and mental scars from the past.

7. Listeners

Some successful people give constant speeches, record YouTube videos, and hold conferences to teach others how to reach goals. And yes, this works for them to a certain degree. But the ones who go above and beyond this level are good listeners. Listening is a trait that many people don’t have.

You may sit and hear what others are saying, but instead of absorbing the words, you’re already formulating your responses. Hey, many of us do this without thinking. And yes, we should practice better listening.

But to have a truly successful life where you can make an impact on the world, you must first listen to others and consider their ideas. Listen, take in the words, and analyze them before you speak. You may be surprised by where this leads you.

What are your weird personality traits?

Before you let someone downplay your quirky characteristics, consider they may have been placed there for your success. Because we’re all individuals with gifts and talents, those weird things you do could be your personal key to the treasures of life. So embrace your weird traits, and use them for your success.

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  1. Shea Bell

    Ha Ha – all of them! But I’m working on leveling out the big emotions a bit.

  2. Marcia R

    Being a loner. I would just rather be by myself, you know?

  3. Sherrie Hurd, A.A.

    Shae Bell,
    I’ve found that balance is key. Even if it can be a struggle at times, getting in touch with our emotions and flowing with them helps so much. Even our weirdest of quirks are useful in some way, otherwise, we wouldn’t have them. Whatever we do and whoever we are, as long as we do not harm others and strive to make the world a better place…yeah, that’s what counts.

  4. Sherrie Hurd, A.A.


    I like being alone too. The pandemic wasn’t as hard for me in that area. However, even though we love being alone, we do need to push ourselves to step outside our comfort zone at some point. Yeah, I know, blah…But it’s healthy. I wish you well and thank you for reading.

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