Narcissism is the new popular insult nowadays, it seems. However, these people do exist, and there are weird signs of narcissism to prove it.

I’ve gotten into the habit of saying people are narcissists based on my psychological crackerjack self-image….see the narcissism there? Yes, I can joke about myself that way. Anyway, narcissists are real, and they can cause serious damage to people, relationships as a whole, and even their own future. But before you start naming off the common traits of narcissism, take a pause. There are actually a few weird signs of narcissism you may have never heard of before.

Unlikely negative traits

So, narcissists are self-absorbed attention seeking spotlight hogs, right? Well, yeah, in a way. But there is so much more to narcissism than that. Let’s take a look at what the word means and where it came from.

Narcissism: Excessive interest in oneself or personal appearance.

The definition seems simple, doesn’t it? Well, here’s the story of its origin. Most people have heard this before, but for those who haven’t, it might prove to be useful.

Narcissus, of Greek mythology, was devoted to himself and thought he was the best looking, most intelligent, and just plain best of everything. He thought so highly of himself that he couldn’t fall in love with another. A woman named Echo fell in love with him and he rejected her. The God Nemesis saw this and put a curse on Narcissus. He caused Narcissus to see his own reflection thus falling in love with himself. He dove into the water which held his reflection and never resurfaced.

Remember that story? The truth is, there are so many ways to spot a narcissist, other than these traits. They seem to leave their mark on many areas of life. Here are 8 weird signs of narcissism that may be a little strange.

1. Wealth

While not all wealthy people are narcissists, a good many of them exhibit the traits. It’s difficult, actually, to gain power, status, or money without becoming more self-absorbed. It seems, as we struggle to retain wealth, our concern for others sometimes decreases, especially those who we see as obstacles to that wealth.

Now, like I said, this isn’t the case with everyone, but it can be a likely indicator of narcissism.

2. Selfies

Those who take selfies are more prone to narcissistic behavior. Although selfies aren’t always taken because we’re happy with how we look, they can still be toxic in high numbers.

In fact, most of the time we take selfies, we are not pleased with our look, but we just cannot stop until we get the right picture – we must have the image that’s almost perfection. In this act, we are self-obsessive, even if we aren’t always pleased. The result may be different, but the drive is still narcissism.

3. Social media posts

Did you know that your social media posts can determine whether or not you are a narcissist? Well, it can.

For instance, if you post really often and about mundane things that you do, then you could have narcissistic traits. In this case, you desire to constantly be stimulated by likes and comments, meaning you are included, you are interesting, and you are liked by your peers. To narcissists, being noticed and liked is extremely important.

4. Food preferences

Here’s a strange thought. Studies have shown that people who prefer bitter or sour foods and drink have tendencies toward being psychopathic. Also, those who drink their coffee black are more often labeled in that way as well.

Yes, food preferences can be a weird sign of narcissism. On the flip side, those who eat more sweets or take sugar and cream in their coffee may even be a bit nice than others.

5. Use explicit language

Narcissists show their true colors when they use explicit language abundantly. They also curse much more than others too. Using this type of language is their way of intimidating others and keeping control.

Although not everyone you know that uses foul language is a narcissist, it is a more common trait in people who act this way.

6. Young and male

Here’s a really odd indicator. Out of all known narcissists, most of them are male and young. It’s not certain why this is, but maybe it’s because males can gain a bit more control than females, for the most part. Youth does play a role in how the narcissist views himself as well. Youth is more flawless and does get more attention.

7. Romantic

Beware! Narcissists can be some of the most romantic people around. They find a partner who is perfect, to them. They woo this person until they see the imperfections, and then they dump them.

During the early stages of the relationship, however, the narcissist puts in 100% of their romantic efforts, thus totally fooling the partner into thinking they are the best mate they’ve ever had. Usually, a breakup like this is devastating to the innocent party.

8. Strange speech and mannerisms

Have you ever noticed someone who spoke as if they are on a stage? This could have been a narcissist just going through their normal speaking routine.

A narcissist has exaggerated mannerisms and speaks as if they are always being watched and admired by crowds of people. Unfortunately, these traits come from not being able to feel emotions correctly. It’s usually, almost always fake.

Do you recognize any of these weird signs?

Yes, these traits are a little odd, but they are part of the narcissistic spectrum. Maybe a friend or family member exhibits some of these traits, and maybe you do too. I have to admit, I love drinking black coffee. I used to be obsessed with selfies as well. Although, I’ve cut down quite a bit on that one.

Don’t be too hard on yourself, because truth to be told, everyone has a degree of narcissism. You just have to know when it’s becoming an unhealthy and damaging part of your life. Instead of beating yourself up, use these indicators to help yourself and others.

Moderation is key, and understanding the weird signs of narcissism will help you put things in the right perspective and improve your life.



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This Post Has 4 Comments

  1. Empath

    Hi Sherrie, I agree with some of your points but some of them are off. The Nemesis Narc in my life is opposite on some of the traits you describe.

    1. Sherrie

      I think a flaw and a strength with my writing is that I come from a personal perspective. I do apologize for compartmentalizing this illness, as it does have differing traits. These are just some of the traits that I have experienced with my friends and family, paired with research that does corroborate these findings. Please feel free to share any other traits that you have experienced as well, as this can only help us that much more.

  2. Lobelia

    Narcissistic Personality Disorder is a lot more complex than this over simplified list of traits. Two of my family members are malignant NPD, they never take selfies, are not wealthy, only one is male, neither are young…

    1. Sherrie

      Thank you for your insight, Lobelia. It is actually impossible to name all of the traits of narcissism. While these traits might not be included where your family is concerned, it is a part of some experiences with narcissists. You are correct, the narcissistic personality disorder is extremely complex, and most of us have some degree of it.

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