Mystics claim that the world of our dreams can be a connection to other worlds, inaccessible to our waking consciousness, so it is not a coincidence that since ancient times, it was believed that dreams of dead people are an important sign that must not be ignored.

The dead come to our dreams with a message, advice or warning that should be understood in order to avoid unnecessary troubles and keep ourselves from making mistakes, according to mystics.

Psychologists believe that dreams about relatives or friends who have passed away are just a manifestation of depression or feelings of guilt towards them.

However, let’s take a closer look at the mystical point of view and try to understand what messages can be carried by people who are now alive only in our memories and can talk to us only through our dreams.

Modern dream books often do not pay enough attention to many important nuances: what the dead people look like in our dreams – dead in the grave, alive and happy, or they come to life right before our eyes, or maybe we just do not remember in our dream that this person passed away long ago.

Interpretations of dreams about deceased people

It is commonly assumed that the dream of a dead person (talking to him, listening to his advice, and doing what he tells) is a sign of unexpected news or changes in life. Christian dream interpretation books sometimes explain that we have such kind of dreams when the soul of our deceased relative or friend has not found peace yet, and advise to hold additional ceremonies at the funeral and repose of the deceased (for example, if in the dream the deceased asks for water).

Pagan interpretations of dreams that have come down to us recommend to implicitly obey everything that the dead person asks for, in order to avoid the anger of the gods. And while dreaming dead people may be scary, sometimes it can be a good omen.

In case if in your dream a dead person comes back to life, it may mean that something lost will soon return (money, a thing, or even social status).

An English dream book interprets the dream of dead people as a sign of good events in the family, such as a wedding or the birth of a child or anything happy and prosperous. Another dream book says that seeing a dead relative in a dream before the wedding is a warning against the union. This dream indicates the unhappy marriage and warns that the children born in it will be sick and weak.

What about the dreams of a deceased relative?

At this point, there is no definitive interpretation, and you should always take into account many confounding factors. But most interpretations concerning dead relatives (especially parents) appearing in a dream indicate a warning of trouble.

Sometimes the dreams in which a sleeping person communicates with their deceased parents, help find inner peace, confidence, and even affect the success in business and the well-being of the family.

It is also believed that it is impossible to influence the dreams in which we see our dead loved ones. Mystics claim that even if you manage to do it, it is absolutely useless, since it is not us who call them in, it is them who decide to come to us.

For further information, check my recent article about the dreams of the deceased.

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  1. Kaye Javelosa

    I had a dream about my dead classmate/friend. In my dream there are many people which are exactly my classmates in our section and also our adviser was there.. and In the room We are all sitting and beside me there’s a vacant chair after a few minutes (maybe), my dead friend sat beside, but! in my dream I know that he is already dead.. What is the meaning of it?

  2. charity

    i dreamed that my passed grandmother was driving me to work after i have broke my leg and couldn’t go to work. In the car was me in the front seat next to my grandmother and at the back was my eight years old cousin brother

  3. Dale Holder

    I need a little more help on the dream. I dreamed of my parents and a friend that are died, In the dream my mother was telling me how much she hated me. My father was confused about all of it. My mother had also sold and gave away a lot of my jewelry (mostly rings) and she was going around with my sister and niece (they are alive) and all was letting me know I was hated. They kicked me out and toke me to stay with a friend (the friend is now dead) in a tiny house and office (all in one) Then my dead Uncle (fav one) telling me not to listen to them. I most of the time know what dreams mean. I even help other people with there dreams but this one I have no idea. Please I need help my whole body is jerking inside and out because of this dream.

  4. Shan

    I saw a dream of my dead friend who had passed away a month ago. In a dream, I was doing some core works and he passed through a corridor and told me – Happy, I would come. (He used to call me ‘happy’ when alive). He was carrying a new light green (very lively shining) pipal leaf in his hand. He looked normal neither happy or sad. I did not speak to him in a dream. inside dream, I knew that he was already dead n it was his soul visiting me. His appearance was not physical, it seemed very light bodied as airy. And rest of the dream was a mess but all connected to each other. In other parts of my dream, my dead friend was sharing joke to his office friend. Some could see him but one could not and he hold that person that if you cannot see me, see me through mobile n you can see. After that I woke up. What would this dream mean?

  5. Charmaine

    My mother passed away 8 years ago and last night i dreamt of her. I hugged her and cried saying that i missed her so much. I could not feel her hugging me back but we were holding each other. She then looked at me and then said i am coming to fetch you in parys. what would this mean?

  6. linda

    Hi. I keep on dreaming about my father that has passed away 10 years ago. Why do i keep on dreaming about him. Last night i dreamed that my dead father and my daughter was in our old house in his room. Then there came a plane crashing into our back yard. i wanted to get my dad and daughter save into the living area

  7. linda

    Last night i dreamed that my dead father and my daughter was in our old house in his room. Then there came a plane crashing into our back yard. i wanted to get my dad and daughter save into the living area

  8. linda

    why do i keep on dreaming about my father that passed away 10 years ago

  9. keshika

    I had a dream of my grandmother who passed away, we were both crying and she was telling me that God is with me and he will sort everything out i must just believe in him he is powerful.

  10. Ann Corcoran

    I have dreamt about my ex girl friends late partner who died 6 years ago … I am trying to understand what this means? as I never knew her !!

  11. David garret

    I had a dream with my cousin that passed away in 2009 he had a key chain that I recently made for.myself ln his keyring he looked at me and walked away I tried to reach out for him and couldn’t move tried to call for him and it wouldn’t come out until my daughter woke me up I’ve had two other dreams with my wife’s grandmother and a child that passed away from my job sometimes I dont want to sleep bc ot these dreams

  12. Hyori Bang

    I dreamed of my Father who passed away 5yrs ago. I dreamed of him that he had an accident and afterwards it looks like nothing happen to him. Then he said “Thank you” to me.

    Please help me interpret this dream of mine. Thank you very much.

  13. mehedi

    i saw a deadman (our relative).in my dream he was so sick& i tried to help him & take him him to doctor.he became great like perfect……….

  14. Charles

    I dreamt a friend of told me my father in law died ( he died about 20 years ago) my husband called his father in this dream and we went to see him a few days later he died, what does this mean

  15. Maurisa

    I dreamt about my kids father who passed away 7yrs ago….he told me that he had someone else and that I need to move on….as if it was real.. I started to cry and I felt hurt….I was crying non stop….
    In real life I struggle with everything and when I feel like giving up I always dream about him….I guess I never really moved on and probably he’s watching over me and our kids… need some more clarity on this
    Thanks for reading

  16. Pauline Harshaw

    I had a dream about my uncle les that passed away in October 2014, we where in a house and he had lost his wallet, I found it so down the side of the lounge, when I gave it to him, he grabbed my hand held it and we walked out the door together we ran through a vacant lot and a snake had bit me above my knee, then he was gone and I was screaming to whoever it was to rush me to the hospital, on the way we were getting lost, I was screaming I’m going to die and my leg went numb in the dream and I got to hospital and couldn’t find the entrance and then I was in the hospital with doctor and then I woke up. Pls help me understand this dream thanks

  17. Megan Coetzee

    I recently lost someone who I loved , the night he died I dreamt of him walking away from me and every time I caught up to him he teleported another 1-3 feet away from me, he never looked back and had his back turned to me the entire time, do you perhaps know what this might mean?

  18. Nadia

    My father passed away unexpectedly almost 9 months ago. I dream of him often, that he is young again and playing soccer, or just him smiling, him wearing a white button down shirt. And I love those dreams, but today I had a strange dream. I dreamt that he called me on the phone, and asked “Nadia, is this you?” I recognized his voice and called out many times “dad, dad, dad, dad” he said nothing. What could this mean? I miss him so much, not a day goes by that I don’t think of him.💔

  19. Acrain2007

    My dream was of my fiance’s late wife. She has been gone for 5 years now. I personally think bally knew her before he did. She was in my dream. Better looking then when she was alive. I don’t know where we were. But in my dream. They were together a lot and I felt alone. Her and I never spoke to one another, just smiled. I felt so alone…. what does this mean?

    1. Tanzeen hussain

      My dream was my grandma came back to life she died two years ago now due to having an accident
      In Pakistan we’re they have motorbikes and my uncle was the one riding it and my grandma was sat on the back and they were going to my aunties house and some van hit the back of the bike and my grandma broke both her arm and one rib we went to hospital they never let me see her and she had an operation and we found out she was better but I saw my mum running up from our house and she said my grandma s stoped breathing so yeah that’s my story

  20. Navjot

    This is navjot I see my friend in my dreams , who died 11 years back…. on every death anniversary month and his every birth day near around ….he never bothers me I don’t know the meaning of this .he died in Delhi 2007
    of having sulphas which is a Poisson harsh.

  21. Charissa

    My boyfriend had a dream that his brother came back to life and that he got better. What does that mean? Does it mean something at all?

  22. TASHAE

    MY MOM HAS PASSED OVER 2 MONTH NOW AND I DREAMT HER IN 3 OCCASIONS: 1. She was trying to tell me something but no sound was coming from her mouth, 2. I was having a baby and she was passing by, 3. she was sick in the dream and I saw some of my relatives that are alive in it, 4. she was vomiting in the dream

  23. Tammy

    Hello. I need help. My stepdad passed away last Saturday but his funeral was Thursday day. Last night I had a dream we were at home and I told him I had a dream that he died because he didn’t use his CPap machine. which that’s how his doctor thinks he died. What does that mean??

  24. Mary

    I had a dream of my best friend since childhood who died 2 years ago.She came to me in a dream and was communicating to me but not saying a word. We were in a huge event with many people no one could see her but me. My mother and Aunt were there with me, I was asking hem do you see her they said no. In the clouds my dead friend was showing me pictures of us when we were younger so many different pictures like a big screen tv with her mom and aunt who are deceased as well. I remember feeling not scared at all in fact it was the most beautiful feeling I cant even describe. In my dream I felt she was trying to tell me something it had something to do with a male figure and this male figure which I didnt see is going to bring me so much joy and love. I felt the love and joy and her communicating to me this was with no words but I felt so happy. I woke up with such a great feeling its just undescribale.

  25. Lyn

    I had this dream of my dead mum asking me to buy her beers which she never drunk while alive. I did but funny thing is after drinking it she vomited it in my ear even though she was not standing next to me . That happens while I was standing talking to another pass family of my ex she was warning me to separate from him because he wasn’t good for me. 2 dead person in one dream. 2 night before I also dream of seeing a lot of fishes swimming at a river close to my home but by the time I went to collect some my relatives had already taken everything preserving them in salt

  26. Jaz h

    This is like the 5th dream that I’ve had over the. Of 8 years or my mom passed away in 2010 every time in the dream she is alive beautiful seems as if she never died and by the end of the dream I get the news that she is dead I never really physically see her dead and the dream I normally begin to cry in the dream until I wake myself up feeling as if I’m crying outside of the dream as I completely wake up this has become very draining because once I wake up completely drained of energy.

  27. David Silva

    My dream was that my death mom told me son your going to die in April.

  28. Sharon Gleeson

    I dreamt my dead ex brother in-law and my ex husband and their dad which are all deceased now , I went to visit my ex neighbor and then decided to go to the house next door where we all lived to visit and when I walked in the door they were all there as clear as day ,the brother-in-law come running and hugged me while the father-in-law and the ex hubby were just sitting in the kitchen ?

  29. Lily

    I had a. Dream of my friend who passed away last weekend and in my dream he was in the cast we were in a chruch. And a lady from the church was passing around his cast with the smoke thing she carries

  30. Stephanie elickus

    My son dreams were of 32 ppl that were dead for some time including ppl he didnt know but related to in 72 hours telling he was coming “over” all would be ok
    My son died 3 weeks later 34yrs old suddenly
    I now dream of him every single night 46 nights now

  31. HollyWood

    My Father died on 9/11/2014 in my arms of a massive Heart Attack at home in front of my mother who has a stroke that passed halfway through her brain stem and left her on life support.
    Last night I dreamed a horroa dream of my dad
    I dreamed that some man was extremely angry with my dad and my dad was sleeping in some room and the anger man went in and cut my dad into pieces And all I could see was blood .
    What dose it mean?

  32. Nina

    So I had a dream about my ex boyfriend who died about a little less than a month ago but we were broken up and yet I still felt like we had love even after the break up, because the reason we broke up was very complex. It was going to be about 2 years since we broke up. We left on really bad terms. Anyway the dream was about him killing himself but then he saw me and saved himself then we ran off some where and then that’s when I woke up. Anyone know the meaning behind this??

  33. Lisa CThomas

    Hello , My Mother passed away two years ago I was very close to my mother here lately I have been dreaming of here constantly and the other night I dreamed of My Grandmother who passed six years before my Mother

  34. Zelfania

    I dreamt of my grandma who passed on in 1987. It is like is the morning of the funeral, our house is upside down beds not done. I had to ask my siblings to assist in cleaning the house before plp arrive. My granny was lying on the bed waiting for undertaker to bring her coffin. I asked my elder sister to bath my granny n when i tried to assist her the undertaker arrived. I then woke up immediately from my sleep

  35. Prince

    I dream of my parents who passed away more than 20 years ago. In that dream, we were asked who knows the boundary of our lands and luckily I was the only person that knows all the boundaries because I always go to farm with my mother. My mother told me in that dream that my father bought a new land.
    In that same dream, I was complaining about the white clothe I wear, then my mother asked me to change it with my sister female clothe, but refused. I said I can’t wear female clothes.
    Please, I need the interpretation of the dream. ( Is of two ways land and clothe)

  36. Kay

    I had a dream of my uncle who has passed over 20 year ago. We were very close he was like a father to me but I have never dreamed of him before. In my dream I was walking and when I looked up there he was I ran up to him and gave him a hug and told him I missed him he told me that he was ok and that everything was going to be ok, it felt so real that I jumped straight up

  37. zed

    I had a dream in which I could see dead people whom I don’t know. It was an old mansion in which we shifted. I was really scared. In my dream I remembered calling a boy whom I like a lot and I could hear him asking me if I was alright and I was shuddering. I can’t say if he sounded reluctant or not so worried or what that was. He came and I hugged him tight. He said me not to worry and that he too could see them. No body else could see those dead people. After that things became more worse and weird things started happening. All the candles went off, utensils fell down, my mother was preparing some dish for me and that hot utensil was about to fall on me when that boy held that utensil in right time. Then suddenly on a projector those things I had texted him to say about what was going on with me after which he had called me started appearing, even when I had deleted the text. I was in a trauma as I was afraid to think that he was behind all these.
    PS: I don’t think that boy likes me back. He might think of me just a friend.

    What does this mean? I am really scared.

  38. Meena Paes

    I agree with what you have said about the dead person’s in dream.And I agree with what psychology says about the same.
    My own experience confirms my belief.I frequently saw my dead parents alive in my dream. Then they would go for a little while out and would never return. I would wait for them for long. And finally realise that they were dead.It would be a distressing realisation. Thanks in a prayer therapy I realised, I had not acceted their death. I wanted them live longer. The moment I let go of my desire to see them alive. The dream stopped.
    In another instance I saw them greatly distressed over something. Something distressing had happened to me in reality. But I never thought it’s impact my life very badly. But the effect of the incident made me suffer for five years afterwards.So I understand the cause of my dead parents distressing.

  39. Raine

    I had a dream of my foster dad who passed away 10 years ago. In my dream he was sleeping and i didn’t want to disturb him but he suddenly woke up from a bad cough, which he had when he was alive, at the edge of the bed he sat there coughing up phlegm. I left the house to a nearby farmer’s market but didn’t buy anything but noticed 2 small kids stealing food which I Helped them to escape. From there I went back home to see that my foster dad was still sitting at the edge of the bed waiting for my foster mom to come home. He never once turned back to face me or look up at me and not once did I attempt to even look at him. In the room it smelled like sickness from him (sores & phlegm) but I didn’t mind. And that was it, I woke up thinking of my foster mom who is going to Dialysis 3x a week. Any meaning?

  40. ss

    i had a dream of a homeless lady whom i know with one of our dead aged family friend(man). they were both sitting together without roof.

  41. Matthew Kenyon

    6 months ago my friend Chris comitted suicide. It was our senior year and he died about 2 weeks before graduation. I went to his wake but not the funeral because they said there was limited seating and I didn’t wanna take a family member’s seat. I always kinda felt guilty I didn’t go. Last night I had a dream that I was back in high school at my locker and suddenly Chris appeared, looked at me, and smiled. He didnt say anything. Any meaning behind this??

  42. Mr.cooper

    Hey I had a dream about my step daughter that passed last year in the dream she told me if I stay I’m going to be miserable what was she trying to tell me???

  43. Ronnie

    I had a dream about my brother He been gone for a lots of years and in my dream he said how much he miss me and I said the same I hear him very clearly we talked through a microphone and it’s was like we talked on the phone what does that mean

  44. Godfrey morgan

    You reply about dead dream interpretation like nothing is going to happen to the dreamer. No spirituality involved in your dream. Quite different from the way a pastor will interpreat. The one that got me lauging is the the reply you gave to someone telling him to stop eating much of meat and the other guy to stop watching zoomies movies… Here in africa, our interpretation of dreams abt dead one is totaly different. And the worst part, one can be made to perform some rites in order not to have such drreams becauce we perseive dreams of the dead as bad luck depending on the scenero. Merry xmasss to you..

  45. Natasha

    I had a dream I was in the car with my uncle who passed over 12 years ago. Telling me it’s ok. I’ll drive just rest. I had another dream a month ago of XXX tentacion. I was singing and dancing and ran on to the ice skating rink with no ice skates spinning around happy with my arms out and x took my hand and we song together. Now my last dream i just had was of my mother’s ex who passed. I was at the house I grew up in and notice a familiar car but was not sure. So I Walked in the house and hear my mom laughing and talking so I went around the corner and it was my mom ex who passed. He walked towards me and gave me a bag with gifts in it and said marry Christmas and walked away. I don’t understand what any of these dreams mean

  46. rosalia genova

    The other night, i had a dream of my grandfather who passed away going on 13 years on January 3rd. I do not know where I was but where ever it was, i had to use the bathroom and the only way to get there was through this one room. I get to the doorway and I seen my grandfather laying on the table in the same suit he was wearing on his funeral. I couldn’t gain the courage to go through at first pacing back and forth in front of the doorway and every time Iooked in, I would start crying because I miss him so much and couldn’t believe his body was there (and wondering why it was there to begin with). But when I finally gained the courage to walk through, halfway through the room his head turned to the right. i immediately ran to him in utter shock that he came back to life. As I was crying even more, he was asking me why he was there and what is going on. All I could do is say NoNo (which is grandpa in italian) and cry and cry. I heard a relative come from behind and say “nono don’t move just lay there or something bad will happen.” Afterwards, I calmed down and told him everything is going to be ok and went to the bathroom. While I was in there I was feeling calm and excited that he came back to life and than told myself, let me hurry up before I miss the funeral service. Which I thought was weird when I woke up.

    Can anyone help me decipher what this dream meant? Im not sure if it was good, bad or both

  47. Niña

    The brother of my grandmother died and I dreamed about bumping into him with my boyfriend, and the moment I realize it was the brother of my grandmother I fainted and my boyfriend disappeared. What does it mean?

  48. Angie Dee

    I dreamed of my grandmother who passed away about 6 years ago, she didn’t say anything in the dream. She just laid on my chest and fell asleep and I slept with her. What dies this mean?

  49. Avi

    My father is having dreams of his dead dad calling him. He is scared and despite being non religious wants to do a Pooja. Especially as he had had several illnesses and my father is also falling sick often. My father had a good relationship with his father.

  50. Hitesb

    A year ago in dream i have seen that my one best friend is dying because of suffouscation and i am unable to do any thing and juat after 11 month she died in a same way and the next day after her death i have seen her in my dream but she was happy

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