Moments of déjà vu strike many of us; it’s that weird feeling of having experienced something before. Déjà vu is French for ‘already seen’, and studies show 97% of us have experienced it.

Neurological experts suggest déjà vu is the brain’s way of testing memory, but some believe déjà vu connects to the spiritual world. So, what does déjà vu mean spiritually?   

What does déjà vu mean spiritually? 

Types of déjà vu  

  • You visit a place and remember that you have been there before.  
  • You meet someone for the first time but feel an instant connection.  
  • A situation is so familiar you know you have been through it before.   
  • Reading or hearing the same word at the same time.   

The above are all typical examples of déjà vu, but does déjà vu have a spiritual meaning? 

7 spiritual meanings of déjà vu  

1. Guidance from your soul  

According to the spiritual viewpoint, souls are the essence of us, continuing after our death to be reincarnated into another physical body. We may exist in many lifetimes, occupying a myriad of human forms. Finally, we reach the end of our spiritual journey.    

Each lifetime presents an opportunity for growth, redressing old mistakes, and the chance to move onto the next spiritual level. Our souls can already see the spiritual journey ahead of us. They know the pitfalls ahead and the right path to follow.

Signs are left, which nudge us along or force us to stop and take stock. These are signs of déjà vu.   

2. Evidence of a previous life  

consciousness after death quantum theory

Many people experience déjà vu when they travel somewhere new. They have a strong feeling they have been there before, but how can that be possible? This is not a feeling of familiarity or a sense of ease. They can recall specific details. One explanation is that they have been to this place before, but in a different life.   

Children are sensitive to past lives and will describe elements from a previous time on this earth in vivid detail. Their soul recognises the significance of where they are. Past lives theory suggests that déjà vu is your soul, reminding you that this life is but a journey towards greater spirituality.   

3. A sign from your twin soul  

I’ve always linked science and spirituality. Take quantum entanglement; the two particles connect, no matter how far apart they are. Einstein called this ‘spooky action at a distance’ and didn’t believe it. Remarkably, it’s true, however, I think entanglement could also describe twin souls.   

Many religions have a version of twin souls, but the idea comes from the Ancient Greeks. The Gods created humans with four arms, four legs and two heads. But they soon became worried that these beings were too powerful, so they cut humans in half.

Each half spends the rest of their life looking for the other half to become whole. As this happens, you experience déjà vu, as if you have met this person before.   

4. A message from your guardian angel  

It is believed that the spirit world cannot physically cross over into our world but can leave clues and hints. They do this by prodding our subconscious. For example, have you been noticing patterns or repeated numbers? These are said to be angel numbers and a sign from your guardian angel.  

According to this logic, déjà vu is a message from the other side. You are being subtly nudged and manoeuvred towards a particular path. The spiritual meaning of déjà vu here is guidance and protection. Pay attention to your surroundings and who you are with.  

5. Connection to the universe    

Some spiritualists believe déjà vu is our link to the universe.

Have you ever stood outside, looked at the stars, and felt a deep connection? Imagining the universe, most of us think of space dotted with galaxies. However, Einstein believed the gravitational waves in the universe needed a medium. This is the fabric of space and connects to everything, including us.   

That little tug in the mind that makes us do a double-take is the universe communicating with us. It draws our attention to our immediate surroundings and makes us take stock.  

6. Evidence of the collective unconscious  

Carl Jung referred to the collective unconscious. Humans share inherited traits, including past knowledge and experience of the human race. A modern way to understand this phenomenon is the cloud. We store images and files in the cloud and retrieve them when needed.   

The collective unconscious is similar; it is an ever-expanding storehouse of hidden human experiences. However, we are not aware of its existence, but there are signs of its presence. For example, love at first sight, near-death experiences, the mother-child bond, and déjà vu.   

7. A message from your divine self  

what does deja vu mean spiritually

We all have a divine self, whether we know it or not. Hindus believe the divine self exists on a higher plane than the soul. You can be in tune with yours or be unaware of its existence. However, there are times when our divine self has to intervene or draw our attention to something going on in our lives.   

We could get messages from the divine self in the form of déjà vu. These can indicate:  

  • You are on the right path, keep going.  
  • The time is now to heal and move forward.  
  • You are repeating the same mistakes which are now blocking your progress.  
  • You are exactly where you need to be.   
  • You have experienced this before in another life, so use that knowledge to propel your journey.    

Deciphering the spiritual meaning of déjà vu  


The overwhelming spiritual meaning of déjà vu is that is it a message for you to take stock of where you are in life. A greater power is looking out for you, but they cannot communicate in the normal way. So, they send out clues and prompts via déjà vu and other signs.  

Déjà vu is a sign to stop what you are doing and take notice. You are at a pivotal moment in your life. Pay attention to your surroundings, the people you are with, and your current situation. The déjà vu spiritual meaning serves as a personal message from your soul, the universe, or your divine self.  

It is important to recognise the significance of it. Every time you acknowledge a moment of déjà vu, you travel to a higher spiritual plane. You become one with the universe and connect on a deeper level to your true self.   

Final thoughts   

Isn’t it wonderful to think guardian angels are looking over us, that we are all connected somehow to the universe and humankind? The spiritual significance of déjà vu is clear: we are not alone in this life and there are forces beyond our comprehension invested in our growth and well-being.



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