What does it mean when you die in your dream? I’m still not sure, but I have a few opinions to share.

Dreams have meanings, and then sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they mean you’ve eaten too much the night before, or your stress levels are high. But then you get that dream that comes true, then another and another. Suddenly, you feel like a prophet sent to save the world… or something like that.

The thing is, I’m not sure if all dreams have enlightened meanings, but I do know that I’m still confounded by the dreams in which you see yourself dying. Do they have any special meaning?

So, let’s take a look at a few suggestions for this topic. I do have a few because, in all truth, there’s a recurring theme that just might be the hidden answer. In other words, I have found the same answer more than a couple of times, so this, to me, creates a theory. So let’s delve into the hidden meanings of dreams in which you die.

Dreaming and sleep

Although I’m sure most of you know how dreams occur, I will still run it down again just for fun times. Everybody, on the entire planet, and every being in the universe, dreams. It occurs during the sleep, at any time. But, the session called R.E.M or Rapid Eye Movement, produces the most vivid dreams. Here is where we would most likely experience the death dream.

Remembering dreams is fairly difficult for most people. In fact, many people can only remember dreams a few times a month. This is why it’s important to always keep pen and paper on the bedside table. For me, it was a notepad I labeled as the “dream log”. Here, I recorded pages of strange dreams. One of those pages had me ruminating about the meaning of a dream in which I saw myself dying.

My death and how the flowers had no scent

I entered the funeral parlor and gazed from left to right. There were mighty wreaths of flowers-roses, chrysanthemums and daisies. I could see that I had many friends and loved ones because a room filled with wreaths signified there was a large attendance, oh and the fact that the rows were filled from front to back with people.

I walked around the room, sniffing each wreath of flowers, but I noticed something. There were no scents of roses or any other floral fragrances. All I could smell was the stench of death. I looked at myself in the coffin in front of me, and there I was, staring at the ceiling. I woke up.

Can you imagine the horror of such a dream? Okay, so I didn’t die in the dream, I was already dead. In life, after that horrid dream, I was petrified. I was scared for months that I was going to die. I started to read books, many books about the meaning of dreams. What does it mean when you die in your dream?

Well, I was already dead, and did it mean the same thing?

The common thread glared at me through the decades. I have learned to accept this as truth.

When you die in your dream, it could mean change or new beginnings.

It was plain and simple, change or starting a new life. It was out with the old and in with the new, like New Year’s Day! I thought of all the changes that were occurring during the time of the dream. I was going to college, leaving home and starting a new life. Since this dream, I have revisited my death. On another episode, I fell from a large building and then a third time, I died in my own home, doing absolutely nothing.

I no longer panicked about this occurrence, I simply paid attention to my life’s changes. To dream of dying or being dead means a transition in life. Think of it this way, death means transference of energy because energy does not die. The symbolism is pure and easy to understand. Although I tried to bypass this simple explanation, it persisted, arriving twice more in the following death dreams.

To each his own

You must also take into account that we are all individuals with specific mindsets and feelings. We represent different cultures and ethnicities, so death dreams can vary from place to place and person to person. As for dreaming about death three times, I realized recurrent dreams meant that I hadn’t dealt with the issue. But of course, this doesn’t imply that if you saw yourself dying in a dream, it has exactly the same meaning as it did for me.

One thing is for certain, however. If you dream of dying and you wake to tell your tale, then dreaming of death doesn’t mean you really die, at least not in the dream, that is. Where a premonition of death is concerned, I think it is no more conclusive than dreaming of eating grapes, and then eating grapes. It’s just kind of ludicrous if you ask me. Other people disagree and consider dreams warnings of things to come.

Taking charge of your dream time

If you want to have more control over your dreaming substance, there is one thing you can do. I learned this technique in my twenties. Focusing on objects, or repeating words as you fall asleep can transport the object or the words into your dreams.

It’s simple, really. All it means is being influential over dreamy time. I venture to say, according to some beliefs, that fully conscious individuals can affect the dreams of others simply with a thought.

I hope you enjoyed learning about dreams with me because I will always be learning. If you died in your dream and wonder what it means, then maybe I’ve helped you gain a new perspective on an answer. Remember, we are all unique, and we must discover our own meanings to what occurs within our minds.

Science provides the facts, while we fill in the blanks. Sweet dreams!

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  1. William Hampton

    I hsve and do dream of loved ones dying and they come true jusy how i dreamed them it sucks this is not a gift but a curse .unless you wtite it dowm and you wont because of the time beyween deaths you will not stop it it consummes me esch time.dresms come yrue and not alwsys yhe good ones

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