As if remembering something important and eternal, the human soul asks itself: Who am I? Where do I come from? What is the meaning of my presence in this world? Where do I go after death?

These questions are not accidental, given that one of the theories about the origin of our species claims that the Earth is a place where souls go through a stage of reflection and correction. This is a prison planet where we all are incarcerated, that is why it is useless to aspire for universal peace and the perfect order of the world since living on this planet does not set such a goal.

We all each have our own purpose – to find our true selves, remember our divine origin, develop the bright side of our souls and return… to our homeland.

In Genesis there is an indication that we once lived in another divine place and our souls were not imprisoned in the corporal shell: “And the Lord God made Adam and his wife garments of skins and clothed them”, “…in the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till you return to the earth from which you were taken.”

The wheel of endless rebirths

If we turn to Buddhism, it is possible to find a definition that human life is a chain of continuous suffering. To live in the Buddhist understanding means to suffer. Perhaps that is why, when a child is born, he cries, as if the soul were aware that it was born in the material world, on planet Earth.

After some time, a child’s memory is locked and he forgets who he is and where he lived before birth. Buddhists believe that we do not die forever, and after some time, our souls are born in a new body, go through suffering, and then die and are reborn again.

If a person leads a righteous life, he improves his karma and in the future gets rid of suffering. If he commits evil deeds, then in the next life he condemns himself to more suffering. The basis of Buddhism is that the person is able to break the eternal wheel of rebirth and get spiritual liberation by reaching nirvana.

Up the evolutionary ladder

To return to the “Garden of Eden”, a person should climb the same staircase, from which he was once thrown down.

With experience, trial and error, sweat and blood, following the path of inner perfection, a person climbs up the evolutionary ladder, returning to the Creator. At each step he has to make an effort, working on his personal lesson.

Each new transition upwards must be deserved, and you can get stuck at some stage or crumble down. There is only one way: to rise from the low material matters to very high, divine ones. When this happens, the soul completes its earthly incarnation and goes into a qualitatively new form of existence.

One would assume that if it really works this way, then there is nothing easier than to escape this prison and voluntarily leave this place. But such action only aggravates our fate and prolongs our stay on this planet. That is why suicide in all religions is considered a great sin. The program of spiritual development allows a person to understand which is why he is here and learn his lesson.


The harder a person suffers the aggression and the imperfection of the world, the more pain he feels at the sight of hungry children and homeless animals, the lighter his soul becomes and the closer his way home is.

Our soul longs, looking at distant stars in the endless sky, remembering about its extraterrestrial origin. Someday we will return in the place, full of harmony and joy, where we once came from, where we can complete a real mission and where our existence will be filled with love and high sense.

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