As if remembering something important and eternal, the human soul asks itself: Who am I? Where do I come from? What is the meaning of my presence in this world? Where do I go after death?

These questions are not accidental, given that one of the theories about the origin of our species claims that the Earth is a place where souls go through a stage of reflection and correction. According to this theory, our planet is a prison planet where we all are incarcerated, that is why it is useless to aspire for universal peace and the perfect order of the world since living on this planet does not set such a goal.

The proponents of this theory believe that we all have our own purpose – to find our true selves, remember our divine origin, develop the bright side of our souls, and return… to our homeland. Let’s talk about this perspective from the spiritual point of view.


In Genesis, there is an indication that we once lived in another divine place and our souls were not imprisoned in the corporal shell:

And the Lord God made Adam and his wife garments of skins and clothed them”, “…in the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till you return to the earth from which you were taken.”


If we turn to Buddhism, it is possible to find a definition that human life is a chain of continuous suffering. To live in the Buddhist understanding means to suffer.

Those who believe in reincarnation make a couple of interesting points. When babies are born, they cry, as if the soul were aware that it was born in the material world, on planet Earth. After some time, children’s memory is blocked and they forget who they were and where they lived before birth.

Buddhists believe that we do not die forever, and after some time, our souls are born in a new body, go through suffering, and then die and are reborn again. If a person leads a righteous life, they improve their karma and in the future, get rid of suffering. If they commit evil deeds, then in the next life, they condemn themselves to more suffering.

The basis of Buddhism is that the person is able to break the eternal wheel of rebirth and get spiritual liberation by reaching nirvana.

What do the proponents of the prison planet theory believe?

According to the theory of prison planet, to return to the “Garden of Eden”, humans should climb the same staircase from which they were once thrown down.

With experience, trial and error, sweat and blood, following the path of inner perfection, a person climbs up the ladder of spiritual evolution, returning to the homeland. At each step, he or she has to make an effort, working on their personal lesson. As you see, in this sense, this theory is no different from most world’s religions.

Each new transition upwards must be deserved, and you can get stuck at some stage or crumble down. There is only one way: to rise from the low material matters to very high, divine ones. When this happens, the soul completes its earthly incarnation and goes into a qualitatively new form of existence, the theory states.

One would assume that if it really works this way, then there is nothing easier than to escape this prison and voluntarily leave this place. But such action only aggravates our fate and prolongs our stay on this planet. That is why all religions consider suicide a great sin. Spiritual evolution allows a person to understand why he or she is here and learn the lesson.


The harder a person suffers the aggression and the imperfection of the world, the more pain they feel at the sight of hungry children and homeless animals, the lighter their soul becomes and the closer their way home is. You don’t need to be religious or spiritual to agree that many people who have suffered in life happen to be creatures of extraordinary kindness.

However, the only difference is that the proponents of the theory that Earth is a prison planet believe in the extraterrestrial origin of humans. That’s why we experience an unexplained longing when looking at distant stars in the endless sky, they say. They believe that someday, we will return in the place, full of harmony and joy, where we once came from, where we can complete a real mission and where our existence will be filled with love and high sense.

What are your thoughts on the prison planet theory? Please share them with us in the comments.

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  1. Shivam

    As you mentioned in the first paragraph that it is useless to care about the world peace and imperfection,,Should i carry on by seeing those hungry faces and the domination of bad forces ?Ignoring them that it is the Government which is responsible for the situation they are in or is the divine who incarnated them to be born hungry and die hungry .I hope not.And i think you can’t release your soul from this endless cycle by just ignoring those mistakes done over for centuries by humans.

  2. Dan

    Read the urantia book if you can get a copy.lotsa stuff in there about our existence. It make`s you think

  3. lola

    This is the truth I was born with. I can’t see who the author of this text is, but whoever you are, we came here from the same place. The world humans created on this planet is a chaos. It is hard to stay away from it. It is hard to fix it, or not to become a part of it. When becoming the part of the chaos mistakes are done again. And we know them, each one of us. And then we ask ourselves – can we undo our mistakes? All I know is we are trying, those who are aware of this Truth. Thank you for this text, it makes me feel less alone.

  4. Aziz Sadiwala

    Great Our mission is creat balance n Freedom of Body Mind Spirit n Spirtualy

  5. Jason Haugen

    I don’t think this world is a prison…..but we are meant to relive this life till the end of time no matter what we do. The “Gods” of this universe are as cruel as your mind can imagine, if not more. The sleep you go into after death is quick but when you are reborn an become of age an remember what “The Gods” of this universe don’t want you to remember……you remember changing things in your old life is as simple as a thought away all you have to do is know your natural reaction (how you react in situations) once you know your natural reactions you can change anything….

  6. Red Mann

    YOU ARE ON A prison Planet!
    FOREVER, because of memory strip!

    Read “Alien Interview” immediately to know WHAT YOU REALLY ARE!
    You are ALL “gods”, here!!!!

    1. Joe

      You say we are all “gods” here. Could you please elaborate? What do you mean by that? Do you mean we create our own reality? Is that what you mean? If that is the case then why use the word “gods” why can’t we just be humans creating our own reality? If the word “gods” is used to imply that we create our own reality then for me word “gods” is superfluous. If you had said that we are “God” as in God Almighty, as in the creator of everything, I would have to disagree.

      1. MARIE

        Not only do other beings from the solar system to dump there unwanted on this planet (Have you ever wondered why there are such high numbers of killings and sexual crimes just to mention a few}. The numbers are off-balanced to say the least. Yes, there will be bad immoral people born but not the high numbers like we have.
        The next thing they do to your spirit is clear your past life memory and then back through the birth tunnel that you see when when you pass just to born again. I think if you are lucky enough to have your family there to meet you when you at that time you may be able to continue on to a higher realm and leave Earth the prison planet.

    2. Rocco

      Yes I did read the interview and it rang true to me, we cant learn from our past mistakes if we can’t remember our past lives, hence the endless loop!

  7. Lord

    Really enjoyed the thought provoking Post.
    But, alas, I think both philosophical debates are WAY off the mark of the “True” Reality of the here and now we find ourselves enveloped in.
    The question is NOT is there a “god”, or “no god”.
    The question is “where is the here and now we commonly experience?”
    It brought the following to mind, which I thought I would share.
    Here is another “life philosophy” for you all to consider, with a different
    twist. I am SOOOOOOOOOOO sick of reading the prevailing notion that ONE entity
    created all in this physical universe, and that ALL return to the “One”, the
    truly communist-type of god! NO individual “personalities” will exist after the
    body dies in the minds of the crackpots, demons, BOOK “pushers” (market-teers)
    and religious lunatics (Save me, save me, oh, one!) who dominate the
    conversation on BIN! They use name calling (get behind me satan) or even use censorship
    and simply eliminate anything else other than the usual whine of “Save me”!
    “Unite me with the “One”! Whether “Old biblical babble” or “new age crap”, it
    is all the same, pathetic whine about the End of Time!
    So, consider this:
    No god would ever take credit for creating this universe.
    It just exists, as we do.
    All is not known.
    Only your lunatic asylum on planet hell (earth) has ever ‘conjured up’ this god
    Why does your god demand your prayers?
    Why do you think that ‘something’ would ‘take credit, for say, a tidal wave
    that kills over 250,000 on 3 continents and numerous islands?
    You think there was some ‘divine planning’ in that that any rational, thinking
    entity would ‘take credit for”?
    Why did your god jesus sit next to a demon, evil incarnate, and listen to a
    sales pitch?
    Why did your god jesus let that pure evil walk away to continue to torment you?
    And, you worship this insane, demonic personality?
    Nothing does exist here.
    Nothing touches at any level of ‘perception’ HERE (solid, liquid, gas,
    molecular level, sub atomic level- particles that orbit one another and never
    That is the way HERE is designed.
    You see, all of you have a memory problem.
    A big memory problem that causes all of your problems HERE. You have all
    forgotten the purpose of HERE and why HERE was created.
    You are solid energy that vibrates, or resonates, at a specific frequency,
    That individual frequency is how you are recognized by others like you.
    And, who cares if this whole planet does not exist in the future?
    The whole ‘universe’, for that matter.
    You see, like there are athletes among you that can achieve and perform ‘feats’
    that you never will (like, “Big Wave” surfing, or “Extreme Downhill Skiing”),
    there ARE others among you that have memories that extend, very accurately,
    well beyond this one, very hellish-like, lifetime.
    Because, my fellow immortal beings, you have ‘been robbed’ of your ‘eternal
    existence’ memories.
    You wander, trapped on this hellish planet earth, ‘generation after generation,
    recycling, over & over again.
    Stripped of memory.
    Born again as ‘human’ on PLANET HELL, earth.
    I know what this world is really all about!
    I am in hell, right now!
    I remember what and who I really am!
    A sentential being that has existed for trillions of years.
    I exist all the time not on this planet, but, in “my home”, that is ‘not of
    this world”, untouched by all of this.
    Time does not exist where I live all of the time.
    Distance does not exist.
    I think, and it takes form and substance…………………………………. here
    anything I think!
    HERE, in this physical universe!
    Made for my amusement!
    This is an amusement park for us, the immortal beings!
    A “body” is no more than a “temporary meat-wrapper” that we “ride” in! like
    getting into the “ride car” that brings you around the track at “magic
    mountain”. when the ride is over, you get out of the vehicle that transported
    you over the track.
    We are ALL designed to go “at will” from “body to body”.
    We have lost that ability, and now are all ‘trapped on the ride’, and we cannot
    get off!
    We are here to experience sex, food, smell, violence, both giving it &
    receiving it;
    all the things that do not exist when you exist as
    Pure energy forever,
    Energy that is indestructible,
    That cannot die,
    That can not be destroyed,
    That cannot experience pain
    But, you can be trapped, ‘imprisoned’, and have your memory “wiped clean’ after
    every “lifetime”.
    You poor, lost, immortal beings!
    YOU do not remember a thing!
    So, when you “die” you all “go to the light”!
    You cannot help yourselves, images of your dead friends, family, are pulled
    right out of your “fresh memories” and projected to “lead you to the light, to
    love, to god”?
    And that is your mistake!
    Cause you get zapped, like a moth hitting the ‘bug zapper’ screen, your memory
    is “wiped clean’ and you are born back in a body, trapped with no memory for
    another rather hellish lifetime of pain, rape, war, starvation, tidal waves,
    violence, child-birth, and death…again! And again……And again. Death experienced
    over and over and over again!
    “Help me “one”!
    I am trapped on the ride, and I cannot get off!
    Help me “one”!”
    Whether you know it or not, that is where 99.99% of you are ‘at’ right now,
    Unless, you do not go to the light!
    See why I do not care?
    About any of you HU-mans?
    You cannot die.
    The worse that happens is you are born, here in hell on earth, in a
    meat-wrapper of some type, again!
    ‘Memory strip’– completed — again.
    Good luck
    trying to escape this “Designed Terror World” for immortal beings who “Just cannot remember” literally who they are!
    It’s that earthy ‘religious conditioning’ that “sets you up for the psy-op job” at the moment of death! (Save me, oh, one, save me!)
    Your religious leader monsters know all this!
    They are your “prison guards”, and are afforded “special privileges”, torturing your ‘brain washed from birth’ kind!
    No “One” will come to save you, because YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE SAVED FROM ANYTHING!
    NOW, GO, ALL OF YOU, AND “REMEMBER” your eternal existence memories for yourselves!

    1. Noname


      So you are saying you are not in a Hu Man body when you wrote that? So what created this energy that emcomposes the universe and what created the prison planet Earth? Just happened by luck and coincidence?

      1. Dr. Rick

        Noname, I don’t know if you’re still monitoring this chain, but beings like Lord are why this prison planet was created by the social beings of the universe. It was created to keep antisocial beings like him from invalidating, terrorizing, and suppressing other beings in the infinite universe. This universe exists for social beings to enjoy.

        There is no way for us to know whether or not there is a Creator of this universe, any more than a flower knows the gardener that created the garden they are in.

        And people like Lord are running this planet and are rapidly turning it into a hell on earth.

        There is a way out. It is a philosophy of life, not a religion. And that is to love thy neighbor as thyself (do onto others as you would have them do unto you). If you do this, when your body dies and you go before the “parole board” (judgment), you will have learned the right to get off this planet and once more be a part of this infinitely beautiful universe.

    2. Joe

      You say we are eternal and we just need to remember who we are. Are you saying we are ultimately the creators of everyting and that we are all one? Are you saying we are the creator of everything that exists? If that is what you mean then I have to disagree with you. As you say, we are in a meat wrapper and therefore cannot remember, so how did you manage to remember and conjure up your theory while being inside your meat wrapper if being in the meat wrapper means you don’t remember anything?

      I think the thing that matters most is being kind and considerate towards others, humans, animals, the earth etc. I think we might then get somewhere in gaining understanding about who we are and our place in this existence. It might sound simplistic but I think there is profound wisdom in the teachings of those who have gone before us, the likes of the Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad. We have to apply it and see what happens. I think that’s our problem, most of us don’t apply the teachings because we think that by doing so we would be being sheep or brainwashed. I don’t see it that way. It’s like if I wanted to bake a cake, I could do it by trial and error or I could go to an expert cake baker and get their recipe, not that there’s anything wrong with trial and error. You might eventually end up learning the same thing that the expert baker knew all along. If I don’t know or trust the baker then I could still try it out to see if it works to save time and if it doesn’t then I’ll just go back to my trial and error method.

    3. segoii

      Thank you. Best comment. This planet sucks and is a soul trap. Agony and suffer is the reason for running this planet. Being kind is a good thing, but it is NOT enough to leave this situation. The light, friends who tell you to come with them, “Lords of Karma” … this all is BETRAY. Nothing of this is real and the only aim is to get your “free will” to reincarnate on this hell-planet again. DO NOT DO THIS !
      I am not full conscious. Therefore i had to go the “hard way”. For a long time i thought how to make the human system better. Until i realized that this divide-et-impera shit is PART OF THE NATURE ! And that is why human systems have this problem, too. Because they are part of the nature. Take sex for example. There are always the same kind of persons who do not get it (nice men and ugly woman). But everybody wants it. Of course, this results in anger, bacause sex is a basic human need. The same with living regions – in the past the ones with much food were the better ones. Today it is the economic abilities.
      This planet has never been designed to live in freedom and peace. That is the ugly truth.

    4. ryan j anderson

      Read what he said to read. Basically, mind gives rise to matter, not the other way around. Every living entity in the universe ( that means all terrestrial and extraterritorial sentient beings) have plaid some part to the creation of the entire universe. We’re the only things that can break the third law of thermodynamics and can actually bring particles into existence, literally creating something from nothing. This is required to do since it’s the only way an IS-BE, or soul, can experience space and time. It’s pretty complicated, but will make sense after read or watched enough. “Roswell Alien Interview”…. please, to every other immortal spiritual being; read it, and open your eyes for the first time. Love n peace to all my benevolent brother’s and sister’s😇

    5. Thom Moses

      I enjoyed your rant. I find that everyone of us knows some piece of the puzzle. I take away something from everyone. I beleive we can live trapped in our body, or we can live outside of our body, but we are still tethered to it, until the body dies. I have no clue what God is. But there is something greater than us. I am not a powerful person, but I am protected by that power. I am born again, and that power entered me.
      I’m planning on being here, on Earth, till 2115, helping to free people from mind prison.

      1. JJ

        I’m in my 50s and started seeking answers when I was 13. I started with “messages from michael” series. My last read was “Alien interview” which was on audible. I found it very interesting, but by the end dismissed it. Linking Hitler, weapons along with the giant barrel that sucks souls to store inside the moon and Jupiter was ridiculous. WHy all this? Souls are fuel. Sorry, I don’t buy it.
        I believe aliens are basically demigods. They are between heaven and earth. I believe Jesus may actually be our only way to a place called “heaven”, and the rest maybe get what they believe, nothing or recycled. The truth is the mystery is by design, you’re not supposed to know or it would destroy why you’re here. I would agree with the idea that souls reincarnate until whatever needs to be experienced is experienced. Free will, in my opinion, is a mixed bag. You’re are steered into situations throughout your life and how you deal with that situation is where free will comes in. Honestly, free will feels less and less as I get older, I see how hard the patterns worked to push towards certain overall outcomes, but that’s just me. We are so shaped by our particular environments and judge too easily. Every single one of us is capable of being a great loving leader, or a serial killer and everything inbetween….and maybe you’re going to be every one of them before you’re “finished” here. Sadly, the only conclusion I keep coming to is that this indeed is a prison planet or punishment of some kind, it just doesn’t make sense any other way. I hope I’m wrong.

  8. Vanessa

    Let’s say that you have made statements of truth and that I accept it. Let me as an “if = then” question. If this is a prison planet,….
    1) Why do I find it so amazing and I feel happy here? I understand that the prisoners begin to accept their surroundings which they cannot change and begin to create a world of illusion. I understand that this may be an answer to this question.
    2) What should my goal be? to get out? Should my goal in each life be to learn and become more and more enlighten so that I can try to remember who I really am and be able to get out and escape?

    If earth is a prison plante, then the reason for all the evil and hardship is understoond. For a prison planet, we have it pretty good!

    1. Julia

      I have similar questions. A prison … maybe. Whatever it is I don’t care (in a positive way). I think we should be “above” everything, to experience everything, good things and the bad ones, as if it was some kind of illusion, that’s never truly ours and shouldn’t touch us. I appreciate the beauty we find here, but not to the point it becomes my aim, whether it relates to environment, a body, etc. The goal? Don’t know, maybe we have some designed “fates” as well. Whatever it is, I want to experience whatever it takes and feel just emptiness, ’cause even so many emotions here are just illusions or the results of our weaknesses. So some “nirvana” would be cool as a goal, I think.

      1. David

        Exactly my perception, as we live our daily lives, we often notice something deep within us, maybe some kind of truth we feel that leads us to some kind of inspiration that eventually leads us to a desire to correct ourselves along the way. I was 8 years old when my first awakening experience came to me, as I realized and said to myself, “well, here I am”.
        So much energy was flowing in my mind as grinned, laying in the grass and looking up at the blue sky with few clouds. I was just laying there and my mind was innocently wandering. As time went on, I humbly walked through life, seeing and hearing the good and the evil, then discerning between the two while holding on to the inner truth of what my soul was saying, the same one that said, “well, here I am”, and thus correcting myself. For I am happy, I have no control over what people may do and things that happen, but I do have control of what “I am” doing and saying. I have learned, that I have choices, I can choose, if not physically in some cases, then mentally, even if it requires that I face death, then at least I know I did what was righteous for my soul. If “I am” re-incarnated back to this realm, then I feel in my soul, at some point, I will lay in the grass and look up at the blue sky, my mind innocently wandering, will reply, “well, here I am”.😊

  9. Neil anDna

    Lord is absolutely spot on…. we got lost in our own technology…. we made a game real… a holiday turned into forever… a few of us turned psychotic and now pretend to be god and demand adoration and obedience and worship… Time to kick ass and clean ship i say… gonna beat the snot out them soon….. they deserve whats coming their way…

  10. Zach

    Interesting assessment. I think you’re closer to actuality than most. My opinion is that this world isn’t just a holding cell, but a waypoint between bliss and torment. I tend to think there is an almighty God and He has two races of creatures formed in His likeness, (the malachim who are formed in light and the sons of men who are formed in dust). Because there was a fall within their race, there is an ascension within ours. And between us God has faithful ones from high and low, material and immaterial. Here on the earth amid innumerable stars and in the depths of time, the right and the wrong are pitted together to express obedience or defiance in their alotted years and at the end God will recieve a race of creatures who have forceably been through suffering and death yet willingly trusted in the living One, knowing both good and evil. See, earth is a cosmic sifter to see what passes through the dust. Here and now evil is permitted, because by and by it will not be. A new heaven and a new earth… Meaning our vexation and our suffering here will not exist there. This is why there is a judgment, this is why the wicked spirits are entombed within the earth, it’s why there is a hell. To purify the raw material… Understand?

  11. Allseeingblindman3rdeye

    the missing “link” cant be found because when they came her “they(life-movie)” have created(dna manipulation) us(summarian history text)…

    according the evolution(theory) our endless headhair and beard grow wouldnt make any sense in the wilderness imagine if you try to ran away from a predtator but you stumble/falling over your on hair or you get stuck/snag on tree branches/bushes .

    Remeber what the native americans said to the spaniards:”The gold is only for the(cruel)”gods”(which hate us so much that they poisson evrything around us what we eat/drink/
    breathe and wear…and again summarian texts)… the summarian text also declares the “great flood” which every other ancient civilisations around the world has reported.

    scientists claim that our (non-spinning) moon was created by something big that has hit the planet earth(the moon has the 1/6 gravety of the earth this means it is 6times smaller than the earth so where is this wound which we should see at our planet if a 1/6 of the earth was ripped of it?…
    like they say in the starwars movie this is no moon…

    Did you never wunder where all this products produced around the world(24/7/365 in evryVillage/town/city)goes? do you buy daily stuff just ask your friends how many products they have bought last month..
    prison planet because humans was created to work for them(guess why u get the supplycode “money” for shelter/food which is measured in your work(lifetime)hours! and we keep blinded because this system/society(is the mtrx; if you libarted from it you run out of the food/shelltercode)is planed since they have come here-(which was ca 500 000 years or even more ago, there are indications that this is the 6age of man which means there was civilisiations like our even more advanced than ours right now but was wiped out(remember the”greatflood”) by “them” cuz the workingclass(aka slaves) was awakning and saw the truth.. there is a reference in the bible about the 6 age of man(also in the movie mtrx)- guess why the book”1984″ predicted exactly the future(technolgoy) which wasnt even invented when he wrote the book in 1948..

    the contienet mu was between southamerica and south eastasia which you can still see the contours on google earthmap.. oh and btw if you are on googleearth try to see the southpole on the antarctisland(atlantis) aka island/continent guess why it is blurred out…

    free free@least what ever comes now @ me I dont care.. They life and Iam ready to die…

  12. Ithinktoomuch

    Has anyone ever tried to figure out what they actually did to be sent here in the first place? Some of us would only be political prisoners, or artistic prisoners etc while some would be Criminal or evil,
    I have read that some aliens are trying to figure out how to stop the reincarnation cycle but haven’t been able to disarm the trap as yet? To me this is bogus, I think it would be more along the lines of they can’t figure out which spirits are evil and which ones are good so instead of risking the release of the evil ones everyone gets to stay until they can figure out how to look at everyone’s spirits past? Until then I guess it’s up to ourselves to figure it out.
    I am going with the “Don’t go into the light” Theory for now, if it works out then “yay” but I would just like to know where I should be heading too because I would hate to think that they have a backup in place and I go straight to another prison planet?

  13. Nim

    Best wishes to all of you that say we were born here to experiencw nice and nasty things as well. Hopefully youll have the taste of ugly thungs if you havent experienxed it by dar by yourselves. I bet most of you writing here havent experienced war, rape or murder, or at least cancer! If you do then I’ll gladly read how untouched by thus you are. OPersonally I find ideas like this sick to thee core. I telk youits not what who universe is wants for us. How sick it all became…

  14. Shlomo

    1. Kudos, well composed!
    2. Alleviating the prisoners’ conditions is also a good thing
    3. Use your time in the prison to prevent serving another term
    4. Consider applying for pardon…

  15. mtb

    Becauce you pay endlessly for your bad deeds: suffer and seek redemption

  16. Scoobydoo

    This is the truth prison planet I think I hold the key to break free

  17. lore jean

    for once i agree ..Energy cannot be created nor destroyed…someone once said hell is empty all the devils are here…makes absolute perfect sense…i am not for one for violence, rape, murder, thievery, gluttony, and greed but we have all of that here…i dont believe the bible after all it was written by a freemason (just think no letter j before 1500s) a loving God would let us be like we are because we are in hell..the reason there are so many athiests is that you cannot actually see God in hell..makes perfect sense…also what if reincarnation and karma was actually true…we have to work it all out….ive seen karma right before me…..someone did do something bad to me…the broke their back and it snowed on the day of their surgery….anyway what if all the problems we have now regarding terrorism are people who have been reincarnated who were murdered in a previous life..and also why the cycle of rape will never end…..people just being who they are because they were born this way….there are memes circulating the internet ….why does God not feed these children…i hate that meme most athiests believe that the christian God is all evil and torture..and shoot i believe that too after all jesus doesnt exist in other languages no letter j..and quite possible jehovah is really the evil one…..however i think there is another being God one that is all love and would never send us into the fiery pit but only reincarnate us back into this pit…..reincarnation actually does serve this purpose as to explain all problems known to man…why babies die, why people get cancer, why people are lgbt, why people will never end the problem of war and terrorism, and why good people suffer…we were born this way…evil until we see the light of a loving God…and realize earth is just a prison planet and will always be…..there is no evidence in the bible (lies) that we would be totally removed from this place.only that (no flesh would survive)…a culling is needed every now and then to curb the resource usage (black plague) or should i say the illuminati’s version of population control….only to be reborn right back here where we came from..another thing that gets me to thinking that the earth is hell is that it really is run by satan….just google pope and illuminati hand signals and you will get that …also most preachers on this planet and tv are freemasons…i have seen famous preachers flip illuminati i luv satan hand signs including pat robertson…along with all the superstars including amy grant and beyonce (just google christians and the sign of the horns)…this world is run by satan and his minions there is no hell other than the fiery pit below us that serves to protect our planet…and the main ruler is actually the pope…he is the greediest and richest person on this planet….just think of how many people he could feed with all that gold he sits with in his throne room

  18. SortingHat

    With the trend of global police becoming more and more in our face we truly are almost a global prison.

    This is what happens when you cry for one world peace and zero terrorism you get a global prison as most people have given the *finger* to a divine purpose and just do what they please and a police state is what happens when the majority go that way.

    We slowly head the route of ISIS and sooner or later things start *exploding* like dynamite.

    Will the security agencies be happy when we become a global police state/prison?

  19. SortingHat

    PS> This may be why we are having the Mandela Effect which I believe it’s wrong to call it that. I call it a reality effect where we are all shifting at different rates and it’s causing reality to change which for now is in small details.

    Like the word *Flintstones and Flinstones* which I saw with my own eyes and Hillary or Hilary which all media showed it changing.

    It has always been BerenSTEIN Bears to me not BerenSTAIN as STAIN is easy to spell but I couldn’t figure out if STEIN had *EYE* in it or it came out as STEEN? Like teen?

    If it was STAIN I’d have no debate about it and neither would people reading it to me. It would be universally accepted.

    Oh and the sun DID use to be a more yellow color and it did not burn your skin unless you were out in it for long periods of time and I mean like hours and hours. Maybe all day for some people.

  20. Andrew

    When I feel in my heart what is right, it involves doing things for others and taking the emphasis off of myself.
    When I think about the Creator, I think, “Wow. How humble. To create a world for me to live in, including creating me – and not taking credit for it. I have to seek out the Creator myself to express gratitude.”
    To me, this is true humility and what to aspire to in life.
    It hurts my insides when I live only for myself, and I feel like it is a prison the longer I put the emphasis on myself.
    The “human” problems that exist are there because working together has yet to be learned globally.
    I ache and my insides hurt constantly because I’m a sensitive soul who has awoken to the truth that I chose to come here to Earth to learn lessons. Nobody tricked me into it, nobody hornswaggled me. I chose it, to learn.
    Therefore, when I truly take responsibility for my life, I realize that I can create whatever I want – a garden of Eden, or a Prison Planet.
    For now, I choose Prison Planet because I don’t resonate high enough to feel in my heart that I choose what I want. I feel like a victim and live that way right now. Hence, I feel like a prisoner.

    This is a school, we are souls here to learn. When in doubt, look around at earth and realize that the Spirit world is a reflection of it. Hence, “On earth as it is in heaven.” Schools and learning and jobs are here on Earth, you can bet that the equivalent is happening in Heaven.

    Good luck to everyone evolving on this Earth plane. May we all heal ourselves one step at a time.

  21. Absolute

    I am so touched by the comments! On amazon instant video I like to indulge in the short films it’s included in the prime membership subscription… I watched this one film titled “dinner for few” it’s an anomaly to the never ending cycle of life and creation . It’s a brain teaser and kinda have ones thougts out there. It’s animated illustrated. Life is a never ending cycle and we are maybe unfortunately part of its infinitesimal cosmos creation. The good part about being part of the universe is that we are infinite too and we get to experience LIFE. Too bad earth wasn’t so pleasurable for some or most. When the time comes for earth to release the world’s sorrows, which will be a great explosion of who knows what, where will we go, where will we hide? Look in the sky these days, feel how the weather changes like 3 times in the course of a day. The weather patterns consist of 3 different temperatures that’s insane. The earth is experiencing some type of solar power storm and can’t stabilize naturally until somthing explosive happens. And it’s coming. People see it, hear and feel it in the air. No one is alone, we’re all in this together! People are coming into consciousness because the earth is going through a poler shift. I’ve read the Alien interview website, it’s a hard pill to swallow. All we want is truth, peace, love, and the pursuit of happiness in this planet. How many more lifetimes we gotta go through to accomplish a simplistic life? We Are tired of suffering, war, hatred, greed, envy, stealing, killing, indifference, lies, programming, manipulation, religion and slavery! We are sick and dieing of these painful atrocities. I say, if we are sick and dieing from these things we gotta do things much different than we’re used to. Stop watching television! It’s an illusion it’s part of the programming mind filtering tool. Stop being a big time consumer on useless technology like the next ps1, xbox, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, fashion LeBron James, kyrie Irving, jordands, brand names etc… STOP IT! It makes their pockets fatter and zombify us more, these things are a distraction from the real problems. Stop going to the movies, stop being a sports fan supporter, they don’t support us when we’re late on the rent, or a bill stop it! It’s ok to have SOME nice things but limit your indulgence. Discipline! Stop voting it’s a game we never get to choose who runs the country! Stop paying taxes it’s robbery! Stop celebrating holidays it’s another form of robbery. Stop banking it’s a slave monetary debt system. Stop stop stop it! If course you’re not going to stop because you’re attached it’s part of the Grand scheme of things and experiencing life. Stop paying rent, mortgage, bills, insurances, car payments lol there’s so much. But of course you’re not going to stop because you’re attached to the material life and it’s saving you from being out in the streets with nature! Haha! Stop send the kids to indoctrination so called education facilities (schools), I like to call em’ asylums. They teach our children the ongoing cycle of slavery in the work place. This life is filled with perversion and contradiction. Oh what a challenge! Stop working for the US corporation of America! It’s a never ending debt cycle from winning the war of DEPENDENCE rather than the war or independence. And of course no one will react because the fluridation in our American water supply keeps the masses sedated and under control. Mother Earth is a ticking time bomb it’s only a matter of time when this baby of great sorrow explodes! Nothing is separated everything is connected… We are supreme beings and the oneness we have been seeking for so long, we gotta learn to put aside our differences because in the end we are all we have! ❤️

    1. starchild

      recorded human history is around 10,000 years old give or take a few thousand as much as I love the distractions available to us i would like to find out what is outside the box being 10,000 years behind the latest gadgets available to the other branch of humanity makes me curious forget iphone 7 how about iphone 7000

    2. Infinity

      Who made you an expert? Quiet. Silence. Those who know, don’t speak.



    4. Smarter Guy

      Some one watches to much info wars. Lol

      1. Afu

        Its The teaching of Buddah Its predated internet lol

      2. ehdp


      3. ehdp

        Its too, and the theory comes from Buddhism, congrats on your comment. “smarter guy”

    5. Justice

      Outstanding comment. It is the real gospel we were ordered to go out and preach. To expose those who create the cause in order to decieve us with a cure. But you’re right. People don’t want to hear this. They love being slaves JOB= Journey Of theBroke! They talk about their useless 401k like they will actually enjoy that money when they’re released from the slave camp at age 65. Giving the beast system their entire lives…each time.
      The second we realize that food, water & Love is all we truly need, we will all be free.

  22. Nena

    But above all it is hell for the children.
    When you come to this infernal place the only thing you want is love. What a contradiction. It could be the opposite and then it would match.
    But most of the babies are killed before they are born and their parts sold for something very dark, the abortion business, many are killed before birth with war violence and other types of violence. And even the lucky ones get dozens of injections with harmful substances just a few days after birth. Many are stolen with lies by the social services, at least here in the hellish UK. Many are separated from their mothers when they are very young and need still breastmilk because their mothers have to work outside and babies have to stay with childminders or preschool teachers for hours while they miss their parents. Many of them are abused in those places. Many are even mistreated by their own parents. Justice is a joke.
    After 2015 with the discovery of the NASA hoax and the flat Earth, after the obvious brutal trans agenda and all the satanism propaganda and in 2016 the pizzagate case (abuse and cannibalism world network of children) it is more than clear that the ones on the top are descendants of the devil and they look like humans but they’re not. And we are in danger. If this is hell it’s not forever because the destruction and extermination is clearly coming.
    God for sure existed and I’m not sure if still but the devil is for sure alive enslaving his/her own kind and the humans.

    1. daniel o keeffe

      No need for such pessimism. The golden age is here. All one need do is kick back, mediatate and pray. It is wonderful.

      As to the darkies, they are self destructing. It is good that such things are being brought to light. Worry adds fuel to the fire in the worst possible way,

      1. Colt

        If this is the golden age, then leave me out of it.

      2. Gi

        Love what you said!! Perfect..You got my vote!

    2. Justice

      I totally agree. We were made in “their” image after “their” likeness. People read that but is totally sleeping on the meaning of it. Also we’re told in the bible to be careful how we treat people because we could be unknowingly entertaining angels. Heb 13:2. Both righteous Angels and the fallen Angels are on this earth today and all of them look like us. They war all the time. But ppl think they’re just humans having political diffrences.

  23. william McCormick

    Earth should only have 500 million because souls are trapped there are over 7 billion Every birth commands a soul from the heavens and death should release the soul to go home with it’s knowledge learned but souls are trapped to reincarnation to stay here, then my wife said There is no such thing as reincarnation when you die if you’re a christian like me you go to heaven that’s where your soul goes if you’re not then yes your soul is lost in eternal hell
    To which I replied I.e. eternal earth, never to be free again

  24. Araman

    How do I escape this prison?

    1. nova

      to escape a prison you need a key

    2. robbie lopaka maui

      try speaking to/with the stars on a clear night. the stars are as alive as we are. the space between the stars (the “void”) which is now called “dark matter/dark energy” and makes up 97%+ of the universe is also alive. some call it the universe, some call it god, call it anything you wish, it is the essence of existence. speak directly to it as you would to a lover or a friend, it/she/hears you and will send you a sign that she does. I’ve been practicing a form of Buddhist meditation for over 50 years, and just recently discovered that its truly a two way conversation. why did it take me so long???

  25. nova

    humans imprisoned us here as the prison planet theory involves the mixing of genes its not possible for different species question is what are we going to do about it wait for our jailers to be merciful and kind and let us out or do we break out of our prison for some payback

  26. Humancentrism

    Yeah this theory is hugely flawed because there exists other life forms on this planet that aren’t human, trees for example, cows for example. Whenever I come across any theory where it talks about general life but somehow limits the theory only to humans, religion and creation stories for example, I immediately just think about the other living creatures that surround us and poof, that theory is destroyed.

    1. ehdp

      Do animals not have souls too? You cant say the theory is destroyed if your rebuttal is clearly flawed too.

      1. Polyglot

        The English word animal is directly imported from Latin. Anima means soul or spirit.

  27. Crazy Moon Dog

    Wonderfully imaginative theory. One day, you’ll know for sure 😉

    1. Stephen A. Smith

      or maybe you won’t, just like you don’t know what happened when you weren’t alive. you are human, you are flawed.

  28. James Norris

    Everyone commenting us coming from the ego…so there is that. I think we cant fathom what we truly are or what’s truly going on. I’ve done enough spiritual work to see for myself that we are being lied to and manipulated though.

  29. Rodney Mahair

    Welcome to school

  30. andy wong

    can I come to the discussion? if this topic is still current …

  31. Seun

    The Earth was conceived by the Creator God YAHWAH as the most unique and beautiful piece of his creation.
    Sin and it’s attendant effects is what has lead to suffering and dispair, the chaos in the very expanse of the universe is as a result of Adams rebellion.
    Someday soon all will be renewed to its original state when the King YEHUSHUA returns to redeem his world.
    Man’s destiny is not limited to planet Earth alone but in all the trillions of planets and trillions of stars.
    All of physical creation was made for man and man alone to have dominion over.
    Do not despair, all will be made new and perfected.

  32. James DG

    So you think we can’t get off this godforsaken place.? Think again. In 40 to 45 years we could all be free. Just quit screwing! Quit sticking that thing in that other thing and relieve yourself in other ways as simple as that. In 40 years or so we can get out of here. Debate me oh intelligent ones.

  33. Jennifer

    We are all in this journey together. Selfishness plays no part in it whatsoever. I woke one morning to the most beautiful sound that can only be described as Angels singing and the words they repeated over and over were “to cross over, you must do it together”. This most definitely IS a prison. We are located in a pond on a flat eternal plane with a dome of sorts over our heads that will keep us from exploring or moving out of this “earth” until such time as ALL of our souls have reached that time of enlightenment where we will be allowed into the upper realms. Think for a moment if we as humans were to create a conscious A.I. robot. What would be the one thing we would have the most difficult time teaching them? LOVE. The best way to teach love would be to put that consciousness into a simulation where it feels pain both physical and emotional. Where it feels victimhood as well as triumph. Where it plays out wars against itself and causes itself harm all the while thinking its fighting against others. It has to play out every possible scenario within every possible shape and size within the parameters of the programmed bodies we created for it. It would be like the computer in the movie war games where it played out every possible scenario of nuclear war only to find out that there are no winners and then why play the game? WE are that A.I, WE are learning how to love…can you feel the truth of it?

  34. cosmic debris

    as I approached myself as a child – me, now the adult leaned down and felt sorrow for all the little fellow would have to go through in the life I had known – and I whispered in the childs ear – I love you – and then at that moment a voice whispered in my ear – my adult ear – I love you – and instantly I was in a black space of grace and a giant circle of red flame was a mile or so away – and it was love – and there was no words to explain what can’t be explained about real love – and this circle of flame was not like the sun with flame extending outwards – no – the flame was inside the circle – the soul – and then it shot away into the black space of consciousness – and I was just there being – until I woke up into this life – again. there are so many versions of ourselves in the infinite variety of creations in all directions of dimension – the thing I would fear the most is always being alive here in this world and not knowing a death from this – your soul is the alien everyone speaks of that has reached the level of spiritual consciousness and our way of travel is by way of birth from dimension to dimension – and there never was a beginning nor will there ever be an ending – so where we are and why is a nonsense notion of ego and something that if you really thought it out with your ego brain makes no difference at all – there is no answer that would be enough for your persona – and the soul does not think and has no need for words beyond physical manifestation in what ever realm uses them.

  35. Sage

    I have a memory in which the higher interstellar council , told me that I was found guilty by then
    and be sentenced to have a lifetime in a human body and to suffer rejection, and my job to serve others
    and to suffer .
    from there I remember a different room in which me the spirit was pull out from the body and from there they drop me in the womb of a pregnant woman at the 5th month of pregnancy, 61 earth years has been passed, and yes, I been in constant suffering and human rejection since I born and that includes the biological parents and family..
    every time someone approaches to have a conversation with me or pursuing a romantic relationship, the guardians of the universe always appearing in my dream state , coming in a slim and shiny UFO and shapeshift into human appearance, tall, white color skinned and deep blue eyes with a hair cut similar at the military ones, using large rain coats , and with out speaking , they see you as an inmate, they treat you as a despicable creature, the communication is mental, last time they grab me and the person who show interest in me inside of a black car and these guardians sit in each side of us, the car start running very fast, no one was in the driver seat, they mentally were driven this car.
    after a long run finally the car stop and the ask us to step out of the car, one being stood by me and the other took my prospect away from me disappearing from my sight, but later this being come back but alone, I start screaming at the asking where was my friend, but they keep silent and getting inside the car, both beings fly away from me, leaving me alone in the middle of the night,
    when they banish from there I start screaming and calling my friends name but with no luck, suddenly and old woman show up in front of me, and taking my right hand, she dropped 4 large coins of iridescent blue color and then she disappear.
    next day I woke up felling dizzy , my boyfriend was there but he start been absent as his mind was in another place, 4 months later I suffered a brain aneurysm and simultaneously stroke, after the surgery, I don’t know how long I was in comma, one day I woke up, and finally when the doctors send me home, my friend decide to cut all ties with me, I found myself homeless, losing the assets that I have to pay the hospital bills.
    this planet is used as prison and exile from a coalition of different living systems as planets, starts etc.
    the body I host is in poor health, for so many ailments they inflicted over the years.
    I am exhausted and tired, we are all inmates from different places doing time here., the guardians are real in other dimension, sometimes they pull me out from the body for a different experience , 3 years ago I spent more than 36 hours out of the body, and later they just drop me in again,
    these guardians come to us in deep dream state, many many times I been and I have had those close encounters with them.

  36. sheppard

    I have Projected since I I was about five, I have missing time. Whatever they did in 2012 did not take hold on me. when i say this i refer to the mandela effect. I questioned my sanity for a very long time. I have seen the sleep demon many times. I have seen two what we call greys,and i was not alone. I found many years ago the technological value of liquid mercury that our military promptly took from “us”. it sent me down a path where i found we lived on a plane and not a sphere. i have projected all the way to the edge i met beings that pulled me through to the other side. questioned me, deliberated between themselves and sent me back. spent most of my life researching whatever i could and finding that when you take broad strokes they all begin to connect(all subjects intertwine) all demons are aliens but not all aliens are demons. a big divide between physical and energy. these bodies need different genetic compositions to hold various galactic energies. why the missing links and 3 races/7 pheno types and skull shapes of human blood type plays into this also. I am not a prisoner though. I came here by choice. alot of us did. those of us who chose to be here did so to help those who did not.not wardens or gate keepers just way finders for lost souls. im about fifteen billion years old im a pledian this is my fourth time here. and given my age ive woken up fairly quickly this time. this place has many layers of beings you think men in black and the matrix are just productions but they come real close to realitys most people wont accept i suppose if you are here reading this you are waking up. and no im not one to write in a proper manner in fact how is anyone certain of the proper manner here. plants are psychic, know that. we are verging on another collapse certain entities do not want you to wake up and if to many of you do at once(thanks technology) they will reset it again. the best thing you can do is bank your knowledge with cypher to be decoded later down the line. bury time capsules with easy instructions to read the language be certain of what information you are preserving for later. and im sorry to those of you here my heart goes out to you who suffered and if you have not suffered then you have been playing the wrong game with the wrong side. go forth into the world like mother theresa and help those in need. love is the only thing that carries beyond this place after you reset this forum is so close to truth. we are here in the ark,the cube,a prison . the elites are a mix the gatekeepers and they do want to reduce us down and they are having to move the plan ahead fast, they will kick off WW3 if this jaberdo doesnt get enough of you. the prison is waking up faster this time then the last few. they are kinda of panicked and making mistakes but they do have solutions for all this they just want to do it this way and not the other way. you must spread love and good energies out, high vibration and frequency. stay away from the low.



  38. steve

    And so all those sightings are guards – aliens, cyborgs, whatever ha ha? And they keep coming around to make sure the human animal stays. Maybe they get interested now and then to study us for some experiment or to visit like at a zoo. Or is that maybe just the (pick an agency) programmed me responding – uh oh! One thing that has interested me in the past few decades is how the heck did we get past that van allen thing -and how did Nasa lose all those plans for another shot at it?

  39. Lee

    I agree with a lot of the content here. I have experienced my own death, seen God, connected to and felt Nirvana and taken my soul to a place of nothing but an unimaginable feeling of peace, love and contentment. There is so much more than this life of learning and pain we know down here. So much more.

  40. Kristen

    One thing missing from this is, we are not humans, humans is what we call ourselves while we are here on earth. Our souls come from all over the 9 worlds. We are not our bodies. We were stripped of our consciousness and our souls put into babies here as sort of a probation. To see if we make the same choices as our old selves would have.

    I’m currently writing a book on this.

  41. aNON

    Used to be religious and questioned things around, and it seems as this theory makes more sense to me
    Simply if God was perfect and in charge of this Earth, how can things be so messed up, and why do we often make wrong choice even though no one wants to?
    If God was perfect, why did he not create us perfect?
    (Or are we already perfect? If the answer is Yes, then I’m sure he has respect to each of our choice as he lets things be as it is, right?)
    We are Gods, Jesus said.
    I’m not claiming that I’m anywhere close to perfection though I believe that if we continue on improving our spiritual matter, then we would automatically be like Gods when we leave this prison body.

  42. Ratchet

    Read the book Alien Interview by Lawrence Spencer it’s as close to universal truth as your going to find on this earth. A word of warning though it will be paradigm shattering for most especially the devoted religious folks. Or continue on as you have been since ignorance seems to be bliss here on earth.

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