What is a shaman? Shamans are energy healers who use their connection with nature and spirit to help others.

Shamans are believed to provide a bridge between the material world and non-material reality. Traditionally, they journey to the spirit world to bring back healing for the community. Shamanic traditions are found in many cultures including Inuit, Native American, Aboriginal, Celtic, and Maori.

According to spiritual practitioners, there are certain signs that define a Shaman, and you might even recognize yourself in them.

1. Time alone in nature

You have a strong need to spend time alone in nature. You may even feel a little ‘stir crazy’ if you are cooped up indoors for too long.

2. A bond with the natural world

You have a close bond with the natural world and care for all elements of the environment.

3. You have an affinity with a particular animal, insect, reptile or bird

This creature might appear to you when you are in nature, and it may also occur in your dreams and visions. You notice images of this particular animal in the world all around you.

4. Interest in shamanic cultures

You may feel drawn to shamanic cultures such as the Celts or Native Americans.

5. You have vivid dreams and you intuitively know what they mean

Even if you have no knowledge of shamanic culture, you can still see deeper truths and find useful guidance for yourself and others through interpreting your dreams and theirs.

6. You prefer to stay at the edge of things

You don’t really feel like you fit in in this world, but you don’t mind. You walk between two worlds and are happy that way.

7. You are interested in the medicinal qualities of plants and food and know a lot about them

When someone is unwell or unhappy, you instinctively know what medicine they need to make them better, whether that is a particular food, drink, or just to take a few deep breaths.

8. The desire to heal

You have a strong desire to heal your family, friends, community, and the world, not just on a physical level but more deeply, including their emotional and spiritual health.

9. Your initiation as a shaman

You may have had a near-death experience, which was part of your initiation as a shaman. Alternatively, you may have suffered a mental health crisis. These can both be forms of shamanic rebirth and initiation.

10. Chronic health condition

If you suffer from a long-term chronic health condition such as chronic fatigue or autoimmune disease, this may be a sign that you are refusing the call to do the healing work of shamanism. If you explore healing medicine, you may find an answer to your illness.

Spiritual practitioners claim that if you experience several of these signs, it is a good indication that you might have the power of a shaman or healer. Be guided by your dreams and instincts in finding the path that will suit you in developing your special gifts to heal your community and the world.


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