You may have heard the term Indigo Child being used with growing frequency in recent decades, particularly since the 1970s.

This is when the basic idea was developed by the teacher and author Nancy Ann Tappe. Or perhaps, this is the first time you are hearing of it. So what is an Indigo Child? And what characteristics are they said to have?

The term ‘Indigo Children’ quite simply refers to gifted children who are believed to naturally possess any kind of special abilities or traits. According to Tappe, these can range from the magical to even the supernatural.

It is believed that these children serve as a reminder for the rest of humanity, who through time has lost touch with who we truly are – one shared body of consciousness. While the rest of us pay far more attention to our thoughts as opposed to our feelings, these children know instinctively how to connect to our collective consciousness.

Some have even gone as far as to say that the generations of Indigo Children are ‘The Next Step in Human Evolution’.

So why the color Indigo? This has to do with auras; In 1982, Nancy Ann Tappe published a book titled ‘Understanding Your Life Through Color’, a book focusing on the metaphysical concept of different colored auras that people can have, and what meaning each color holds. She states that during the 1960s, she noticed that many children were being born with indigo color auras.

Is it possible to spot an Indigo Child? If you believe in the reality of this concept, there are certain signs that are claimed to define these special children.

Here is a list of ten characteristics that Indigo Children are said to have, which might help you identify one.

1. They have a clear sense of purpose and self-confidence, which most people lack.

2. They can be strong-willed from an early age and have their own unique way of doing even the simplest things. The rules and regulations the rest of us follow as children may seem trivial to them.

3. They can ignore what is ‘expected’ of them, preferring to do their own thing. This can cause friction with parents and teachers.

4. The authority that allows no choice or input is rejected by them. Therefore, it can be a challenge to parent or discipline an Indigo Child. Standard methods do not prove effective.

5. They can be incredibly empathic towards others and possess wisdom that even people twice or thrice their age cannot compare to.

6. Because of their different nature, they can be seen by family and friends as strangely anti-social. The exception is when they are with other Indigos like themselves – this is the only time they may feel understood and ‘at home.’

7. They have an amazing intuitive ability – they always seem to hear or know things that non-Indigos cannot explain.

8. They are insightful and have uniquely good ideas. They can provide simple solutions to complex problems, making them seem like “system busters.

9. Their high intelligence quota, combined with their creative right-brain thinking, can give them a hard time in a tradition left-brain school system

10. Their brains can process information much faster than the average person. This increased energy, if not correctly balanced, makes them prone to not only anxiety and depression but also the high likelihood of being ADD and ADHD diagnosed.

What do you think? Do you believe that indigo children are real? Do any of these resonate with you, your kids, or someone you know?

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  1. Tamara Bousquet

    I am one no 48 years of age .I possess all of these traits all of them luckily my parents were hippies and did not always feel the need to make me conform.I now am a meditation instructor for children .Interesting and never heard of this before but every single person I ever met that can see auras said my aura was actually Indigo .I have even had people walk right up to me and stare.I excelled in school for the first week until I finished completing the year’s work in a week with A’s then they just let me go to whatever classes I wanted .This did cause a problem for some teachers but they gave my arguments were stronger and my will well they never had a chance.Authority was definitely a problem for me lol

  2. Debbie

    What if indigo children never excelled in the maths a science of schools. But spiritually and through God could see and do things. She’s been a target her whole life. Someone is constantly chasing her and ruing her life. We’re at a loss for how to take care of things now that she’s an adult. Yes it’s generational.

  3. Angelina

    So what? What happens if someone is indigo?

  4. Steven

    All of the above describes perfectly the Meyers-Briggs personality type known as INFJ (Introverted iNtuitive Feeling Judging). INFJ’s make up less than one percent of the population.

    I you’re INFJ, you’re Indigo.

  5. Raquel


  6. Melina

    I’m an Indigo Children (1986) and I just had my awakening, with 28. Just now, 3 years later, I’m starting to understanding what is this about. I feel a bit lost because there is nobody I can talk about it. People, including my husband, think I’m crazy, so I keep it to myself. I feel very lonely and I would like to know if you know anywhere I can talk to another indigos? I would like to exchange our worlds views and see what can I do to improve my abilities and together see how can we improve the world (I will tell you, it’s a long and eternal work, because we can’t control everything that happens in the Universe, but we can do make big changes to humanity, and it’s happening soon) I live a dimension of synchronicity and I don’t believe in anything religious and Im not sure if it is a spiritual thing either. But it is something much beyond we can imagine. I believe everybody can access this part of the brain, the difference is that this is already inside us waiting to wake. And comes without you asking, its very traumatic and very intense and once its there you can’t hide you don’t know it. If you identify with me, please contact me 🙂 [email protected]

  7. Daniel Abbott

    I am deffinatly an indigo child. I get it from everybody that I am a different unique soul. Alot of people dont understand

  8. Gracie

    We are bere to change the world one good deed at a time but its starts with healing ourselves! Practice self care, loves! I’m a married indigo mom from lonely NYC if anyone wants to chat! [email protected]

  9. Scott

    Is there a 100 %way of knowing ? I mean how can I know that I m not in a mid life crisis or something?

  10. Darren

    I have all of these traits also, plus the 17 signs on other sites. But I was born in 67.

  11. Leslie

    I have a 10 year old son who fits all of the above to the “T.” Worried when I read the above, “Their brains can process information much faster than the average person. This increased energy, if not correctly balanced, makes them prone to not only anxiety and depression but also the high likelihood of being ADD and ADHD diagnosed.” He is on the gifted/talented spectrum but struggling daily with behaviors at home and especially at school. What is the way to help him get “correctly balanced” as referenced above. I would love more info from the author or any of you who are going through this with strong willed, intelligent, highly creative, but difficult to parent children.

  12. Graham John Baker

    I am both an Indigo and a lightworker I also have Aspergers Syndrome/High Functioning Autism and mild learning difficulties I found out recently I am an indigo person I had suspected I was a lightworker I am often drawn to spirituality or esoteric/occult ideas even when I was @ a Rudolf Steiner Waldorf Specialist school I could relate to and warm to some of the holistic talks we had from our teachers and house parents gave in the schools assembly hall especially the festivals and the unique way Steiner schools view Christmas and Easter and the Midsummer St Johns Summer Solstice and Michaelmas and even Martinmas (St Martins Day) (11th November) and even the equinoxes and solstices that they celebrated found I could connect or resonate more with the way the Steinerites viewed the Christian festivals better than I could the more mainstream Christian/Catholic views and ways of celebrating the Christian festivals I have often been more open to esoteric/occult and new age ideas and spirituality than I was to more mainstream versions of Christianity/Catholicism @ school I was a problem child often loosing my temper or getting upset over the slightest thing I have found I have a lot of Indigo symptoms although personally I think people must not pigeon hole any human condition too much whether physical or psychological/emotional/social or spiritual disability or illness/disease/condition etc as some people pigeon hole too much and treat humans animals or plants as though they are a man made appliance/machine/machinery/equipment/device etc that is mas produced and comes with a manual with a page trouble shooting ie any problems etc if appliance etc does certain things it always means a certain thing where as with living things plant/animal or human no two living organisms are the same and while there is an average where certain types of body language facial expressions etc have particular meanings for the majority of people or animals the majority of the time there are however exceptions where a particular condition whether a facial expression body language mannerism behaviours illnesses/diseases/disabilities etc there are exceptions where for example a certain particular body language or facial expression does not reflect the individuals thoughts feelings or emotions etc I am not certain what is meant by see through a lie as a lot of people with autism sometimes take things literally meaning if a person with autism is told put the kettle on they sometimes will think this means to wear the kettle or if somebody says its raining cats and dogs some autistic people will think it really is raining cats and dogs or some will sometimes have difficulties learning how to differentiate the difference between a bullying them into doing something inappropriate or antisocial etc and a person generally asking or telling them must do something so will sometimes not do what their asked/told etc in fear of getting into trouble so can sometimes be unfairly accused of being awkward or stubborn etc leading to massive arguments etc however some will get to know and see somethings they are told are just cutting or satisfying red tape and paperwork and costs not really health and safety or safe guarding or security that its just an excuse to cut or satisfy red tape and other paperwork and to cut costs etc so I am not 100% certain what is meant by see through a lie additionally although we are all part of the equal universal brotherhood of humanity we are also unique individuals so no two humans are the same which means a person will likely only have some traits/symptoms etc of any condition whether disability or illness or more spiritually evolved no person will have all traits/symptoms etc however they will most likely have quite a lot of symptoms/traits etc for any condition etc

  13. Marisol

    WOW. So much fear. I tell you my life as indigo. I was born in Medellin Colombia. Yes, Narco city .. I was in all possible circustances of live and i never remeber a picture of me with friends, yet i was the best in knowng stuff that i did not study, I was always discipline coz my sense of duty was always on. I protected my mom against bitups, I protected the homeless childrens, i protected the animals, pretty much anythgng that needed protection i was there. yet i was a long wolf and i could never laugh or smile the same as other kids coz i was over analytical. so i have over all a comple childhood yet i got love from my mom is extra extra amount. I never saw the world , i just lived one stept at the time. all the oportunities always arrived to me even if i did not look. If there was danger , sudenly i was the onlyone safe, my fisrt job in the most difficult company to get in , i got it without even apply. My sucess is because i follow my intution and followed my Feet and i did my way in a soft maner but quaitely. nobody really knew me nor my life coz certainly i had no plan. Is difficult for us to plan coz this world does not make sense neither in the knowledge, or in the conversations coz we are telepahtical. I end up with a master in physics in Canada. again scholarship which i did not even apply too. got a job in a multinational company just coz i enter a room full of piza in the scholl. So sincronizities is all to us. So if you indigo. pay atention to all sincronicities. at the begining could look like a crazy person talking to everyone and jumping in all oportunities, yet when time pass, you refine that filter. We have an acess to information inmense, yet i have to tell you something else. We are portals. we balance frequencies so other do dimentional jumps. We are quantum archites. meaning we can create realities and switch dimensions as we want. That is what sincronisities is. We can live many realities. In my daily life , i am mother, gifted kids also. , i am medium- i work in norwegian energy company as enginer- i have technology start up- i have a project to change the world. call fabulous futurist when i aim to take all technology and put it in the comunities so none has to pay for food, water, ediucation. Its a bless to have an idigo chil. My mother called me engel. we are angels actually. if you find difficult to parent a child indigo . 1- train yourself in how to hold his hand and let him talk telephatical to you, let him show you his though. we need lots of hugs, dont push him to be the best or do homework. only give him confidence and love, and make him feel that you know he see the world in another way, take him to places where he/her can help other, plants and walk on the forest and hugging trees , ground us. My name in linkedin Marisol Angel Guzman

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