Have you ever been told that you are an old soul?

Everyone knows at least one person who was considered an outcast, an antisocial – that one person (or perhaps child) who always stood out from the rest. Someone who would somehow always find themselves isolated. Maybe you were that person who did not share the interests and thought patterns of those around you and in your age group.

There is a very unique and special type of person who finds themselves in this situation, usually from a very young age. Not because they harbor reclusive tendencies or any social anxiety disorder, but simply because they are an old soul. They walk a separate and solitary life which is different yet very peaceful and fulfilling.

Here is a list of 8 tell-tale signs that could help you identify one.

1. You enjoy being alone

Since the people of your age group tend to have interests and pursuits that are of no interest to you, you find it difficult to make friends with and keep long-lasting relationships with them. Of course, as a result, you would rather keep your own company and do your own thing.

2. You realise life is short

Because you have a good grasp on reality and life as a whole, you often think about death and how fragile life really is. This can sometimes make you seem depressing or withdrawn, but in actual fact, it means you enjoy life more. You live in the moment and appreciate it to its fullest.

3. You love pursuing knowledge

Old souls love learning. They are attracted to pursuing the truth and gaining as much wisdom as they can from their life experience. For them, knowledge is power and they would much rather spend their time learning anything they can, as opposed to wasting time on superficial things like reading celebrity news or gossiping with their neighbors.

4. You lean towards spirituality

As their title suggests, old souls show levels of sensitivity and great maturity in comparison to their age. Since they constantly pursue peace, spirituality is a huge attraction to them. Spiritual teachings and disciplines that could take a lifetime to understand (such as enlightenment and taming the ego) an old soul can grasp naturally and effortlessly.

5. You have an introspective nature

Old souls are deep thinkers. They talk less and think more – about every little thing. Not only are their heads filled with all kinds of knowledge but they also reflect more on their experiences and surroundings. Because of this, they learn so many valuable life lessons at a younger age, which of course makes them feel older.

6. You are not a crowd follower

Blindly following is not your style. You won’t mindlessly conform and comply with things, you will always question and explore at your will before committing to a cause. And if you do not agree with the majority, you are not afraid to stand out.

7. You did not fit in as a child

As a child growing up you always knew you were different from the rest. You may have been labelled as rebellious, but, in fact, you were just overly mature for your age. Your intelligence shone through by genuine understanding and questioning but adults saw this as resistance that needed to be disciplined.

8. You are not materialistic

Old souls have no interest in things that can break or be taken away from them. They focus on irreplaceable things that bring them lasting fulfilment and joy, not just temporary pleasure. Anything that is short-lived, it’s likely that an old soul will not care for it.

Can you relate to the above-described points? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. alice

    definitely that’s me

  2. Temple2k

    i love how i stumbled across this enlightenment just befor i started to question my day and bring on the debates 😛 this was a very lively note and i appreciate the moments spent on this article reading 🙂
    – KT

  3. Thea Dunlap

    yep checked several in the list that is totally me. Thanks for sharing this 🙂

  4. harry

    funny thing is i just a few hours before finding these quotes started to doubt my spirituality but the comments about being different especially as a child certainly hit home – i was the one who could decorate a home at 13 – always showed an ability in electrical matters etc from a very early age – i thought the other kids who just wanted to play football were somehow stupid – and yes i did not fit in very well with these cretins – some of which made it so obvious they hated me – for years i thought it was me but eventually i realised that scum is not always at the bottom of a barrel –

  5. Dmk

    Everything on that list is me to an extreme. At first, I read the title that “Old Souls Lean Toward Spirituality”, and thought that’s not me, I’m not religious but upon reading the text beneath that headline, I understood what was intended. I am not a religious person but I spend a lot of time reflecting inward and learning about myself, questioning why I do things and how I can improve the person who I am. I also have spent countless hours researching numerous religions to understand the broad picture of workd teachings and with completely unbiased preconceptions. I live by many of the morals I’ve taken from them all but I just do not believe in god or gods or an afterlife. I have a very strong moral code nonetheless. Being unbiased and educated about many religions makes me more empathetic to others and I appreciate the gift that it gives me to understand people in general and why they do the things they do, good or bad.

    In addition to that, I’m an introvert and love my alone time which I fill with learning how to do new things or reading nonfiction articles and books. I dislike social media and I think that it can be toxic to society and blind people from the truth. It also isolates some people and can make many paranoid that they are not appreciated enough. I don’t follow trends at all, I like only what I like and it’s not always the newest or best to others. Those things are not important to me. Antiques rock! I barely know any celebrities names because that’s also not important at all. People come to me for advice a lot because they know that I will think carefully before responding. When people complain about situations with other people, I always see all sides of the situation and sometimes defend people who aren’t even there or are complete strangers to me. I am incapable of being racist, sexist or showing bias towards someone for purposes they were born into. I’m generally brutally honest but I choose my words very carefully so I do try and minimize damage because I understand the pain of rejection or judgement, but I always default to the clearest truth I can get away with. My friends and family are quiet when I speak and listen because they know that it will be relevant, well thought about and being light to the topic at hand. I tend to be more optimistic than most people. I understand the negatives but I know it’s best to focus on the good that can come from things. I have a new hobby every few months and it rarely involves interacting with other people. My alone time is irreplaceable and I have only one lifetime to figure everything out that I want to. I am overly kind to people, but I disdain arrogance and ignorance so I have no problem knocking an elitist off his high horse. I have a strong sense of justice. I make sure that i have empirical evidence before ever making any claims as a certainty. I am always happy to admit when I’m wrong and when I make a mistake, I tend to thank people for correcting me. I don’t now nor have I ever had anyone be very angry with me. I have very little experience with “enemies”. I am cautious about friendships and relationships if I see no real value to it or it’s not authentic. The friendships I have are long lasting and high quality. I also use self deprecating humor in order to make others around me more comfortable because if they see that I’m not “playing perfect”, they are more likely to act like their genuine selves and not put on a superficial front. This also means that I am humble because I can make fun of myself to make others feel better about themselves. I enjoy people more when they are comfortable. I get along very well with the elderly and children. Animals warm up to me very quickly and closely. I learn new things quickly and if I cannot learn it quickly then I will put in even years of commitment to master something I want to know how to do.

    1. JT Honey

      I love your entry. It is very thorough and refers back to what an old soul is in every aspect. If I were to write a response to this forum…it would sound something very similar if not almost identical to your response. With a few minor things that we are not the same in. I cherish and soak up all the alone time I can get. Even if I am not doing anything at all, I’m still at ease and my brain is going. I don’t have but a couple of genuine long time friends. I like it that way. The people I meet or know find me to be funny, nice, yet slightly odd. I’m ok with that. I use my humor for the same reasons you do bc if you can’t make someone comfortable then they are not going to be themselves around you and that’s already fake. Something I don’t need. I use my manners, I have a very kind heart always trying to find ways to fix other peoples problems before my own. I’m helpful. I can be all of those things however I’m very serious about my guard. I put up a wall towards people and I don’t let them in until I know I can trust them. That’s one of the hardest things to come by these days…TRUST! I find myself to be a hard worker and I learn things very quickly. I retain information like it’s the thing to do. I’m good with numbers. I’m like the human phone address email password social security pin and anything other numbers you wanna add. I’m not good at math. But if you give me a number, I will remember it for a lifetime. I live through music. It’s how I breathe. It’s how I cry. It’s how I let my anger out. I find happiness in it. I’m enlightened by it. I’m motivated by it. And in some cases, it puts me in a silly mood. Imagine a world without music. You can’t! Music is life. Like I mentioned it’s how I breathe. The knowledge I have on music is insane and unreal. It’s an obsession for me. Without it, I couldn’t go on. One thing I forgot to mention…I live in an older generation. I don’t find myself fitting in with my age group. I never have. All of my friends are 5-15 years older than me. Including the father of my child. I don’t find it weird or uncomfortable. I find it very fitting and welcoming. Bc of that I was able to teach uncertified at a very young age at a local high school in special education. I did that for 12 years. Not to toot my own horn or anything but bc I was so young those high school students (not just special education but school wide students) became very clingy to me and looked up to me as their mentor and as sort of a hero. I was someone they could come to with their problems and help them bc I was young and I could relate. It felt very good bc even through that I kept my old soul in me and didn’t stoop to their level of immaturity. I kept it very professional. I just understood them better than other teachers. At the time I was 23. I felt like a 38 year old trapped in a 23 year olds body. But I was ok with that.

      1. JT Honey

        So I guess I did end up writing more than I thought. Just one more thing. I’m 33 now. Going on 34 December 24th. and I feel like I’m about 45. It’s kind of cool because I can feel older but then can remind myself that I’m still just 34 and have many more years to come. I don’t know why I’m an old soul. Maybe I had a first life and now I’m back and I know the rounds already bc I’m actually a very smart individual. Whatever it is, I’m thankful. I wouldn’t change it for the world. I carry a lot of knowledge, art, power, own sense of identity, kindness, and down to earth traits that are all vital characteristics to being a good person and a like able person to be around.

    2. Adams caleb

      Smile, you’re my copy

  6. Dmk

    For the most part, I’ve always known that I’m “different” or “weird”. I am an abstract person and have been called an old soul many times by many people. I was called that today, which is why I ran across this article after looking into it. I am 27 by the way, I do not fit the ideal millennial profile. I am well informed about the world and have experienced great suffering through life which I am now grateful for as it has shaped me into someone I am proud to call “me”. An open mind is a terrible thing to waste. Sorry for the long message above but I thought some people might relate to it and others might get a better understanding of what old souls are like and what really makes someone an old soul. We are very free spirits that go not a moment without a busy highway of complex thoughts.

    1. Amy

      Are you sensisble or emotional?

  7. Doyle

    Add 9. You understand the true nature of Consciousness and you know that it cannot be explained to others until they qualify under signs 1 thru 8, assuming they have not discovered it already!

  8. Stacy

    I always knew I was an old soul even my mother knew it nothing surprises me nothing can motivate me or change the way I think

  9. Kimberly

    I am an old soul.

  10. kevin

    Is this why I like old stuff and feel a connection to the past?

  11. Juan

    Very interesting reactions. And now.. let me ask all who read all the way through the comments of this revealing and conforting article about the old souls.
    Isn’t it weird yet special to read other old souls speaking out and trying to be heard. Why!.. yes it is
    We as old souls, tend to embarc in isolated crusades or leave the normal lives to the younger souls who are yet to live through all that we already did (some of us many many times around). It is fun to see we are a few out there but with no easy way of identifying ourselves or contacting others alike.
    I propose, a way of changing that.
    Remember the 60’s? I bet there were a bunch of old souls directing and creating movements and groups all over specially to break out the obsolete ways. It takes a lot of energy and a lot of old souls to start something like that.
    Now, who is up for a different kind of experiment?
    How about if I create an account say.. in instagram, with the words @old_souls_seeking_equals , sound?
    Just for fun, for kicks.. see who reaches out
    See.. if another peace and love movements starts,

    The way I see it..is that part of the fun or burden of being an old soul and being here.. in old earth, surrounded mostly by clumsy and infantile younger souls, is the solitude that this bring to us. I believe that if we could engage within ourselves. In many cases, the experience could truly be something amazing not just a long wait for the next good thing. No more dealing with insensitive ignorant youngsters solely. No more having to work so hard to be heard or understood by common blank souls that at best only listen with out having anything juicy to say back..
    I’ve always dreamed about meeting other old souls and establishing true worth living conexion and learn from them or simply interact at our level. It would be amazing to live something like that. I do understand mostly we are here to guide and to help out. But common on.. it gets so boring to only deal with kids all the time.

    Being an old soul, and I know I’m one. feels quite a non stop job, but I know part of the experience of living. Is to have fun while living through it

    Let’s meet each other see if we are in similar boats and share the heck out of each others wisdom, love and many many lives lived over and over again

  12. Greg Johns

    This explains a lot about me. I am a Old Soul.

  13. Pinky

    So gratetul I stumbled on this article. Before now, I had always wondered why as a kid i never did fit in, and till this moment, i find the sense of reasoning of most poeple of my age grade so strange. Passing through this article, it reflects my life, every single point of it. Strange but true. Thanks Mariya, for this!

  14. Sunshine

    Thank you for this article. Now everything make sense to me.

  15. Samuel

    All this signs mentioned above is so true. Thanks for sharing this.

  16. ujjwal

    Why old souls are created?

  17. Jess

    I have NEVER fit in with others – despite trying. I’ve been rejected & misunderstood the majority of my life. People think they have me “pegged” & they very seldom do. They’re always so far off the mark of who I am & why I am the way that I am. It’s lonely & I don’t know how to change being an old soul or an empath or a HSP. Growing up, I was “spiritual”, curious & open. But, I was raised by an extremely religious family. My open-mindedness was NOT appreciated & got me into a lot of trouble. I was bullied & rejected by my family members as a result & I was seen as a black sheep or a trouble maker. I would like to fit in with society & have friends. I would like to enjoy my time on earth here more. I now live in a country different from where I grew up. I feel more isolated, misunderstood & lonely here as a result.

    1. Amy

      Hey clare….regarding this matter how would you consider yourself, as sensible or emotional?

  18. Clare

    I feel that admitting your an old soul means your not quite an old soul… yet, you have progressed through lives and time, once your progression in time is complete, you are then an old soul, your last soul.

  19. Jennifer

    Great Article! Been wondering something lately. I have friends who smoke pot. Offered some on occasions. Does absolutely nothing to me! Do you think this has to do with being an old soul??

  20. Kjeld Johnsen

    Is the universe intelligent?

    With all the unexplained incidents I have had after my daughter died, messages I have received through media, etc. I do not doubt that a world exists that we do not know what is. There may well exist dimensions that we do not have the senses to perceive and which may be here, right next to us. And why shouldn’t physical life also have a counterpart, just like everything else in this world?
    I do not want to rule out the idea that the universe is intelligent because everything that begins to exist has a cause for its existence. The elements of the earth are so finely composed and balanced that life can just exist. If, for example, carbon had not been here, then we would not be here either. And the magnetism radiating from the Earth’s poles protects us from cosmic radiation. Without magnetism, we wouldn’t be here either.
    And this goes on, many things need to fit together for us to exist.
    As you know, we are incredibly complicated, such as the interior of the ears, which sends sound waves to the brain, which first learned to decode them, and now conclude and communicate. Or the eyes that do not see the colors we see. The colors are formed in the brain based on the sensory cells in the eye that receive the different wavelengths of light. We are also smartly equipped, we have a built-in immune system, just as many of our bodies have duplicates. Not to forget our very great mystery – our consciousness that no brain scientist can say with 100% certainty what is or where it exists.
    It sounds logical in my world if there is a universal intelligence behind everything. I don’t know what it is, because I’m one of the “ants.” I have an idea that there may be a correlation with hidden dimensions, as well as the fact that the universe consists of more than we can observe. According to physicists, the vast majority of the universe consists of dark energy and dark mass. In reality, we do not know if it is dark because it is invisible. All observable stars, planets, and galaxies make up only 4 percent of the universe. The other 96 percent are substances that astronomers cannot see and cannot explain, but they can measure their existence based on the impact on solar systems and galaxies.
    Some of the Earth’s scientists have recently begun to take an interest in ‘the Akashic field.’ It can be briefly described as; “A theory that in another dimension of the universe there is a memory, a kind of library that holds all history, every past, present and future opportunity for every human being.” Many who have had a near-death experience have probably become acquainted with the Akashic field when they talk about a slaughtered library where all knowledge was available and where they could see their entire life as a 360-degree film.
    What the researchers are trying to investigate, among other things, is whether our brain is also in contact with the Akashic field, if so, our brain is also a kind of quantum transmitter/receiver. Furthermore, they are interested in that opportunity; whether it is from there that we obtain information under hypnosis, is it from there we get our intuition, among other things, as well as ideas for new inventions, which often occur in several places at the same time? For example, some other than Einstein were working on the theory of relativity, but Einstein was the first to understand the meaning behind it. We know that cells in the brain use electrical discharges to communicate with other brain cells, but is the brain also in contact with the akashic field via electrical discharges, and could it be from there that we receive our dreams?
    When I was young, I was pretty much convinced that there was nothing afterlife in this world. After my daughter’s death, I experienced the inexplicable, what in my world couldn’t happen, but it happened. It turned upside down on my whole notion of life after death. Today I do not doubt that we continue our existence in another world / another dimension when the earthly life ends that something exists that we do not know what is. No one knows for sure what will happen, but in my universe, it is most likely.
    I have become open to the idea of reincarnation. And if it is possible to be hypnotized back to past lives, then memory and consciousness are not stored in the brain alone, but possibly in the Akashic field.
    In my life, I’ve traveled a lot, experienced a lot. I have lost, the most precious there is; my child. I have lost my loving wife, Ilse. I’ve lost most of my values. Still, I think there is a deeper meaning to everything – we are here to learn.

    And by the way, no, I never followed the crowd, it has sometimes caused people not to talk to me for months if I fx. I didn’t want to participate in a demonstration I did not believe in, but as I saw it – their problem, not mine.
    And yes, I dislike parties but enjoy a good book.

  21. Everette Mash

    Every life is a riddle. The answer to mine is knowledge, born of darkness. It wasn’t always so. In the beginning, I still had questions. In the beginning, my mystery still remained.

  22. Sultan

    Great. That’s me.

  23. Peggy Geiger

    I, too, never fit in as a child, school was boring because I already “knew” the material even though I had never read it, As I grew up I always preferred reading a good book or writing instead of making friends of my immature classmates, which of course, set me apart. Life became easier with maturity but I still felt different and continued to question all things. Now, as an old lady, I have come into my own and am very comfortable having just a couple of lifelong friends. My favorite pastime is still reading, but have learned to enjoy writing, appreciate with participation in art and listen to music with my soul. Nice to meet all of you.

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