We are all familiar with the term clairvoyance and take it to mean some kind of psychic insight into the future, but have you ever heard of claircognizance?

It helps us to understand what claircognizance is if we examine clairvoyance first.

The word clairvoyance is taken from the French word ‘clair’ meaning clear and ‘voyance’ meaning vision. A clairvoyant therefore is someone who can see information about a person, an object, a location or an event through psychic means.

There are other types of intuitive people who can see into the future by using different means at their disposal. A clairsentient (sentient means the ability to perceive or feel things) will be able sense the energy of a location, a person or an object, whereas a clairaudient (audient means to hear or listen) can hear internally or externally.

A claircognizant is a person who simply knows things about the future. Cognizance means knowledge or awareness and so claircognizants have the psychic intuition of clear thinking.

So what are examples of claircognizance?

Say you are heading home and you always take a certain train. This time, you decide to pick up a coffee before you get on and you miss the train but instead run into a long lost school friend you’ve been trying to find for years.

Or how about you are driving to the store and you decide to take the scenic route instead of your usual route and you hear later there was a massive pile up on the road you avoided?

These are all examples of claircognizance.

Here are more signs that you could be claircognizant:

16 signs of claircognizance:

  1. You can easily tell a fake person from a trustworthy one.
  2. People always come to you for answers to their problems.
  3. You get instant ideas and have to share them with others.
  4. You often interrupt people with these ideas, but you can’t help it, you’re too excited.
  5. You spend a lot of time thinking or writing on your own, many songwriters and authors are claircognizant without knowing.
  6. You can always find lost objects and others ask you to find theirs.
  7. You have an innate sense that tells you if something is not a good idea, even if it looks fine to others.
  8. You just seem to know facts about future events that haven’t happened yet.
  9. If someone asks you a question, you manage to come up with the answer even if you had no previous knowledge of what that question would be.
  10. When trying something new for the first time, you find it easy to picture the process from start to finish.
  11. You are a left brain person, which means you are logical and organised.
  12. You love to read, especially non-fiction where you can learn something new.
  13. You never stop learning and often will start a new course for the love of gaining knowledge.
  14. The decisions you make at the last minute always end up being right and sometimes lead you out of a dangerous situation.
  15. You feel the urge to go to certain places and when you do, something good always happens.
  16. You are always experiencing little coincidences, like saying or typing the same word as someone says it on the radio or TV.

How to tell if you are claircognizant?

If you have ever felt that information just suddenly springs into your head from nowhere, and you receive guidance or knowledge that you know in your heart is true, you might be claircognizant.

If it feels like you can somehow ‘download’ information from an unknown source whenever you want and you receive insights into everyday events, then this is another sign.

The difference between claircognizance and clairvoyance is whereas a clairvoyant will see things, a claircognizant just knows them in their own mind. They do not feel it, hear it or see it, they simply know it in advance.

What to do if you are claircognizant?

If you think you are claircognizant, you are likely to be very mentally clued up and sharp in your thinking. For those who want to strengthen this ability, they should be aware of every time they ‘receive’ information and relax and allow it to come to mind.

It is vital to pay attention to your body and listen to what it is asking for in order for you to go to the next level. Pay attention also to any little coincidences that you might be overlooking as these could be signs of early claircognizant behaviour but you haven’t picked up on it yet.

If you believe you might be claircognizant, then allow your mind to go blank and just see what happens. If you get an idea that appears suddenly and with a BANG! then pay attention to it, it could be important. For this reason, people with a strong sense of claircognizance tend to be very sharp mentally, good at understanding complex or abstract concepts and they’re usually quite analytical too.

Those who fit the mould of claircognizant thinkers are those who tend to be constant thinkers who want to learn all the time and are always gathering information. If this is you, it might just be that with a little practice, you can hone your claircognizant skills and perfect this remarkable ability to intuitively know about the future.


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