Do you feel different from everyone else? Do you have a nagging feeling there is a purpose you came to earth for? It could be because you are a Lightworker.

Many people feel like they are different from the general population. They are bemused by the world and wonder what the point of it all is. They have a deep feeling that there is something they should be doing, but they just can’t quite grasp what it is. If you feel like this, chances are you are a Lightworker.

Lightworkers, also known as Starseeds, Indigos or Crystal children, are people who came to this earth with a mission to change the energy of the planet. They are here to overthrow negative energies and to foster light and love in the world.

Being a Lightworker is not an easy destiny. In a world that is not quite ready for this energy yet, Lightworker’s often feel misunderstood and isolated. But you are not alone. There are many people in the world right now who long to bring light and love into the world.

Lightworkers came to this world with a mission. Unfortunately, once we enter the matrix of this physical manifestation, we suffer some amnesia. We can’t quite remember why we came and what we are meant to do. But the deep feeling of having a purpose in this lifetime remains inside us like a seed, waiting patiently for us to water it and nurture it into bloom.

If you are one of these special people, you will probably recognize the following 7 signs:   

1. You don’t feel part of society

You may feel you don’t fit in with your society, community, and even your family. Lightworkers don’t understand popular preoccupations with money, material possessions, and competition. Deep inside you know the planet has resources enough for all to live in abundance and you can’t understand why society does not make this happen.

You cannot stand selfishness and greed and have lost all hope in politicians’ ability to create a fairer world. You are frustrated that society seems to be so slow in moving towards fairness and equality.

2. You have longings you cannot explain

There seems to be something missing from your life. It’s like nostalgia for something past or homesickness for somewhere you can barely remember. You know that you belong somewhere and you are constantly searching for a place where you will be understood.

Sometimes you might meet someone who you just click with and you know that you have been together once before and this develops into an incredible friendship or relationship. But often, you feel frustrated that you can’t quite find a place where you belong.

3. You know you have a job to do

Deep inside, you know you have a mission here on earth. It’s like a word that is on the tip of your tongue that you just can’t grasp. You have probably read many books about science, philosophy, and spirituality, but you just can’t find the answer to the questions you have.

You may eventually realize that the answers are not in books or talks or even in articles on the internet – they are deep inside you, you simply need to learn to tune into a way of thinking and feeling that speaks a different language.

4. You have a deep desire to be of service to others

Lightworkers are often very sensitive and highly empathetic. They feel others’ pain and have a deep desire to heal. If you are a Lightworker, you may be frustrated when those you love are in pain but can’t seem to see what you are showing them.

You long to pull them out of the delusion of the matrix and show them the love and light of the world, but they can’t yet see the way. You may foster this need to help into a creative pursuit such as writing or painting, or you may work at being of service in a more traditional way, as a medical professional, counselor or alternative therapist.

5. You are a seeker

As a Lightworker, you have probably always been drawn to spiritual practices and from a very young age, you have been interested in different ways of thinking. Lightworkers often start with their own family religion but then expand their reach in search of answers. Lightworkers often suffer from depression, anxiety or other mental health problems.

Frequently, this is caused by feeling there is something missing in your life and that you are different and don’t fit in. You have worked hard to make yourself good enough. However, you always were good enough. You are not sick; you just exist on a different energetic level than most people in society. It’s not always an easy place to be because you are a pioneer in a world that mainly misunderstands these things.

6. You may have physical signs of difference

Often Lightworkers have unusual eyes, perhaps of a startling color, or different colors. You might also have birthmarks or other distinctive features. These marks were often called witch marks in the past.

You may also have problems with vision or hearing or a long-term health condition. Many of these issues are caused by trying to fit into a world that isn’t quite what you were designed for. It can be hard to be so intuitive and sensitive in a world that honors the material above all else.

Alternatively, you might have very highly developed senses. An acute sense of taste or touch is very common among Lightworkers. You may also have a very strong sense of intuition and psychic abilities.

7. You believe in things you cannot see

Lightworkers understand that there is more to this universe than mere matter. Your scientific explorations may have validated these beliefs, as even physicists now understand that there are forces that we cannot measure affecting our universe. You understand that energy is as important as material things.

You know that this is not a clockwork universe and you are open to the possibilities of beings and energies that you cannot touch. Lightworkers often feel guided by these energies, either in the form of thoughts and intuitive guidance, or in the form of higher beings, or angels. You are open-minded and understand deeply that there is more to this world than meets the eye.

What it means to be a Lightworker

Being a Lightworker is difficult and you need to take seriously the need to take care of yourself. You must protect yourself from negative and draining energies and spend time recharging your own energy to allow your inner light to shine and make a much-needed difference in the world.

If you recognize several of these signs, the next step is to find out more about your life purpose. You probably already have an underlying sense of what this is. This may be a lifelong dream or a vision that has recently developed.

If you need more help discovering your job here on earth, you might like to develop a meditation routine or other ritual to help you connect with your inner self. Other ways to discover your higher purpose include journaling, writing with the non-dominant hand or shamanic journeying.

It can also help to connect with others who have light worker energy. There are plenty about and we can support each other on a journey to bring more light and love into the world.

Remember that every interaction you have is an opportunity to share your light and raise the vibrations of the world. So do all you can to keep your vibration high so that you can spread the light.

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