2012Lately many talk of what might happen in 2012, presenting and discussing different scenarios. Few are those who say that something good is going to happen. And of course many are those who say that absolutely nothing will happen.

Some describe the end of the world with all the disasters the human mind can imagine. Others say about the coming of Christ (!), others – about the coming of the Antichrist. Some say that evil aliens are coming to invade the Earth and we must find a way to stop them. Others wait for an asteroid to fall on our heads. Some expect for good aliens to rid us of evil humans…

Scientists talk about solar storms and speculate on what impact they might have on our planet. NASA claims that there is a photon zone traveling through space and the specific date will impact our planet. Also our NASA states that on December 21, 2012 all the planets in our solar system will align with the center of our galaxy. Similar alignment of planets (but not with the center of the galaxy) took place on May 5, 2000.

Furthermore, scientists mention Planet X that appeared on the outskirts of our celestial neighborhood, beyond Pluto, saying that it has a metal outer shell, ie it is an artificial object.

However, in the past there were times when some circles were speculating about eschatology (ie religious beliefs about the end of the world) and every time were found to be liars. Something like that happens now. Many write and say different things, and others believe them.

This eschatology originates from the prophecies of ancient peoples, mostly from the Mayan ones. However, it seems that eschatologists have not studied the Mayan prophecies in detail and interpreted them the way they wanted. So the Mayans spoke not of the end of the world, but of the end of the year!

As great Heraclitus told, “Everything flows” and always makes circles. Our planet in one day makes a circle around its axis and in one year – around the Sun. This is a terrestrial year.

There is also a celestial year that was never considered by us. It is a full circle of the Sun and the planets of our solar system around the galaxy’s center. The duration of this cycle is 26000 terrestrial years, and it is estimated that the current cycle will end on December 21, 2012. So maybe this is what the Mayans spoke of?

So what will happen after 2012? But of course 2013 will come. But besides the terrestrial New Year we will have also the galactic New Year. If we open our minds even more, we can imagine even bigger periods of time. For example, circle of galaxies around the center of the universe. Want more? There are reports that there are several contiguous and parallel universes in different dimensions. Maybe these universes also rotate around a center.

So we see that what will happen in 2012 is a natural phenomenon and nothing more. Questions, concerns and various scenarios exist because there is no previous record of this fact, since it happens every 26000 years.

However, no one is sure about the exact line of the alignment of the Sun with the galactic center. The center of the galaxy is not a distinct point, since it is millions of light years away and is enormous. Therefore it is difficult to find the location of the galactic center and calculate the date. Anyway, the latest estimates state that it will take place on December 21, 2012 at 11:11 p.m.

Imagine: the Sun and all the planets will make a straight line reaching the center of the galaxy, and another galactic year will begin. Isn’t it a good idea to forget the chronology we know and make a new beginning? So instead of 2013, we would have the year 1. What do you think? As for different scenarios, let’s hope we’ll be fine till then and we’ll see.

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