What Really Are Near-Death Experiences?

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The answer to this question seems to be given by scientists of the Medical Research Council of Cambridge and the department of psychology at the University of Edinburgh.

In their opinion, those who claim to have visited the afterlife have experienced no more than a disturbance to the normal functioning of the brain.

The study bears the name “Trends in Cognitive Science” and concludes that the brain is capable of deceiving us to such an extent that we think that we have a near-death experience, while in reality all these stories are nothing more than disturbance to our brain functions.

The attempt of the mind to make sense of what a person may be experiencing during a traumatic event creates visions which can be explained by biological basis. For example, when during a near-death experience a person thinks he is dead, it may be associated with a rare mental disorder called Cotard delusion which makes one feel that he is dead while in reality he is not.

The feeling that during the NDE a person leaves his body and sees himself from above may occur due to the excitations of the mind in specific areas of the brain that regulate perception and awareness. As for the known light at the end of the tunnel that many people claim to have seen, according to scientists, it is associated with lack of blood and oxygen supply in the eye.


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  1. Valerie July 9, 2014 at 1:39 am - Reply

    I am so sick of scientists that are also atheists trying to steal our natural spirituality from us. If you don’t want to believe in life after life, then don’t and just be surprised when you find out it’s real. If you haven’t had an NDE or spiritual experiences sans death or near death, then go ahead and keep being negative. People that have had them know they’re real, and that’s all I care about.

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