I bet you don’t know what to do when you are feeling hopeless. It’s okay, many of us experience this. That’s why we need positive ideas.

Hopelessness comes more often than we want to admit. I have this feeling off and on, and just keep pushing forward. But I will say, it’s not an easy task.

If you don’t know what to do with your feeling of hopelessness, then you’re not alone. Sometimes I don’t have a clue either. It takes spending some time alone to figure out a few ideas to help with this debilitating emotion.

What to do when you are feeling hopeless?

On the good days, it’s best to be productive. Do those things you love to do, and finish those chores that must be done. The reason is this: on the days that you feel hopeless, you will not feel like being productive.

However, in case you’re already overwhelmed by responsibilities, when feeling this way, you must learn how to pull yourself from the depths of hopelessness. Here are a few ideas.

1. Remind yourself

When first feeling hopeless, remember that you never have to feel a certain way constantly. Even in the worst case of depression, you will have good days.

When trying to cope when you are feeling hopeless, you should believe in reminders of good days past and of better days to come. Nothing stays the same, and things will eventually change. Hopelessness, as heavy as it may be, will not last forever. So think about this.

2. Treat yourself well

When you start to feel that dark feeling of giving up, do something good for yourself. It’s not selfish to pamper yourself every once in a while by taking an extra nap or buying yourself a gift. If it will lift your spirits and it doesn’t harm another, then go for it.

Spend some time alone watching your favorite shows, reading a good book, or even going for a drive to clear your thoughts. Think about you for a while, and then you can go back to doing things for others.

3. Have a cry

Many of us start feeling hopeless and don’t know how to feel better. Then there are those who have the simplest of solutions. One solution is to cry. That’s right, go deeply into your feelings and let the tears flow.

Maybe you’ve heard people tell you to stop crying and think positively, but is this really healthy? I think not. I think that having a good cry to release pressure works wonders in lifting some of those hopeless feelings. It’s worth a try.

4. Acknowledge your feelings

When you feel hopeless, it doesn’t just come out of thin air. There’s something in your life that leaves you feeling empty like this. Maybe you aren’t happy in a relationship, or maybe you’ve suddenly come face to face with empty nest syndrome.

There is a reason why you feel so hopeless, and until you acknowledge what it is, you cannot feel better. That’s because what makes you feel hopeless can be multiple situations. You have to find each issue, label it, and examine what it means. Then you can move forward.

5. See the good things

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Even in the darkest night, a small light makes an imprint. It can illuminate more than what seems possible. With this in mine, feeling hopeless doesn’t have to take over your entire existence. I promise you, even in the worst situation, there is good to be found.

Want to know what to do when you are feeling hopeless? Take a look around and see the little things, the beautiful things that also make up a piece of the puzzle called life. If you can see good, you can have hope.

6. Share with others

To ward off hopelessness, you can share the hopes and dreams you still have. While you may be struggling with depression, just a moment of reflection on your real goals in life can reveal dreams that haven’t died.

Believe me, no matter how low you get, there is something still buried that can bring light into your life. You need a good friend or trusted family member to talk these things through. Share the good that’s still there with others and they can support you on your way out of the darkness.

7. Remember past success

In the past, there were hopeless moments, hopeless days, and even long periods of hopelessness. Guess what? You survived them all. When you are not sure what to do when you are feeling hopeless now, you can think back on all the times you felt this way before.

Did you give up? No. So, with that in mind, take that strength from within and use it against the negative feelings you’re dealing with, and maybe you can turn them around again. In fact, I know you can.

There is hope for the hopeless

Before you throw in the towel and just go along with anything, retrieve your strength, your dignity, integrity, and faith. You know that just like before, you can beat hopelessness. Once again, you can find that great purpose in life you’ve seen and felt before. It’s happened to me, and I have found a solution. I know you can triumph too.

I hope these tips can help you get back on your feet and know what to do when you are feeling hopeless. You did it before, and you can do it again! Although there may have been many bad times, you should never forget your track record of success.

I wish you all well.


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    God am your child. I believe in you. Help me.

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    God hears you, and he is with you.

    Be blessed.

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