What will happen in 2016 according to French prophet Nostradamus and Bulgarian mystic Baba Vanga?

Can humans predict the future? Some say it’s true, and, as a matter of fact, it is believed that humans have the ability to reveal more than just winning lottery numbers. Some believe there are individuals with the ability to predict the future of the entire globe. Wars, famines and pestilence, it’s all there in the holy bible, but can a mere human reveal the end of life as we know it?

Two people in history believed they could do just that. Not only did these extraordinary people hold their beliefs sacred, but many others also claimed these predictions to be true. And of course, we know it’s true. We’ve seen things happen that obviously were spoken of centuries before.

So, I ask you to have an open mind. What will happen in 2016? Maybe these two mystics can shed some light on our fate.

What will happen in 2016 according to Nostradamus

French physician and astrologer, Nostradamus, was considered to be one of the most accurate psychics of all time. The prophet claimed to have had visions from a young age, where, in 1555 he started writing quatrains filled with predictions.

Imagine that! He didn’t just predict what would happen months into the future, but years, decades and centuries later. He even knew about the rise of Hitler in the 1930s. The interesting part of all this is the fact that some of his predictions haven’t happened yet. This year reveals the promises of major events, and it’s best you are aware ahead of time.

What’s in Store?

World War III, including nuclear warfare, is scheduled to happen between two major world powers. This war will last for 27 years and will coincide with the appearance of a comet. Radiation will burn the earth, causing the complete depletion of the ozone layer.

Volcanic eruptions and earthquakes will shake the earth. One such earthquake in the western United States will be the most powerful event in history. We may now be seeing the warnings on the western coast.

The economy will collapse in the near future, and people will have to get permission to have children. Weird, huh?

Not all of Nostradamus’ predictions are horrific, however. There are positive things in store for our planet as well.

The prophet believed that people would live for over 200 years and be able to talk to animals. Languages will integrate, dissolving the differences for the first time since the tower of babel. This dissolution of language barriers will all be due to a sort of engine, much like computers in the present time. If that’s not miraculous enough, all taxes, in the western world, will be done away with. Think of all the money you will keep in your pockets!

Wow! These are some startling predictions for 2016, don’t you think. But Nostradamus isn’t the only one predicting events that will occur this year.

What will happen in 2016 according to Baba Vanga

Baba Vanga, or Vangelia Pandeva Dimitrova, was born in Strumica, Macedonia. She saw visions of the future from an early age, just as Nostradamus. In fact, her gift was revealed after Vanga went missing from her home. During a storm, Baba Vanga lost her eyesight and wandered around for days. In was during these days that she had her first vision. It seems that trauma revealed her otherworldly talents.

Baba Vanga believed that 2016, this year, would bring to fruition, some of the things she saw in her visions.

Could it be? Political tensions are high, but is it possible that Barack Obama will be the last president of the United States? It seems that the prophetess believed this to be so. Baba Vanga also believed during the end of Obama’s presidency, the states would be in economic ruin.

In Europe, Islamic extremists will wage war destroying the continent. Europe will become a wasteland.

In 2018, China will become a superpower. This will aid in the ruin of the U.S. economy. But there is good news between the years of 2025 and 2028, as world hunger will be eradicated.

It seems we will be traveling to Venus, according to Baba, right before Rome becomes the capital of the Islamic caliphate. This will happen by the year 2043. After that, the polar ice caps will melt completely.

According to Baba Vanga, organs will be cloned in the year 2046. In 2066, the U.S. will attack Rome, turning it back to Christianity. This will help Europe to become strong again. In 2076, however, communism will rule the world.

By the year 2130, the aliens will help us learn to live underwater. For centuries, we will continue to move forward, only for the earth to die in 3797. Although, by then, we will have advanced enough to live on other planets.

So Whatcha’ think?

Seems we’ve got an eventful history, according to these two revered prophets. I know that some of these predictions are far out and questionable, but some are eerily coming true. In fact, we are already ahead with cloning organs. Although some of us may not believe in the power to predict, we cannot ignore what’s happening in our world today. Could Nostradamus and Baba Vanga be right about what will happen in 2016 and further future? Only time will tell.

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