Nowadays, not only we openly write about sex, it is shown all over the place and even brought to our attention in the media.

An intimate relationship is no longer a manifestation of romantic feelings or anything sacred. Perhaps that is why the concepts of sex and love have grown apart. And while “true love” has not yet fully come under the influence of modern technology, it is quite different with sex.

Here is an overview of the latest technologies and sex prototypes to help in understanding what sex may become like in the distant future.

Immersion into interactive porn games

Given the current level of technological capabilities, it seems that very soon we will be able to use cameras or devices which will be able to generate tactile sensations, smells, by transmitting them directly into our brain.

Especially since these technologies already exist. For example, recently, to put it mildly, a “surprising” innovation presented opportunities while using the Oculus Rift helmet with nude models.

It was almost impossible to distinguish the models from real people. A hat with a bunch of devices that sense movement much similar to the Xbox Kinect lets you immerse yourself in an interactive porn-game.

Sex and computer games

With the development of the technology of virtual reality, sex can become an important part of computer games. Moreover, players can not only have sex with other people, but also with fictional characters.

In Japan and Korea, unprecedented “virtual partners” became very popular, and while still have problems in their ability to communicate with the user, they can react to the user’s actions.

With bundles of “smart glasses” and a motion sensor, a Japanese enthusiast recreated in a virtual space a Japanese vocalist Hatsune Miku. In the video he recorded, you can see how the character responds to the user’s touches and strokes.

The influence of virtual games on real life sometimes comes to a point of absolute absurdity. For example, there are cases when users of the virtual world “Second Life” got married, participated in orgies, and even got divorced in real life because of the jealousy of other people’s avatars.

Robots replace humans

With improved Artificial Intelligence (AI), realistic materials, and flexible configuration in the near future, robots will be able to meet all of the needs of the user. Thus, they will be able to replace a certain number of workers in the sex industry.

In the U.S., the first androids for sex purposes have already entered the market. With the help of virtual reality devices, the appearance of robots can be changed. The Japanese have already demonstrated a prototype of a mechanical silhouette, which is superimposed on an animated hologram girl.

In fact, in the filming of pornographic scenes from the movie “Nymphomaniac”, Lars von Trier, has used the technology to put the actors’ faces on the body doubles.

AI researchers believe that by 2050, without the use of virtual reality, people will be able to fall in love with robots, create families with them, and treat them as real love partners.

Distance is no barrier to sex

Very soon devices may be introduced for people to meet each other over a long distance. For example, a company recently unveiled a prototype Dure x sensor underwear, with vibrating areas controlled with a command from your smartphone.

And the company plans to launch Interaxon cheap (under $200) for a head wrap, which responds to brain waves of the device wearer. With hyper-realistic Fleshlight, sex over distance seems quite possible.

Sex-industry workers will move from the streets to specialized institutions

New technology will allow sex industry workers in Western countries to move into more comfortable and safe working conditions. They will become able to work without the middleman, to manage their careers by using computer networks, perform online advertising, and personalized marketing.

Copyright © 2012-2024 Learning Mind. All rights reserved. For permission to reprint, contact us.

Copyright © 2012-2024 Learning Mind. All rights reserved. For permission to reprint, contact us.
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  1. David

    What a scary future ahead of us.

  2. Joshua Eagle

    What a fascinating article. Scary yet interesting how avatars had the power to actually cause divorce and jealousy. Do avatars develop consciousness or not is an interesting question we should ask our ourselves. The idea of sex avatars makes me un-easy, but apparently it is an issue we will all have to come to learn about and understand better.

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