Did you know that handwriting reveals over 5.000 character traits? If you want to discover what your handwriting style says about you, read on.

Can the way we write really reveal our personality traits? I remember years ago working for a tyrannical company boss. He had built his firm up from scratch. Everyone was afraid of him. The guy was arrogant and ruthless, but he paid big bucks, so people stuck around. When he signed his name, the first initial was enormous. It was completely out of proportion and overshadowed the other letters. The rest of his name was tiny in comparison. I always thought there must be something revealing to that signature.

So, when it comes to the link between one’s handwriting and their personality, what should we be looking for?

At first glance, analysing handwriting can seem like an impossible task. I mean, where do you even start? But if you break it down into sections, it becomes much easier.

Graphology is the study of handwriting. It can predict temperament and decipher personality traits. Therefore, when we write, we give away clues about our identity. For example, the size of the letters, the spaces in-between the words, even those super-sized initials in our signatures.

Here are just ten personality traits associated with handwriting.

Let’s Find out What Your Handwriting Says about You

10 Factors to Consider:

  1. Size of Letters

Large letters

If you write using large letters, you are outgoing. Moreover, you love to be the centre of attention and are a people-person. In addition, you are self-confident and willing to act. Very large letters can mean you go over the top and crave attention. They are also a sign of a large ego.

Average-sized letters signify someone who is well-adjusted.

Small letters

People that use small letters are the reverse; they are timid and shy. As a result, they keep to themselves and are withdrawn. Furthermore, they are meticulous when it comes to details. They are modest and shy. Extremely small letters are a sign of great intelligence.

  1. Spacing between Words

handwriting personality spacing

Wide spacing

Experts suggest that wide spacing between words is an indication of a love of freedom. Even more, you don’t like to be boxed in and you value your independence. You can feel overwhelmed and claustrophobic in a crowd.

Narrow spacing

People that don’t space their words widely do not like to be alone and love being in the company of others. After all, they need contact with others and are direct in their approach to life.

  1. Slanting Letters

No slant

Someone who writes with no slant in an upright fashion is logical and pragmatic. Additionally, they are not overly emotional and rely on the facts to guide their decisions.

Slanting to the right

In the first place, you enjoy meeting new people and are curious about the world. Furthermore, you have a naturally inquisitive mind and like trying out new challenges and experiences.

handwriting personality slant

Slanting to the left

You prefer to keep to yourself. You don’t like attention and are quite stuck in your ways. As a result, you like routine and are not a fan of change.

  1. Letter Shape


You are a loving and kind person that is quite emotional. You don’t get angry at things. In fact, you get more upset as you feel helpless in certain situations. You are an artistic person that works in creative areas.


You are intense and aggressive and are likely to be in charge. After all, you don’t suffer fools and won’t let emotions sway you. Business is business for you.

  1. Pen Pressure

Light pressure

You are passive and gentle with a sensitive nature. Besides, you’re good at dealing with emotional issues. A follower rather than a leader. People come to you when they have a problem as they feel you will listen to them. You show empathy. However, very light pressure can imply a lack of energy.

Heavy pressure

A self-assertive nature, you are a leader. You have a dominant nature and are loyal. When you say you’ll do something you carry it through so people trust you to get things done.

At the same time, you’re dynamic and active. However, extremely heavy pressure is an indication of a person who does not react well to criticism. As a matter of fact, you come across as uptight.

  1. Crossing your T’s

The way you cross your t’s can reveal a lot about your personality. From the height of the cross to the length.

  • Cross at the top of the T – You are ambitious and like to challenge yourself.
  • Cross in the bottom of the T – It is time to challenge yourself.
  • Long cross – A sign of determination and enthusiasm.
  • Short cross – This could be a sign of laziness or that you have settled.
  1. Dotting your I’s

Do you dot your i’s or not? It is revealing either way.

  • Placing the dot exactly above the i is an indication of an organised individual.
  • People who procrastinate tend to place the dot to the left of the i.
  • If you use a circle in place of a dot you have a childish nature.
  • However, if you use a dash instead of a dot it is likely you are a critical person.
  1. Writing Speed

Are you a fast writer or do you like to take your time? Those that write quickly are impatient in other areas of their lives. They like to get things done and are proactive rather than reactive.

On the other hand, slow writers are methodical in their approach to life. They will weigh up the pros and cons before making a decision.

  1. Letters Connected or Disconnected?

handwriting personality connect

Do you use joined up handwriting or are your letters disconnected? The evidence shows that people who connect their letters together use facts and experience. They like logic over emotion.

By contrast, those who do not connect their letters prefer intuition and imagination. They are impulsive and act on instinct.

  1. Your Signature

Our signatures are the most personal piece of handwriting we will ever write. So it is not surprising that they are pivotal when it comes to decoding your personality by your handwriting style.

If your signature is legible, then you are a confident person who is pretty open and happy with who they are. Conversely, an illegible signature depicts a very private person who may be lacking in self-esteem.

So what can I deduce about my former boss’s signature? Primarily, the extremely large initial suggests a big ego. I would suggest that the tiny letters in the rest of his name are indicative of great intellect.

It seems that your handwriting can be very revealing and says a lot about you and your personality. Perhaps it’s a good job most of us communicate via email or text these days!


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