So the Higgs Boson is a particle that gives away all the secrets to how other particles get their mass, correct?

Well, is it possible that the Higgs Boson has a voice to match those secrets being told? Well, of course, it does, and we have found the lovely voice of the Higgs Boson, what’s more, we have set this sound to music.

In actuality, the sound we hear was converted from the data received from the Higgs Boson itself. That raw data, obtained between the years of 2011-2013, from three different sources: ALICE, Atlas CMS and LhCB detectors within Cern’s Large Hadron Collider, was enough to compose the beautiful song of Higgs.

Physicists and Engineers, working together, mapped the peaks and valleys and composed a piece in which they call LHC Chamber Music.

Celebrating Atom Smashing at its finest

On the 60th Anniversary of the CERN facility, Domenico Vicinanza, Composer and physicist, created the score. Those who have any sort of musical talent were asked to play the score within the four experimental chambers containing the atom smasher detectors. Here, the song of the Higgs Boson came to life.

This musically artistic activity commemorates the discovery of the Higgs particle. Throughout the years, this particle was only a myth. Finally in the year of 2012, the particle was made fact by scientists. This is more than enough reason to celebrate.

What does it sound like?

In order to understand what the Higgs Boson sounds like, you have to understand musical notes. Basically, scientists and composers worked together to map out the notes according to the collision events in mass units.

For example, if the number is 25, then the note is C, 26, and the note is D and so on. At first the music was played on the Bosendorfer piano, then other instruments were added to the score, making the sound multidimensional and layered.

Much Deserved Recognition

The Higgs Boson deserved its own musical score. This particle was the missing piece to the standard model of particle physics. Discovering this particle changes everything, it sheds a new light on life by revealing the secrets of life itself.

This is the voice, the song and the music of the Higgs Boson, allowing science to discover more through the peaks of sound and showing musicians the beauty of physics.

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