The recent discovery of a great number of potentially habitable exoplanets raises the Fermi paradox again: why haven’t we still come into contact with intelligent aliens? Climatologists might have finally given a plausible answer.

The great physicist of the 20th century Enrico Fermi, when asked about the possibility of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations, answered with a counter-question: “So where are they?

According to the scientist, any intelligent species after having reached the level of interstellar travel would inevitably fill the entire galaxy, including our Earth, in a short (by cosmic standards) period of time.

Many experts have tried to find the answer to the Fermi paradox.

Some of them question the fundamental feasibility of interstellar travel, while others believe that any intelligent civilization, in the end, must self-destruct.

Each discovery of a new potentially habitable exoplanet raises the question of extraterrestrial intelligence. According to current estimates, only in the Milky Way, there must be hundreds of millions of planets suitable for life.

More recently, a rocky exoplanet with a mass equal to 17 Earths was discovered. Previously, it was thought that the atmosphere of such celestial bodies should be so dense that the temperature and pressure at their surface would not allow them to sustain life.

However, as it turned out, “Mega-Earth” has a relatively thin atmosphere, which means that there is a completely new major category of potentially habitable worlds.

So why hasn’t mankind still come in contact with intelligent aliens?

It is possible that the cause lies in climate change. At the same time, it is not necessary that the intelligent life should self-destruct with the constant rise of the temperature of the biosphere. Stellar evolution can lead to the fact that the climatic conditions may get worse long before the intelligent life emerges on the planet.

But then how to explain the fact of our existence on Earth?

According to calculations, the surface temperature of the Sun has increased by 4% over the past 500 million years, which means that the temperature on Earth would be increased by 10° C. However, current data suggest rather the opposite effect.

If you extrapolate the data for the entire history of life on Earth, in four billion years, the average temperature would be increased by 100° C, i.e. the first living organisms were to appear in permafrost. But scientific data show that at that time our planet was already covered by oceans.

The answer given by scientists is simple and yet surprising: Earth was incredibly lucky. Geological and then biological processes on our planet were combined with the increasing flow of heat from the sun.

The Earth’s atmosphere has evolved in such a way that it was able to effectively reflect the sunlight, keeping the perfect climate necessary for the development of life on the planet over billions of years, the evolution of which eventually led to the emergence of intelligent species – humans.

It is highly unlikely that among the hundreds of millions of potentially habitable worlds there is a large number of planets capable of regulating their climate for a sufficiently long period of time before the emergence of intelligent aliens. It is quite possible that this is the answer to the Fermi paradox.

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  1. A.R:

    Because they startet life on Earth and we are only the number one laboratory rats.

  2. George E Moss

    Intro: In appraising the Fermi Paradox, it is in the first place necessary to recognize that Planet Earth is beset collectively by an extremely muddled and confused set of ideas. This muddled status quo arises from several factors: (1) the favored persistence of old ideologies, (2) dogged limitations of mainstream science and its selective funding from institutions, (3) censorship imposed by controlling bodies that extends to traditional news media, (4) fabricated false information and conspiracy theory, (5) politically orientated exclusion of facts from news channels, (6) irrational fear of beings more intelligent than ourselves and (7) a failure to recognize the key evidence pertaining to extraterrestrial visits to Earth. But this is a refreshing period of huge change for our planet; led by the Internet, certain informative book publications and seeking minds. Yesterday’s outmoded foibles will fade as the truth now emerges.
    Extraterrestrial Reality: During WW II, extraterrestrial space-craft flew alongside British, German, Japanese and American squadrons. These ‘Foo Fighters’, as they were named, were closely observing our activities and their presence was reported by many pilots. The ETs were concerned for us at that crucial time in our history. The authorities took the Foo Fighters very seriously, because each thought them to be a secret weapon of the other. Later (1947), a UFO crashed near Roswell. Regardless of the blatant lies and misleading propaganda that followed, the crash and UFOs are REAL, and many thousands of sightings have since been reported worldwide. Reliable witnesses have included one astronaut, prime ministers, airline pilots, high ranking military, police officers, and one Chinese airport was closed temporarily on account of UFO presence. UFOs are real, and from their mode of construction and aerobatic maneuvers, they are not of this Earth. There are many sentient beings out there who we should regard as our friends. Some endeavor to communicate and step-up our understanding by placing complex designs in our cornfields—‘crop circles’. Clearly, there have been media attempts to ‘rubbish’ crop circles, but their continued developing complexity defies all claim to weather vortex or rope-and-plank origin! Their increasing complexity renders such inept notions as untenable.
    Telepathic ET Communications: The numerous recorded conversations with extraterrestrial sentient beings are available on the Internet and as published books offered via Amazon. Telepathic mind-linkage operates exterior to space-time and is not governed by material world laws. Mind-link ‘side-steps’ universal distance so that communications between séance groups on different planets are virtually instantaneous. And brain is a biological computer that can download thought-behind-words to its known language. The recorded conversations are of flowing style, with no language problem, and have been VERY informative. This stupendous discovery has been totally ignored by traditional media. All is available, however on certain Internet websites and in the published books—mentioned later.
    Hard Evidence of ET visits to Earth: We know from ET-conversations and from certain highly reliable spiritual sources that there have been many visits to our planet by friendly ETs who are interested in our progress. It has often been the case that they construct a pyramid to produce the energy needed whilst they are here and to assist their return journey. The Egyptian Giza pyramids and the Bosnian pyramids in Europe, were thus built and wonderfully, still continue to yield measurable energies—not standard electric energy but energies revealed by radar and by other means. And the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun has been radio-carbon dated to 30,000 years. We are indebted to Russian scientists—Profs Golod and Krasnoholovets—for constructing large glass-fiber pyramids and evaluating in some detail the energy they produce. In addition to pyramid hard evidence, there is other massive stonework that humans would be incapable of devising, the three-fingered beings inscribed on the Atlatl Rock in the Nevada Desert and the huge extraterrestrial animal designs of the Nazca Plateau, South America.

    Enrico Fermi (1901-1954): A great scientist of yesteryear. But it is now abundantly clear that there is no paradox. Earth has moved on. We are one of many planets in this universe with sentient beings. We are blessed in having ET-friends all around us. And it is appropriate to conclude with an Enrico Fermi quote: “Ignorance is never better than knowledge”.

  3. Thinkee

    If only subconsious(souls) are real and not human bodies, where were the souls before earth had ‘life’?

  4. Paul Kruse

    Thank you for your comment George E Moss. I agree we are being watched. Many respected ancient writtings have stated that there will be a time when “aliens” or Gods, will have to “step in” in order to save man from himself. As is written, “…let us make man in our image…,” we are not alone.
    God is, creations ability to say, I am.
    World government, and peace, I believe, will only come through extraterestrial intervention.

  5. Marco

    where is the intelligence in self-destruction?

  6. messy

    they are here already. they are in you. they are in us.

  7. fjgiie

    We are much more likely to speak to a computer smarter than us than speak to a smart alien from more than a billion light years away.

    I hate the great filter. Every time I see it mentioned I skip right over that part. However, seems there is a great filter but it comes not after a civilization becomes intelligent but much earlier.

    A seemingly improbable merger of two single-celled organisms here gave rise to complex cells containing the marvelous little power generators, mitochondria. Otherwise there would be no animals, no insects, birds, fish, reptiles, fungi, sponges or celebrities. Some biologists argue that the low likelihood of this microbial tango implies that a similar step could happen only in very, very few life-bearing planets across the universe. Life that is like us could be the exception rather than the rule.

    The two single celled organisms were archaea and bacteria which split off from each other 4.2 Ga. (Giga annum or billions of years ago) One of the cells ate the other one but did not digest it. They became symbiotic and all Eukaryotes are descended from that cell.

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