telepathyThe results of many scientific experiments on telepathy seem so persuasive that it raises the question why this information is still closed from the general public?

Some evidence of this amazing phenomenon has been published yet in 1951 by the psychologist Donald Hebb. In his article he explained why this data, no matter how valid it is, would not be widely distributed:

Why don’t we recognize extrasensory perception (ESP) as a natural, scientific phenomenon? Unfortunately, for us it is easier to take it as one of prejudices than to begin to re-establish our system of concepts. This work is initially ephemeral, and it is hard to say whether 

any of today‘s scientists would continue it“.

Four years later, the prestigious American magazine Science published an article written by George Price, researcher of the Medical University of Minnesota, which was saying that “The persistent defenders of the existence of supernatural, superhuman powers seem to have achieved a resounding victory”.

Both Price and Hebb considered the existence of ESP incompatible with fundamental scientific principles. The results of scientific experiments on ESP and other psychic phenomena posed an obvious threat to the existing system of scientific knowledge.

According to scientists who believed in the reality of telepathy, “There is a persistent confrontation between science and parapsychology. Because of the evident authority of science, this amazing topic of parapsychology is doomed to obscurity“.

Of course, the skepticism of the 1950s is quite logical. However, the majority of today’s people would be hard to convince that telepathy and other psychic abilities are real, even if there were plenty other persuasive scientific arguments. They are used to consider it something “extraordinary” and are not ready to change this belief. Only those who have experienced extrasensory perception on their own do not get astonished by scientific findings like that.

Anyway, both those who believe in telepathy and those who don’t agree on one thing: proof of the existence of telepathy will turn the known laws of physics on their head. In any case, extrasensory perception is not the only reason to challenge basic assumptions of science.

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