Being wise isn’t something set aside for the elderly. Oh no, you may be wiser than you think, even at a younger age. While age does present unique insight into topics and the ability to appreciate the simplicities of life, some people start to catch glimpses of wisdom early on. In fact, wisdom is the lifelong quest for knowledge.

Are you wiser than you think?

We shouldn’t view wisdom as solely a gift of growing old. Glimmers of wisdom begin to show at various ages. You may be wiser than you think if you’re feeling differently from peers in your age group. Here are a few undeniable signs that you could definitely be wiser than you think.

1. You’re aware of your own ignorance

It’s not true that the wisest of people have an answer for everything. On the contrary, those who can recognize their own ignorance and accept they don’t know everything is ahead of the game. Being wise is not just being intelligent. It’s also about being able to see your own humanity and imperfection. You just might be wiser than you think if not having an answer is okay with you.

2. Ability to appreciate other perspectives

Emotional thinking will have you stuck in your own perspectives, not able to see things from a different mindset. If you have the ability, however, to set personal bias aside, you can learn from the thoughts of others.

Not every decision you make will need to come from your own personal standards and morals. Seeing something different for a change provides fresh ideas and solutions. If you are already able to pivot like this, you are much wiser than you think.

3. You’re creative

Being able to create is a pure sign of intelligence. It’s also a sign of great wisdom. This includes art, music, and other endeavors that require you to think outside your normal routine. Let’s face it. A creative mind just thinks differently, and it holds large stores of wisdom, either realized now or growing stronger as time goes by.

4. You talk to yourself

It’s possible that you’re wiser than you think if you talk to yourself. No, it’s not a sign of mental instability, at least not in every case.

You see, talking to yourself provides a way to keep self-control and ask yourself questions. When things are going wrong, a bit of self-coaching or even venting keeps emotions in check. As far as intelligence goes, you recognize your own wisdom and so you ask for your own advice.

5. You love being alone

There are many people who cannot stand being alone or living by themselves. But this neither makes them more nor less intelligent because of their preference. But you may be wiser than you think if you feel entirely comfortable in your own presence. Being able to enjoy alone time for long periods of time means you have the ability to survive with little to no help. This is a sign of wisdom past your age.

6. Material things aren’t as important

You may be wiser than you think if material things don’t seem as important to you. While many people absolutely love buying the latest gadgets and fashion, others don’t understand the craze. And as we grow older, material things become even less attractive.

Wisdom shows us that no matter how many possessions we have, we cannot take them with us when we die. So, if you find yourself with the urge to minimize your collections and belongings, you may be getting wiser.

7. They ask you for advice

Have you noticed friends and family coming to you more often for advice? If so, you may be wiser than you believe. Perhaps you’ve helped them in the past and they remember your sage words. Or maybe they simply get good vibes from the advice you give. Sometimes others can sense your wisdom before you can, and they keep coming back when they need the best advice.

8. Your focus is elevated

When you’re wise, your focus isn’t usually on trivial things. Those who hold wisdom concentrate on growth, emotional stability, and mental stability. Growth means less procrastination and more immediate moves to improve your lifestyle and future. An elevated focus shows where you’re really invested.

9. You use introspection regularly

Instead of always looking for ways to blame others or get away with mistakes, a wise person values inner work. Wisdom helps us to look within, doing thorough introspection.

For instance, if we make mistakes, instead of denying those mistakes, we can learn how to avoid them the next time. If we see problems in our personalities, wisdom can show us how to improve ourselves for the better. If you are constantly trying to improve yourself, then it’s possible that you’re wiser than you think.

Yes! You may be wise after all

Maybe you’ve lived a life of many mistakes and wrong decisions, but that doesn’t mean you’re not growing wiser every day. Take the time to notice the little good decisions you make and the mistakes you own up to. These can prove that you’re improving in many areas and becoming wiser every day.

Are you wiser than you think? I bet you are.

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  1. Maxim

    Talking to self is most important. It provides opportunity to converse with a better class of people.

  2. Sherrie Hurd, A.A.

    Talking to yourself helps you be honest with yourself.

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