Not every gadget or technique is a parlor trick. Wish fulfillment is real and it involves knowing how to utilize the great powers of the universe.

Most people believe that in order to fulfill their wishes, they must go out and use their hands to force things to their will. This is partially true, but there are other powers at work in the universe which can make your dreams come true as well. Also, whatever you desire must not go against what the universe sees as important for you. In other words, what you want may not be what you need, and the universe knows this information about you already.

The truth of manifestation

Let us understand what the word manifestation means. It doesn’t mean getting whatever you want only by thinking of it first. Manifestation is much deeper than that.

Manifestation: The act or fact of showing an abstract idea.

The act of manifestation occurs when a thought or idea has gained an image. Also, a concept may have gained collective thought, like in a group. To manifest something means to bring something to life, not always in physical form, but in a form that everyone can understand.

Now, since I have defined this word to death, let’s move on.

There are techniques which can bring wishes into manifested forms. Wish fulfillment can be attained just as easily as simple morning routines. Here are 6 powerful wish fulfillment techniques that really work!

The “Glass of Water” technique

Discovered by Vadim Zeland, the “glass of water” technique can bring your wishes to life. It’s simple, requires few physical tools, but loads of positive energy. All you need is a small piece of paper (a post-it note will work), a glass of water and your affirmations. Write down something you desire upon the small piece of paper, be it a promotion, a new car or the desire to find your soul mate. Whatever it may be, write the affirmation on this paper and attach it to the glass of water.

You can use your favorite drinking vessel, although clear glass is usually best. Rub your hands together to activate your unique energies, and then place them around the glass. Concentrate your thoughts and energies toward your goal and desires, while actively pushing energy toward the water. Water is a conductor for information, and drinking this charged water first thing is the morning and right before bed will give life to the things you want.

Step by step energy effort

Unlike the few people who miraculously win the lottery or have their lives changed instantly, you may have to reach your goals by taking steps. Focusing your energies on a quick fix may not work as effectively and may also have results that don’t last. Step by step energy pushes or releases is the best way to cement yourself to what you want, bringing longer lasting results.

Wish for manifestations according to free will

Another way to be successful with wish fulfillment is to make sure what you want, if it includes another person, is aligned with everyone’s free will. You should never try to manifest what you want if it goes against the will of another or in any way, would hurt them. Wish fulfillment is not about conquering people and things, it’s about being successful.

Your success and the success of another must align in order to use them to get what you want. This need must also be reciprocated. Make sure you talk to the other person and get into an agreement before focusing your energies toward the goal. Where two or more are gathered together, so it shall be.

The collective consciousness

Speaking of two or more, the collective consciousness is a way in which wishes can be fulfilled in powerful ways. Groups of people, utilizing their own positive energies in a collective request can manifest what they want easily.

Recently, I watched a program which told the story about “The Phillip Experiment”. In this story, a group of people was asked to spend time together, talking, laughing and creating a fake ghost with its own historical background. At the end of the development, they were asked to conduct seances at various times. Nothing strange occurred at first, but toward the end of the experiment, the group began to witness paranormal phenomena: rapping, moving furniture and turning the séance table over.

Now, it may sound like the group had summoned a spirit, but in truth, they had used their collective consciousness, as a form of group telekinesis. Seeing this, I started to wonder just what the human mind was capable of. That’s just it! The human mind, in a collective effort used thoughts to create action. This can also be utilized where wish fulfillment is concerned. If we can move inanimate objects, we can easily align with the universe to move situations in our favor. Or maybe we can just work as a group!

Change vibrational energy in 68 seconds

In one of my previous writings, I talked about the 68-second technique which is used to manifest your heart’s desires. Well, this process is easy, and only takes, obviously, a little over a minute of your time. But let’s start off small to understand the gist of this exercise. The idea is to change your negative energies into positive ones in by transforming your thoughts.

At first, it only takes 17 seconds to change your vibrational energy. Once this happens, you can move on to 68 seconds of practicing these pure thoughts. Clear your mind, no matter how long it takes, and fill it with pleasant thoughts which include your dreams and goals. The more you practice this routine, the easier it will get, and progress will be easier to come by.

Energy transfer

I learned about energy transfer in the church, believe it or not. I also read a book about faith healing which delved into that subject as well. There are two beliefs involved in energy transfer, as far as I know: one is the energy of the divine and the other being the energy of self. In some spiritualities, these are one and the same, but that’s not the point.

Energy transfer begins in the brain, with one thought. This is a desire, a deep-rooted need for change, healing or advancement. When this thought is activated, energy travels into other parts of the body to be dispersed at the right times. In the church, faith healing utilizes the energy transfer by pushing this energy down through the arms and into the hands. This is why you see so much about “laying of hands” in faith healing. Self-healing can also occur when visualization is used to navigate this energy.

This same process can be used to reach the goals you desire. Learning to navigate your energy and push it to the needed areas of your body can help you realize goals, keep hope and stay motivated.

Yes, you can control what happens to you!

Like I said, not everything beyond explanation is untrue. Not everyone who talks about energy is using a trick to scam you. The power of manifestation and wish fulfillment is real, and it can change your life if you believe.

Whether it’s based on miracles or the power of your own mind, you can have the things you want out of life. Try these techniques and discover what’s best for you!


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