Being an introvert isn’t something you can ignore, and this means every aspect of your life has to be adapted to what you need. The last thing anyone with an introverted personality needs when they start a new career is to discover they’ve landed in one of the worst jobs for introverts.

Introverts crave quiet and tend to thrive in low-intensity environments. This means jobs where socializing or handling chaotic environments are essential should usually be avoided. Knowing what to steer clear of will protect you from the emotionally and physically draining lifestyle of holding down a job that doesn’t suit your introverted personality.

Absolutely Worst Jobs for Introverts

1. Telemarketing

To most introverts, the sheer thought of making a phone call induces nervous sweats and a sense of exhaustion. With that in mind, it should be no surprise that telemarketing is one of the worst jobs for introverts. Not only are phone calls essential to the job, but so is performing in a loud, confident way.

Introverted people usually hate to bother others, just as they hate to be bothered themselves. Telemarketing, or cold calling, requires the caller to be unconcerned by disturbing their potential customers. Being forced to interact is a nightmare for most introverts. Unfortunately, the success of a telemarketing call relies on the caller convincing the answerer to stay on the line and in the conversation for as long as it takes.

Once you’ve convinced the unsuspecting potential customer to talk to you, it’s all about selling to them. You’re required to sound confident and persuasive and never take no for an answer. The obligation to be pushy and assertive at all times is likely to be too much for any introvert and makes any job that requires such a personality one of the worst for introverts.

2. Real Estate Agent

Working in Real Estate means spending all day meeting new people. That alone could be enough to make this one of the worst jobs for introverts, but there’s more to it.

Introverts aren’t usually the type to be energetic and excited for long periods of time, but that’s what is required of a successful real estate agent. Buyers expect the agent to be enthusiastic throughout their entire showing, and this could be incredibly draining for an introvert. The worst kind of jobs for introverts require high levels of energy, and as a real estate agent, you’d be expected to be nothing less.

The goal of a Real Estate Agent is to sell, so an introvert would need to be pushy and sales-oriented, which isn’t typically in their nature or something they’re comfortable with.

3. Flight Attendant

Traveling is often the perfect introvert activity, but being a Flight Attendant is in total contrast. Having a job as Flight Attendant means spending hours in close contact on an airplane with sometimes hundreds of strangers.

Introverts are categorized by their need for alone time and peace and quiet in order to refuel their energy levels. Working as a Flight Attendant doesn’t allow for this quiet time because even during breaks, you’re surrounded by people. This should be enough to make it one of the worst jobs an introvert could have.

Flight Attendants are also expected to be upbeat, friendly, and enthusiastic for the entire flight too, no matter how long it is. This kind of performance quickly drains the energy of any introvert. You would be required to be confident and secure in yourself at all times to keep nervous flyers at peace.

Then there are the not so friendly passengers. Unfortunately, it isn’t uncommon for some passengers to be less than kind, and the Flight Attendants are expected to handle this with confidence. Introverts aren’t known for their conflict resolution abilities, so this kind of work could be a living nightmare.

4. Retail and Service

Unfortunately, perhaps the easiest jobs to come across are those in the Retail and Service industries, especially for young people. It’s probably fair to assume that many introverts who have worked in retail and service have the first-hand experience that would attest to the fact these jobs are the absolute worst for introverts.

In retail jobs, such as a cashier in a clothing store, or service work, such as waiting tables, you are required you to be constantly cheerful and chatty. Customers tend to expect you to be fun and be engaging at all times of the day. This might not be so bad for one or two customers, but some businesses see hundreds of over-eager customers in a day.

That level of high-intensity socialization is a lot for an introvert. You’re also going to be required to handle confrontational customers who aren’t happy with the service or their purchase too. Confrontation can be difficult for introverts and tends to be something they would avoid.

Retail and service work can also be extremely high stress. Weekends and holidays can be incredibly busy. The demands on you would be emotionally overwhelming for anyone, let alone an introvert.

5. Management

In theory, being promoted to a managerial level is exciting. It usually comes with higher pay and the satisfaction that someone believes in you. It also comes with more responsibilities and higher expectations. Introverts don’t always handle high-pressure situations well; we prefer soft encouragement.

Managers are expected to interact with anyone who needs them, sometimes in confrontational ways. You might be expected to negotiate with other businesses, mingle with clients, or resolve conflicts amongst other employees.

This kind of job requires you to be confident and assertive, usually having to put practicality and business over feelings. People with introverted personalities tend to be sensitive to emotions, so the cut-throat world of business management might be one of the worst jobs for introverts.

Final Words

Being an introvert doesn’t have to hold you back from your dream career though. If you’re passionate about something, you don’t have to let it go because it doesn’t suit your introverted nature. There are ways to adapt and overcome, and there are always similar but more suitable alternatives that will make your work feel meaningful, not stressful.

Instead of becoming a real estate agent, perhaps your interest in homes could be channeled into interior design? Instead of being a Flight Attendant, perhaps your passion for travel could be manifested by training to be a Pilot. There are always other options that don’t require you to exhaust yourself socially or be overwhelmed by your job. Try channelling your interests and passions into the best jobs for introverts, not the worst.

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