Finding your spiritual path in life is the closest one can get to a feeling of lasting ecstasy.

There’s nothing more important in this life than finding meaning in your existence.

Many of us were brought up on spiritual or religious teachings that didn’t belong to us personally, but to the family or community to which we belonged.

On our journey through life, many of us find that the spiritual teachings we were raised with don’t suit us, and we go on a hunt for meaning of our own.

But how do you know when you’ve found your spiritual path in life?

1. You feel comfortable in your belief system

There are belief systems that make us feel uneasy with ourselves, and which offer us no real sense of understanding or meaning. If you’ve found your true spiritual path in life, you’ll feel an understanding of who you are and why you’re here.

You’ll no longer feel guilty or inadequate about who you are. You’ll understand why you are the way you are, and why your life has unfolded in the way it has.

Suddenly the suffering that you’ve been through will start to make sense in the wider unfolding of your life story. All the pieces will seem to fit, and it’ll suddenly feel like not a moment was wasted – everything you’ve experienced so far has contributed to bringing you here.

2. Everything starts coming together

A major sign that you’re on the right spiritual path is a strange and almost supernatural phenomenon of meaningful coincidence. Suddenly, things and people that are connected to the revelation that is unfolding for you seem to pop up everywhere and out of nowhere. It’s as if something is seeking you out.

Meaningful coincidences, or synchronicities, occur constantly and they fill you with the sense that the direction you’re going in is pre-ordained or supported by the universe.

Patterns begin to emerge all over the place: everything is suddenly connected. You’ll feel that you’re being called by something to walk this path. It’s almost as if you didn’t find your spiritual path, but, in fact, that it found you.

3. You feel that your life has meaning

When you’ve found your spiritual path, life suddenly seems to take on meaning. You’ll see the things that used to cause you anxiety and suffering for what they are, and you’ll feel that you’re starting to transcend the superficial trivialities that people concern themselves with.

More importantly, each revelation on your path will fill you with a sense of awe. You’ll feel moments where it all just seems to fall into place – everything seems to make sense to you. Life will seem miraculous where it never seemed so before. You’ll feel as if your eyes have been opened.

Even if you don’t know what the answer is. Even if at the end of it all, all there that exists is a mystery, you’ll feel a profound faith that there is an end, even if it is not open to you to understand. You won’t need to know what it is, you just know it’s there.

The result of all this is a confidence, an absolute sureness that there is indeed a bigger picture and that you fit into it in some way. You’ll no longer need to believe – you’ll just know.

4. The people on the same path are people you love being with

The people you meet when you find your spiritual path will fill you with joy and admiration. You’ll feel that you’ve finally met ‘your people’. You’ll feel inspired by them and you’ll listen intently, knowing that the things they’ve got to say are important.

Social gatherings will start to be enjoyable and fulfilling in a way you never experienced before. Your conversations will fascinate you and you’ll not feel the need to be fake or engage in small talk just to pass the time.

There simply won’t be enough time to discuss all the things you want to, and you’ll come away from such gatherings feeling enthused and stimulated, rather than drained or anxious. You’ll look forward to your next opportunity to be in their presence and share with them.

5. You no longer feel the need for artificial stimulants

A common phenomenon for those who have no sense of meaning in their lives, spiritually speaking, is that they become vulnerable to addictions such as alcohol or drug abuse. Artificial stimulants become the only way of comforting themselves or feeling excitement in life.

When you’ve found meaning in your life, suddenly there’s less or no need to seek comfort or escape the tedium of existence by using drugs or alcohol.

There will be a realization that those things are superfluous now. You’ll understand how they dull your senses and prevent you from experiencing true meaning.

You’ll be able to face the hard times with inner strength and a calm confidence that you understand the meaning even of the difficulties and obstacles that you’re confronted with on the way.

Have you found your spiritual path? Do you identify with the experiences described?

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