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5 Best Jobs for Empaths Where They Can Fulfil Their Purpose

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Emotional empaths are highly sensitive people. They feel their own emotions and the emotions of others more deeply than anyone else. This rare gift allows them to connect to other people in ways that most never could. The best jobs for empaths allow them to utilize their abilities for the betterment of the lives of other people, or even society as a whole.

Depending on the personality of the Empath, the best jobs might differ.

Some empaths thrive in an environment where their skills are valuable to and they can serve those who need it. Other empaths prefer to be alone with their own intense emotions where they can utilize their creativity instead and share their creations with the world from the comfort of home.

Top 5 Best Jobs for Empaths

1. Self-Employment

The best jobs for empaths are often considered to be the ones they can do alone. Self-employment usually means working from the comfort of your home and away from any busy offices, noisy co-workers, or colleague dramas – things empaths tend to avoid.

Self-employment offers a flexible schedule and the ability to choose what you get involved in. This allows empaths to set aside time to take care of themselves and decompress from essential interactions and phone calls.

Self-employed or freelance work often lends itself to creative pursuits. Some of the best careers for empaths involve putting their emotions and experience of the world into art, writing, music, or design.

2. Lawyer

The high stress of the legal or political world might not be an obvious choice for an empath, but it offers a unique opportunity to change the lives of vulnerable people. Empaths often feel that, in order to feel fulfilled, they have to take care of others.

Their gifts allow them to connect in ways that other people will never be able to. People in need of legal help are often vulnerable and need compassion, and this is where an empath would thrive. An empath could specialize in defending those who have been wronged, or the victims of crimes.

A Lawyer is only going to be one of the best jobs for empaths if their skills are being put to good use for those who are in desperate need of them. For example, instead of defending big corporations, they are likely to thrive working for a non-profit organization or doing pro-bono work where help is needed.

3. Social Worker

Social work provides an empath with the perfect opportunity to better the lives of other people. Social workers come in many forms, from government work to charity organizations.

The most important thing a social worker does is offer help to vulnerable people who need support. This might be for children, families, victims of abuse, or those with disabilities. An empath’s innate desire to heal and help make social work one of the best careers out there.

That said, it takes a strong personality and a lot of self-care to maintain a job as a social worker. In order to continue to feel fulfilled by their work, the empath must not allow themselves to take on too many emotions from others or they risk emotional overwhelm.

4. Health Care Worker

Due to an empath’s desire to care for others and their natural instinct as a healer, working in health care is one of the best jobs they could have. The health care options are limitless for an empath, from pediatrics to elderly care homes.

An empath’s caregiving nature is comforting for patients in their care and makes them excellent in worrying health scares, surgery anxiety, and hard medical moments.

It is also essential that a health care worker can take care of a patient’s loved ones during such difficult times too. An empath has the unique ability to connect to others and support them through painful experiences. Their empathy and genuine concern make working as a Nurse or Doctor one of the best jobs for empaths.

5. Teacher

We all have certain teachers that stand out in our memories of school. Some for the better, others for the worse. The best teachers we remember were caring, understanding, and most importantly, empathetic. Teachers are at their best when they connect to and understand their students, which makes this job one of the best for empaths.

The most important thing a teacher can do is try to understand the minds of their students. After all, each student has their own unique way of learning and thinking.

Being an empath means having the ability to read each student on a deeper level, allowing the teacher to provide exactly what the student needs. Often children in school need more than just educational help too.

Students turn to their teachers for emotional support with bullies or issues at home. A teacher who is an empath would be able to provide emotional support and resolutions far better than any other person.

What Should an Empath Seek in a Job?

The most important thing an empath should consider before choosing any career is whether they can handle the emotional demands. There’s no one size fits all the best jobs for empaths, and it’s down to each individual’s needs.

If, as an empath, you want to utilize your gift to help others, then the best job would be one that involves hands-on caregiving. If you’d rather put your emotional energy into creative pursuits instead, then the best job for you would be one that allows you to create art to be shared with the world.

To make a job the very best for empaths, it’s essential to make sure it offers some downtime to recover from the emotional toll it might take. While empaths love to take care of other people, it is equally as important that they take care of themselves too.


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