Can Anybody Learn to See Auras and Energy?

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Nick Harding, B.Sc.

As long as I can remember, I’ve had Chronic Migraine Syndrome (clinically). I spent my elementary school years going to the nurse’s office and having them call my mom to pick me up and bring me home because my head hurt so badly I could barely move or think.

In high school, I missed a lot of opportunities, both in school and out because my head constantly hurt – and nobody else seemed to have this ailment. When I was thirteen, my brother, Josh, 3 years older than me, was in a particularly inquisitive mood.

Josh approached me; as I recall, I was sitting at the computer beneath the alcove in the corner of my mother’s living room. He had been studying a concept known as Chaos Theory for a few years and realized that some of the things I had said were a little unorthodox. Thanks to this revelation, he picked up on something that I said, implying that I could tell his mood because of his color.

He asked, quaintly, “What do you mean, my color?”

After some discussion, in which he asked many questions, as soon as he was sure of what I was talking about, he had the most important question I think anybody has asked me to this date.

Josh said, “And you don’t realize that almost nobody is able to see this?” I had been perplexed that he would ask such “obvious” questions and didn’t realize, even at thirteen years old, that it wasn’t a commonality for everyone to see auras. I hadn’t realized, even after over a decade in this existence, that this is precisely why not everybody is able to tell who are actually good people.

The things we don’t know which set us aside from our peers are sometimes unknown to ourselves.

I ended up realizing that I had the ability to see the world from an entirely different perspective from most people. I realized that I could see things in a different way. I realized that, inherently, I had a different understanding of reality than most people were granted, and through this understanding, I could further grasp what was really important.

This is not to say that there are limitations on who can see energy. I have found through substantial research and social experimentation that we all perceive the reality of circumstances in some way.

Those who see energy are simply more apt to see it because of the way their energy flows, with a strong propensity around the third eye. Others with more flow in their heart chakra are more apt to feel the energy.

This may be due to DNA to some extent, or it may be purely spiritual – this is debatable, and an answer I can’t offer from my experience. I can say, without a doubt, though, that any person can learn to channel their flow to attain the ability to see energy.

Your particular aptitude for perception can be easily determined by one simple trick I’ve had a lot of people do:

Look at the tree line in the sky, preferably with a solid background behind it, and look ‘through’ the tree-line. Remember those 3D eye trick books that look like static with some subtle pattern, and if you cross your eyes and look through it, an image appears? It’s a little bit like that, but not quite.

If done correctly, you’ll see a faint colorless glow around the tree where the sky is a solid color – it will look almost like heat shimmering off of the hood of a car in a hot summer day. With enough focus and practice, the background won’t matter, and you can start to see energy more three-dimensionally instead of projected on the drop behind what you’re looking at.

We all have a skill. We all have an incredibly rare attribute.

Myself, I was blessed to learn about mine early in life – some of us don’t acknowledge our specialty before we’re fifty or sixty years old… some of us never get to know what truly sets us aside. That said, we all have something. Remember: you are yourself, and you make a difference to many people.


Do not attempt to read the energy or base decisions solely on your perception of what their energy means, ESPECIALLY if it’s because the Internet tells you the color of a person’s aura means they are a bad person.

Our perception of the reality beneath the clay molding of the physical world is specific to each of us, and you can’t trust that everybody sees red as red once it’s translated through our physical manifestation. What you perceive as blue, somebody else may perceive as red, and it can be very dangerous to assume your perception matches.

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  • Wonderful I have always seen the white auras I thought it was normal as a child like the heat waves. I asked father what it was and he would say we all see that. And I'm in my 60s.
    Thank you,

  • Thank you. I always thought nothing about the white auras I see. As I got older I just assumed it was because of my migraines, since I also get them chronically . However, I think I perceive more with my heart. My knowing has literally saved my life. Thank you again Nick Harding for the further light and knowledge.

  • i remember I could see everybodies aura in church. It was my way to pass the boring times...somehow I lost it around the age of ten I guess. I new what it was and I saw all kind of colors. Maybe one day I get it back. But to know I could do it is enough for now...

  • It's actually quite a simple trick as the author described. You can't focus your pupils on energy, your pupil only has the focal point size of your fingernail. If you instead just focus on whatever, and use your peripheral vision, you can take it everything, and if your pupils aren't darting back and forth, energy starts to appear. For some people, the trick is to drop earthly knowledge and just be open minded. If you've decided they aren't real, no amount of staring will bring about anything.
    I used to think seeing auras was a big deal, but now I don't even try. Nowadays I just feel them, hear them, smell them, or just look at their clothes to see if they are even dressed to their color for the day.

Published by
Nick Harding, B.Sc.